Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C8 Part 3

“Hey!!! Lin Xiang! You’d better be more respectful! If my father didn’t tell me to invite you, would I be so polite to you? If you still give me a hard time, then I’ll use a special way to take you with me!” He started threatening me.


I turned around and stared at the bald guy. My voice was cold, “I would like you to invite me in a special way. So, come on!” I ignored him and continued walking.


“You’ll regret this! You’re just a bastard who knows how to fight with fists! If you’re so powerful, better use your sword skills!”


Moron! I scolded the bald guy secretly, ignored him, and walked towards the teaching area.


————————Lunch break


“Hey, I just saw the ice beauty from the second grade, Suehiro Kaoru.” When Satsuki took her lunchbox and sat next to me, I heard a guy’s voice.


“Oh? What is she doing here?”


“Not sure. Perhaps it’s because she’s here recruiting as she failed to do so last time.”


“Really? Give me my mirror! I have to check myself, I might be chosen.”


“What are you doing? There are already enough people in the End Zero team, don’t tell me that you didn’t know.”


“What? There’re enough people? I really didn’t know about it. Who are they?”


“Yorikawa Nagisa from class A, Satsuki Risa from our class, Kamiki, and…”


“Oh! They’re all beauties?! I want to join, I want to join!”


“Let me finish. Lin Xiang is there too.”


“Oh my? Is it true? Is Ice Beauty here coming for him?”


“It’s possible. Look, she’s standing outside the door, oh, she’s coming, she’s coming. She’s looking around and she’s now looking at Lin Xiang. Oh, is that a lunchbox?”


I looked towards the door and saw sister Suehiro. She was looking at me, holding a squared thing wrapped by a black cloth. That should be a lunch box, right?


“Young Master, good afternoon.” Sister Suehiro walked up to me and put the lunchbox on the table.


“Yo~~sister Suehiro, good afternoon. What’s up?” I found it a bit strange that she came to the classroom. Weren’t we going to gather in the afternoon?


“Nothing, I just come here to have lunch with you. As your guardian, it’s my incapacity to not be with you for 24 hours. Therefore, I should be with you at least during lunch. You, go away.” She was commanding the guy sitting opposite to us.


“Okay!” The guy shook a bit and he looked excited. He gave way to sister Suehiro.


“Oh, thanks for your cooperation.” She nodded happily and sat next to me.


“Sister Suehiro! Why are you here?” There was a sense of hostility on Satsuki’s face for some reason.

“Just like what you’ve been doing, prepare for my Young Master’s needs anytime.” Suehiro looked at Satsuki with a blank expression, then untied the black cloth on the lunchbox.


“Really.” Satsuki looked at sister Suehiro carefully.


“Risa, don’t worry, she’s not interested in darling.” Kamiki said.


Why did Kamiki call Satsuki Risa? When did their relationship improve? Also, what did she mean by “she’s interested in darling”?


“Is that so?” After listening to Kamiki, Satsuki seemed to be relieved. She sat upright and opened the lunch box.


“Look, there’re 3 layers of Ice Beauty’s lunchbox. Not sure what kind of dishes she prepared.” After she removed the cloth, all the boys looked at the lunchbox carefully.


It was a pretty big lunchbox, a 3-layer Japanese one. It’s commonly seen in picnic. However, it didn’t look like one that’s being sold in the market, more like self-made. She put the cloth aside, pressed her hand on the cover, lifted it and the cover was removed easily. There were all kinds of dishes inside.


“Wow~~ sister Suehiro’s lunchbox looks really great.” Satsuki felt amazed when she looked at the nice dishes.


“Um, today I have really cooked too much. Even if Young Master wants to eat, I didn’t need to prepare so much.” Sister Suehiro murmured to herself.




“Uh.” After lunch, I leaned on the back table, burped, and didn’t want to move.


“Young Master, please drink some tea.” Sister Suehiro poured a cup of hot tea from the thermos and handed it to me.


“Thank you…” I responded weakly, but couldn’t move my hands, because I was really too full, and even my stomach hurt.


Just now, I experienced the feeling of being full to death…


“Young Master, this broccoli tastes really good, please try it.”


“Oh~~It’s delicious.”


“Um~~ Xiang! My dish is also delicious.”


“Huh? It tastes good, did you make it yourself?”



“Darling, although my chef made this, I still hope that you taste it. Next time, I will cook myself.”

“Oh~~ that’s prepared by a five-star chef.”

Of course, I was very relaxed at the beginning, but then…

“Come on, Young Master, have some fried chicken wings.”

“Uh…thank you…”

“Xiang, this, this fried meatball that you gave me, I’ll give it to you.”

“Uh? Thank you…”

“Darling, this sushi tastes pretty good.”


During the meal, they kept feeding me different things. No, it’s much more than that. Instead of eating, they just kept feeding me. Although I was a lucky guy in people’s eyes, who could understand my pain?

“Xiang, having this drink will help your digestion.”

“I also brought a drink. Here you are.”

Uh… here again…my belly was going to explode…

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