Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C9 Part 1

Fish, Song, BreakThunder Wall

“I’m back.” After I walked into the house, I sighed weakly. After all, that day, I had experienced what it felt like to be living in Heaven but actually in Hell.


“Ha~ son, you’re not feeling well, right? There’s more waiting for you!”


“Ugh? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why do you still have the mood to tease me by the way?” I took off my shoes and walked to the corridor.


“It’s not me who’s annoyed, of course I’d have the mood. Haha.” Freed laughed.




“Master, welcome back.” Silent Water was standing behind me and she’s wearing a pink apron.


“Um. Silent Water, are you cooking now?”




“Next time when you cook, there’s no need to welcome me. I’m just returning home, it’s nothing important.”


“It’s okay, master. Very soon, I won’t be able to welcome you back.”


“Oh, why?” My heart twitched when I heard Silent Water say so.


What happened? Was Silent Water leaving me?


“No, no, master, you have got me wrong.” Silent Water understood what I was worrying about from my facial expression. She hurriedly waved her hand and said, “what I meant was, starting from tomorrow, Silent Water is going to school as well, and I’ll be with you when we return home, so…”


“Oh, haha, I see. Sorry, I was too nervous.” I scratched my head and smiled.


“It’s okay.”


“By the way, Silent Water, what will we eat tonight?”


“Oh, let me think. There’s pork, cola chicken, tofu, fish…”


“Wait, why do we have so much fish?” Silent Water told me 10 kinds of ingredients and 4 of them were fish. This scared me.


I wasn’t worrying about money, but I didn’t want to waste any food. Although Dusty ate as much as I did, we couldn’t finish so much at one time. There were even 4 kinds of fish.


“In fact, as Reidy is going to school tomorrow, she took Dusty to the supermarket. At first, we just wanted 6 kinds of food, but Valarie wanted 3 kinds of fish, she wanted tiger fish, conger eel and Catfish, so…” Silent Water looked a little embarrassed.

“Really…” It turns out that a dignified ancient dragon visited the supermarket? I was wondering what kind of a mess would be caused if people in the supermarket knew the identity of Valarie. By the way, why did she like fish so much?


Well~Forget it, Valarie had a big appetite, I was sure that she could finish everything.


“Since we have to make so many dishes, let me do it this time.” I rolled up my sleeves and said to Silent Water.


“You’re a good master, but Reidy is now in the kitchen.”


“Oh? Where is she doing?”


“It’s a secret. Master just needs to cook carefully.”






After I put down my schoolbag, I headed to the kitchen. At this time, Reidy was cutting vegetables with her back facing me. The way that she was chopping the vegetables looked like a newbie and she’s slow. Oh? I saw her fingers being wrapped in tape. I didn’t notice it before, was she hurt? It looks like she’s learning to cook. I was assuming that it’s the secret that Silent Water was referring to.

I stood aside, ready to teach Reidy some cutting skills. At first, Reidy was scared and she said something like, “I can do it myself”, but after she cut her finger again, she listened to me obediently.


After simply teaching Reidy some cutting skills, I started to use the cooking skills that I learned in the past. I have hardly touched the pot since Silent Water learned to cook.


Soon, as I was cooking, I felt like I had returned to the past. It’s just that it felt different from the previous times when I ate alone. At this moment, I had a family – I had Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty and Valarie. I wasn’t only cooking for myself, but for everyone…




“Oh~~This is so delicious~~Master, as expected, the dishes that you cook are different.” Not long after we started eating, Dusty put down her chopsticks and directly grabbed chicken nuggets with her hands.


“Hey, Dusty, mind your gestures. You’re a human now and you’re a girl. You have to be courteous. Otherwise, people will look down on you.” While Reidy was using a knife gracefully, she said so.


Reidy was in a good mood, and it’s probably because she was going to school soon. She just shook her head when facing Dusty who’s like a hungry wolf. If it was in any other time, she would have corrected Dusty at once.


Oh? At this time, I noticed the strange behavior of Valarie. She was just staring at the plate without moving.


“Valarie, what is it?”


“This. Yellow. Green. Stuff. And. This. Strange. Liquid.”


I understood Valarie’s doubt.


I use catfish for steaming. The surface was covered with green onions and ginger slices. It was normal for Valarie, who has eaten grilled fish without any ingredients once, it’s normal for her to not know these ingredients.


“This is called green onion, and this is called ginger slices. This liquid is called sauce. Last time we were eating grilled fish and we didn’t use this sauce before…”


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