Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C10 Part 1

Pure element, Kala, the leader is coming…


“Purebred Lightning?” Lin Xiang asked about this magic with doubt.


“Ha~~ Purebred Lightning means that this girl’s magic is very powerful.” Ijima Michita looked at Lin Xiang with a loving look, as Lin Xiang had brought him too many surprises. He had poor ability, but he was a descendant of the dragons, and he could manage to face four superior demons alone without fear. He also defeated their first grade student in the competition. Now that he’d even brought Reidy, a student with super talent in magic, how could he be unhappy as the headmaster?


“Huh? Purebred lightning means something very powerful?”


“Sorry, sorry, I’m too happy and I forgot to explain. Actually, magic is all about elemental power in the nature, right? Wind, fire, thunder, water, etc.”


“Well, that’s right, what about that?” Although Lin Xiang wasn’t very interested in magic, he saw that Silent Water wanted to learn and he thought it’d be a good idea to listen to it as well.


“We cannot produce these kinds of energy by ourselves, but our magic can. Just like this girl’s thunder and lightning, what she releases is purebred. Do you know what this means?”


“I don’t.”


“This means that the girl’s magic is very strong and powerful, and the elemental energy transformed into it is exactly like the real force of nature.”

“Uh…Silent Water, do you understand?” Lin Xiang didn’t understand what Ijima was saying, so he asked Silent Water if she did.


Seeing Lin Xiang asking herself a question, Silent Water smiled sweetly at first, and she replied, “well, I understand it a little bit. I’m thinking that, Mr. Headmaster meant something like this. The force of nature cannot be produced by the human body, but it can be obtained through the conversion of magical power, which means that Reidy’s spiritual power is very strong, and the converted energy is closer to the original natural power. Just like Reidy, she can release magic exactly like the thunder and lightning…”


“Wait, wait, do you mean that, other people can’t release the true force of nature?”


“Yes, Silent Water guessed that the students in this school cannot produce golden lightning. Most of them should be in purple or lavender.”


“Ha~ The girl is really smart.” Ijima praised Silent Water. Although he wondered a bit why Silent Water called Lin Xiang as her master, he continued, “the lightning is categorized from weak to strong – dark purple, purple, blue-ish purple, orange and gold.”


“Huh? I seem to remember what you’ve said.” Lin Xiang recalled the mages who used thunder and lightning in the past. Most of their thunder and lightning tricks were indeed purple, while some of them from more advanced mages were orange.


“Well, the girl standing over there, you don’t need to test anymore.” Ijima called out to Reidy not far away.

“Huh? So quick? I only used one trick.” Reidy didn’t hear Lin Xiang and their conversation, as her attention was attracted by the magical wall just now. Although the Thunder Wall was just an ordinary skill of Reidy, the damage was enormous. She was a little confused, why would the Thunder Wall disappear after she hit that strange wall?


“You don’t need the test anymore, you’ve passed.” The male teacher looked at Reidy with some excitement. The moment when he first saw Reidy, he thought that such a pretty girl would have no powerful magic. He also knew how to release thunder, yet his thunder could at most reach the blue-ish purple level. He’d never reached the orange level. As Reidy could release gold thunder, it’s impossible that he’d look down on her.


“Did I pass?” Reidy frowned and looked at Lin Xiang. When Lin Xiang smiled and nodded to her, she slowly returned to Lin Xiang’s side.


“Sister Reidy is amazing. You could pass the test with one move. Okay! Let me try it.” Dusty jumped, feeling eager to try.


“Huh? You? I remember that you seem to be Matsuyama Dusty with fire and earth magic?” Ijima looked at Dusty, “what kind of magic do you want to try for the test?”


“I don’t know!” Dusty answered concisely.

“Uh…Dusty, you can use the earth magic.” Lin Xiang patted Dusty on the head, as so far, Dusty has not used fire magic, so Lin Xiang decided to let her use her original attribute.


“Okay.” Dusty responded and walked forward, standing on the yellow line.


“This girl is so obedient to Xiang, not sure if she is as powerful as the girl just now.” Ijima muttered.


“Classmate, are you ready?” After the male teacher on the side recorded Reidy’s lightning intensity, he looked at Dusty with interest.


“Yeah, I’m ready.”

“Okay, Kusunoki, re-organize the Elemental Wall.” After the male teacher called to the female teacher in the distance, he said to Dusty, “all right, classmate. Let’s start.”


“Yeah. Okay. Well, let me think about it, what kind of magic should I use? Huh? I don’t seem to know any magic, right?” Dusty looked troubled.


Dusty was originally an earth dog. The earth dog is a kind of animal in the demon’s world which did not have the ability to harm. Generally, they could only use the earth escape, the earth blade and the earth wall.


“Dusty, it’s okay, you can do it, just use one of the spells.” Lin Xiang shouted.


“Okay, master, then I will do whatever I feel like. Well, let me just use the blade of earth.” Dusty closed her eyes.


After Dusty closed her eyes, the surrounding air seemed to become heavier. Soon, there seemed to be many earthy gray dots around her. The dots quickly elongated and turned into a blade thinner than an iron sheet. It flew towards the wall under the control of Dusty. The earth blade was like a sharp blade that could cut open the air. When it flew towards the earth wall, a whirlwind was created, and dozens of blades all hit the wall at once. As a result, there was no crack in the wall at all.

“Is this another girl who can use magic without a wand? This is really…” After seeing Dusty’s performance, Ijima was very excited. As for earth magic, what’s created should be as thin as possible. The earth includes lots of impurities, one needs to be very familiar with earth magic to remove the impurities and create a sharp earth blade. It usually requires a high-level mage.


“It turned out to be purebred soil again. This is really…” The male teacher opened his mouth widely. Although he was surprised, he still didn’t stop recording. He kept writing something on his notebook.


Dusty opened her eyes and turned to the male teacher and asked, “do I still need to take another one?”


“No, you’ve passed.”


“Wait! Dusty-san, can you please release the fire magic?” Ijima made a gesture to the running Dusty. However, Dusty didn’t hear it at all. She just threw herself in Lin Xiang’s arms at once and asked, “master, did I perform well?”


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