Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C10 Part 2

Lin Xiang patted Dusty on the head, “yeah, you’ve done great, but Dusty, you have to listen to the headmaster. Didn’t he ask you to release the fire magic?”


“Ha! Really? Sorry, I’m just too happy. I’m sorry, Grandpa headmaster.” Dusty loosened Lin Xiang and smiled at Ijima.

Seeing Dusty hugging Lin Xiang and that she’d accept every request of Lin Xiang, the way Ijima looked at Lin Xiang became more sophisticated.


“It doesn’t matter, you’re still young~ Then, can you release the fire magic?” Ijima said without paying attention.


“Well, yes. It’s just that I don’t know how to use fire magic.”


“Eh? What’s the matter? Aren’t you good at fire and earth magic as stated on the file?”


“Ah!!! About that, Grandpa, in fact, let me explain that to you. Dusty is not familiar with fire magic, but she is really good at fire magic.” Lin Xiang explained hard.


The reason why Lin Xiang wrote that Dusty was good at fire magic was that he only thought of her owning the attribute, but he hadn’t considered whether she could use it at all.


“Oh? Really?” Ijima glanced at Lin Xiang suspiciously, then relieved.


There must be something that this guy couldn’t tell, Ijima thought. If Lin Xiang believed me, he would’ve said so, and if he didn’t, there’s no need to make him.


“Then, it’s your turn, smart girl.” Ijima smiled kindly at Silent Water.


“Hmm.” Silent Water nodded slightly, and after taking a look at Lin Xiang, she walked to the big wall and stood on the yellow line.


“Re-organize the elemental wall.” The male teacher yelled and asked Silent Water, “are you ready? Start when you are.”


“Okay.” Silent Water nodded her head politely, then faced the big wall, closed her eyes, curved her fingers slightly. In a semicircular state, she put her hands against her chest to make a round shape. At this time, a water ball was in Silent Water’s hands. The water ball slowly expanded, and in less than two seconds, it became as big as the gap between Silent Water’s hands.


“Thorn ● Hundred Waters” Silent Water opened her eyes and pushed out the water ball in her hand. While spinning, the water ball flew towards the wall at high speed. On the originally smooth surface, there’s now a dense layer of spikes. As the water ball was spinning, the spikes continued to stab forward, just like a machine gun, constantly scattering and shooting.


“Oh? Thorn ● Hundred Water? This is really a strange magic.” Ijima muttered. Now he became more and more curious about the girls’ abilities.

“Sure enough! It’s a purebred water source again!” When the big wall showed a nearly transparent blue light, the male teacher jumped up excitedly. The female teacher quickly walked towards Silent Water.


“Classmate, classmate, may I ask, where did you learn this water magic?” The female teacher’s tone had a sense of pleadings.


This female teacher was a water system mage, she had already reached the blue level, but she still couldn’t reach the light blue level. The colors of water from strong to weak are – black blue, dark blue, blue, light blue, and transparent blue. She was very eager to improve the purity of her water, so she had forgotten her role as a teacher and asked Silent Water for advice.

“Huh? I did…at home.”


“Really, classmate, please don’t lie to me. I really want to learn and improve my water magic. Please tell me how to practice water magic?”


“I really don’t know what to say, maybe you just need to be as calm as water?” At this moment, Silent Water remembered what her father told her when she was learning magic.


“Heart as calm as water?” After the female teacher read it again, she seemed to understand something, and she bowed to Silent Water, “thank you, I can finally understand what the teacher said.”


“Huh? I didn’t do anything.” Silent Water looked at the female teacher with some confusion.


“No, what you said had inspired me. Water is originally a quiet object. It seems that my anxious nature to improve magic has caused me to be unable to make progress.”


“Really? It’s great to be able to help you.” Silent Water bent her body towards the female teacher, then returned to Lin Xiang’s side.


“Then, Mr. headmaster, now you only need to test their spiritual power to be able to officially enroll them, right?” Lin Xiang asked Ijima.


“No, not yet, Lin Xiang, I need you for a test too.” There’s a sense of desire in the headmaster’s eyes.

“Me? Haha~~forget it.” Lin Xiang waved his hand and said no.




“Grandpa Ijima, you know that my spiritual power is very weak…”


“It’s okay, I just want to see your level, even if it’s just a magic.”


Facing Ijima’s request, Lin Xiang sighed lightly, “okay then, but please don’t laugh after you see it.”


“Well, I promise not to.” The headmaster nodded with determination.


After hearing Lin Xiang and their conversation, the male teacher said to the female teacher, “re-organize the elemental wall.”




“So.” Lin Xiang stood on the yellow line.


“Are you ready?” The male teacher asked.


“Yeah.” Lin Xiang nodded, feeling the flow of dragon energy in his body, and began to convert dragon energy into flame energy.


About 10 seconds later, Lin Xiang’s right hand began to emit a wave of heat, and dots of flames began to float on it. The surrounding temperature seemed to have risen a lot at once.

The scattered flames gradually gathered, and in a short while, a raging fire was lit up in Lin Xiang’s right hand.


Lin Xiang looked ahead, took a step back with one leg, put his right hand to the left, clenched his fist, and then slammed his hand violently, as if a raging flame flew towards the wall at a very high speed. The flame dragged with a long tail, wherever it went, it left two fire trails.


With a sound of “bang!”, the flames hit the big wall, and with a breaking sound, a crack appeared in the wall.


“What!?” Seeing this situation, Ijima felt like he’s unable to breathe. He looked at Lin Xiang with disbelief. The male and female teachers on the side opened their eyes widely with a dull expression.


“Oh? Too much strength?” Lin Xiang looked at the cracked elemental wall and scratched his head, thinking that he shouldn’t have used so much force.


However, Lin Xiang thought to himself, “I didn’t seem like having used too much energy, did I?” Then, he turned to Ijima with embarrassment, “Grandpa, I’m so sorry…”


After Lin Xiang said so, Ijima reacted, showing a kind smile and waving his hands, “it’s okay, it’s okay. Good kid, I knew already that you are not as weak as you appear.” After that, Ijima turned to the male and female teachers with a serious facial expression, “don’t tell anyone about the elemental wall being broken, okay?”

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