Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C9 Part 3

“Humans, why do these stupid creatures keep staring at us? It makes me feel uncomfortable.” Reidy couldn’t stand the eyes of the guys on the streets, and she had the urge to beat them.

“Uh…I can understand them. After all, you are all too pretty.” Lin Xiang scratched his head.


“Huh~You’re right.” After hearing Lin Xiang’s compliment, Reidy’s facial expression instantly changed. She thought that it’s a normal thing for guys to look at her as she’s pretty.


——At the school.


“Hey, look, what is that?”


“What? That’s the annoying Lin Xiang, right? Have you fallen in love with him?”


“Damn it. I am a guy, how would I fall in love with him? I am talking about the 3 girls behind him.”


“Huh? Girls?” At this moment, the guys took out his glasses from his pocket and put them on. His blurred vision suddenly became clearer. When he saw Silent Water behind Lin Xiang, he immediately yelled, “wow!! What a beauty!!!”


After the guy shouted, everyone there turned their head and Lin Xiang’s group had become the focus again.


“No way! That bastard Lin Xiang, what is going on with him? He has performed very well recently, and his popularity has increased rapidly. Now he has even brought three extremely beautiful girls to school?”


“Calm down!!! In this case, there is only one reason to explain.”

“What reason?”


“None of us ever woke up.”


After the boy said this, he was beaten by everyone, and the pain made him understand that he was not dreaming.


Silent Water and the others have attracted everyone’s attention along the way. They came to the school and naturally got used to them. They all followed Lin Xiang closely and walked towards the teaching area.


——-In the headmaster’s office.


“Grandpa Ijima, these are the three girls.”


“Oh? Well, they all look pretty~~” Ijima Michita glanced at Lin Xiang in an ambiguous way.


Lin Xiang naturally didn’t know the meaning of Ijima Michita. He just asked the headmaster about the test.


“The test is very simple. The file explains the kind of magic that you are good at. Just go to the test site to release the magic, record the damage, then go to the infirmary to test your spiritual strength.”


“Huh? Is it that simple?”

“Yes, it’s that simple. Come on, let’s not procrastinate, let’s go.” Ijima Michita picked up the phone on the table, dialed a number, and after a few words, he took Lin Xiang out of the headmaster’s office.




In front of the test site stood a male and female teacher. They were the personnel responsible for testing magic damage, and they were waiting for Lin Xiang and the three girls to arrive. Out of boredom, the male teacher asked the female teacher, “how could you make the headmaster call in person and let us record the value for them?”


“I don’t know, I suppose they’re from a big family?”


“I don’t think it’s possible. Don’t forget who our headmaster is. Even someone from a big family can’t make him call personally, right? They can at most contact some director.”


“Oh? So, I suppose they’re with a strong background?”


“Well, that’s what I think, so later, even if their test results come out weak, we still have to write them higher and make them meet the standard.”


“Yes, you’re right.” The female teacher nodded, “Eh? See, someone is coming. Oh? Is that the headmaster? This is really incredible. Even if they don’t meet the standard, we have to say something nice for them.”

“Right.” The male teacher nodded seriously.


“This is the test arena. You only need to play a normal level to attack a strange wall.” Ijima explained to Silent Water, Dusty and Reidy.


“What? It’s that simple.” Reidy rolled her hair with her hands, looking confident.


“Ha, girl, you are so confident.” Ijima Michita, who was walking in front, turned and looked at Reidy with a smile on his face.


“Of course, I’m very good at this.”


“Oh? Then I’m really looking forward to it. Kusunoki, get ready to start the test.” Ijima Michita commanded the male and female teachers in front.


“Got it!” The male teacher replied and opened the door of the test site. The test site was empty, with only one large wall exuding colorful lights.


“Well, who will be tested first?” Ijima Michita asked.


“Of course, it’s me first~” Reidy walked forward.


“You just need to stand on the yellow line and release the magic against the wall.” The male teacher pointed at Reidy, took a pen from his pocket and placed it on a notebook, he’s going to record the damage value released by Reidy.


“What if I break it unintentionally?” Reidy asked suspiciously, standing on the yellow line.

Although she was a bit headstrong at home, she didn’t want to cause Lin Xiang any troubles outside.


“Ha~ Such an interesting girl. Don’t worry, you can’t break it, no matter what kind of magic you are, as long as you hit the wall, it will become the attribute of the magic you use, so that it’d have the same resistance of the attribute. It won’t be broken.”

“That’s all right then.” Reidy glanced at Lin Xiang who was smiling at her, turned around, facing the big wall, and her hanging hands began to squeak with lightning. They saw Reidy slowly raising her hand and moving towards the middle. At the moment when her hands were merged, she suddenly opened her arms, and a golden lightning appeared between her hands. It continued to expand and it was shining brightly, shocking the teachers there.

“Has this girl have reached the level of a magister? Can she already release magic without a wand?” Ijima murmured while looking at Reidy’s back.

“Break•Thunder Wall!” Reidy shouted and flicked her hands forward. A lightning-drenched thunder wall quickly struck towards the big wall, and the floor swept by the thunder wall was sunken.

With a loud noise, the lightning wall disappeared as soon as it hit the big wall, without a trace of smoke and dust. If it were not for the traces on the floor, the lightning wall seemed to have never appeared. And the big wall hit by the thunder wall emitted a golden light. The teacher on the side opened his mouth wide in surprise, “it turned out to be a pure lightning…this girl…is she…”

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