Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C9 Part 2

After listening to me explain patiently what ingredients there were, Valarie held her spoon and started scooping, she ended up making her plate dirty…


After dinner, we were watching TV on the sofa. It was 11pm soon. I carried Valarie, who’s sound asleep, to the bedroom. I took a shower in the bathroom and went back to the living room. If it were before, I would have gone to bed already. As I was too excited, I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet. I was watching a live concert of Kawasumi with Reidy, Silent Water and Dusty.


Although I wasn’t interested in singers, I had to say that this singer called Kawasumi was actually quite good. She’s pretty, she had a nice profile, pretty black hair and she had a nice, tall figure. She’s wearing a white evening dress, and there’s a special temperament in her. She’s extremely dazzling and beautiful on the stage. It’s not only because she’s beautiful, but she also sang very well. Her breathing rhythm was stable and her voice was sweet. With the music, her beautiful singing voice was melodious and intoxicating.


“Oh~~I like this person very much. Master, do you know her?” Dusty, who was sitting next to me, raised her head and asked.


“I? How could I know? I’m just an ordinary student, not in touch with these big celebrities.”


“Huh? Why? My master should know about everything.”


“Well~~There are many things that you don’t understand.” I touched Dusty’s head.


“Human.” At this moment, Reidy, sitting on the side sofa, called me.


“Huh? What’s the matter?” I looked at Reidy, her face looked a little worried at this time.


“Tomorrow, I will definitely be able to go to school tomorrow, right?” Just as Reidy said, Silent Water and the others took their eyes back from the TV and turned to me.


Was she worried about this? Heh~indeed, after all, I have let them down once before. But this time…

“Ah, you will definitely be able to go to school. I promise.”


After hearing my answer, Silent Water and Dusty started smiling. Reidy snorted, “If there is any accident tomorrow, I will definitely not spare you.”


“Of course not. Trust me, Reidy.”


“Humph~” Reidy snorted again, but this time, her red lips rose slightly, she seemed happy.


——–In the morning.




“Huh? Dusty…you, why are you here again?” I opened my eyes and I saw Dusty who was only a few feet away from me. At this moment, she was licking my face with her tongue.


“Isn’t master going to school early? That’s why I came to wake you up~”


“You have to use another way to wake me up. You’re not the previous you anymore.” I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 5:45am.


“Why? I’m the same as before.”


“I… what I mean is…”


When you wake up in the morning and a lively and cute girl licks your face. Can a normal boy accept it?

“Well~ it’s nothing.” I gently pushed Dusty away with my hand, jumped out of bed, and went to the bathroom to wash up.



“Oh~Silent Water is really beautiful today.” She had changed into her school uniform and went downstairs into the dining room. Silent Water was wearing that blue dress and was putting her breakfast on the table.


“Good morning, master.” Silent Water turned around and smiled sweetly at me.


“Well, good morning.” Although she was wearing the same dress, she looked extra beautiful that day. I guess that’s because she was wearing a really sweet smile that day.


“Master, hasn’t Reidy got up yet?”


“She? I guess she hasn’t.”


“Who said that I haven’t got up? I got up long ago, I was just preparing things.” I heard Reidy’s voice behind me.


I turned around, Reidy was looking at me with a smile, as if she’s saying, “don’t look at me anymore.”


That day, Reidy was wearing a white dress, her golden blue hair was tied up with a red ribbon. She looked refreshed.



After breakfast, it was already 6:05am. We’d have class at 8am and 1:25pm.


“Valarie, please take care of the house today.” Standing in the hallway, I told Valarie.


“Okay.” Valarie nodded while holding the snacks.


“Remember not to walk around. After all, you are a dragon. If someone who knows the breath of dragon discovers you, you’ll be in trouble.”




“Okay~Valarie, if you are bored, you can play on the computer or watch TV.”




“Then, let’s go. See you tonight, Valarie.” I waved to Valarie.






“Hey~~ look, there are three super pretty girls there.”


“Where? Wow!!! Amazing, how can anyone look so beautiful?”


“Right. Are they any stars?”


“No. It’s impossible that I wouldn’t know if they are.”

“That’s right. Then, who are they really?”


“I don’t know. Who is that boy? Why is he talking and laughing with them?”


Although it was still early, there were still many people on the streets. When we were walking on the street, Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty became the focus of everyone, especially students going to school. They all kept discussing about them.


“Master, those people are wearing the same clothes, are they called school uniform?” Silent Water looked at the students looking at them and asked Lin Xiang.


“Yes, that’s the school uniform. When you pass the test, the school will give you a few sets of school uniforms.”


“Nene~Master, how big is our school?” Dusty was very happy. After all, she was finally able to stay with her master all day.


“Well, this question is really hard for me to answer. It’s probably thousands of times bigger than our house.”


“What is thousands of times? Is it edible?”


“Uh…no. Forget it, anyway, the school that we are going to is very big.”

“Oh~~ I see.” After hearing Lin Xiang’s answer, Dusty ran ahead and started humming a new song by the recently popular female singer, Kawasumi Chana.


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