Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C10 Part 3


“Yes! Headmaster!” The male and female teachers replied in unison, their way of looking at Lin Xiang became obviously different.

“Well, now, record the magic of the three girls in the students’ files.”


“Got it!” The male and female teachers gave Lin Xiang a deep look, then left with the notebook.


After the male and female teachers left, Dusty threw herself into Lin Xiang’s arms again, “master, you are so amazing, you could break that wall.”


“Stop it, Dusty.” Lin Xiang smiled helplessly. He thought that he had broken the wall and caused trouble.


“But…neither sister Silent Water nor Reidy could break it…”


“Uh…” Lin Xiang patted Dusty’s head, then looked at Ijima who was looking at him, “Grandpa Ijima, I’m so sorry.”


“Xiang.” Ijima shook his head, and said very seriously, “could you tell me what your trick was? And that flame…”


“I don’t know too much about it, it’s probably the power of the dragon.” Ijima knew that Lin Xiang was a descendant of dragon, and Lin Xiang also told Ijima about him owning the breath of dragon.


“What!? Breath of Fire? Xiang, you are really incredible.” Ijima patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder, “no wonder the elemental wall cracked. It turns out to be the dragon’s energy.”

“Excuse me, did I get into trouble?”


“No, no, there is no such thing.”


“But the wall broke…”


“It doesn’t matter. As long as you have enough spirit crystals to make this kind of wall, you can make as many as possible. Xiang, you must not use this dragon’s energy on the arena in the future.”


“Why not?”


“It can break the elemental wall that could defend against all natural forces. Do you think the barrier on the arena can block it?”

“That’s also true.” Lin Xiang nodded in agreement.


“Well, you have to remember what I said. Now, let’s go to the medical room to test their spiritual power.”


————————In the medical room


“Okay, now, let’s test the spiritual power, just put your hand on the transparent glass plate.” Ijima said to Silent Water.


“Weird, why did the headmaster come here?” The school doctor looked at Ijima and was a little puzzled. Ijima usually never showed up in the medical room. Also, this time not only that he’d come, but he’d also brought three beautiful girls. This made him wonder.


“Huh? Is that so?” Dusty, who was curious about everything, pressed her palm on the glass plate first, and suddenly a burst of white light emitted from the plate. The instrument next to it displayed the value of 4514.

“What!? Thirty-four thousand five hundred and fourteen? Magister?” The school doctor was startled when he saw the value displayed on the instrument.


“Sure enough.” Ijima nodded with a smile, “blonde girl, it’s now your turn.”


“No problem.” Then, Reidy put her hand on the glass plate. Similarly, there was a burst of white light. After a while, the value on the instrument had changed to 1259.


“It’s the level of the magister again!?” The school doctor wiped his eyes and looked at Reidy and Dusty with disbelief.


Without the instructions from Ijima, Silent Water quickly placed her hand on the glass plate. After the white light passed, the instrument displayed 44156.


After seeing this value, the school doctor was already in a cold sweat – what kind of monster is this? I think she is less than twenty years old, right? Why do you have the spiritual power of the Great Magister? Am I dreaming now? Yes, yes, I must be dreaming. It is impossible for the headmaster to come to the medical room. I must be dreaming. If it is not a dream, then the instrument must be broken. Yes, it must be so.


“Xiang, how about you?”


“Huh? Do I need to test too? I guess there’s no need.”


“Don’t be afraid, try it.”


“Okay.” Lin Xiang replied and put his hand on the glass plate. This time there was no white light. The meter’s value dropped rapidly and became 00.


——————In the classroom.


“Hey, did you hear? 3 beautiful girls will be transferred to our school.”

“Listen, listen. Someone saw it in front of the headmaster’s office just now.”


Because there were still some files to confirm, Silent Water and the girls all stayed in the headmaster’s office. Lin Xiang went back to the classroom by himself. Unexpectedly, as soon as he came back, he heard his classmates talking about the three girls, and the corner of his mouth slightly raised.


“Xiang, have you listened? Three beautiful girls have been transferred here.” As soon as he returned to his seat, Satsuki asked.


“Well, I know.” Not only that he knew, but he also knew these three girls. Lin Xiang smiled secretly.


“Not sure what class they will be assigned to.” Seeing that Lin Xiang had no response, Satsuki asked.


“Yes, don’t know which class they’ll be assigned to.”


Seeing that Lin Xiang still seemed indifferent, Satsuki couldn’t help, it, “Xiang, are you not interested in them?”


“Huh? What?”


“Aren’t they super beautiful? Don’t you want to know what they look like, don’t you want to know them?”


“I don’t want to.”


To know them? Lin Xiang thought, do I still need to know them? We have been living together for so long.

“Really?” Satsuki, who didn’t know what Lin Xiang was thinking, breathed a sigh of relief, and put her hand on Lin Xiang’s shoulder. She said somewhat self-teasingly, “you’re just a piece of wood, what am I worrying about?”


“Huh? What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Satsuki smiled, took out a book and started reading.

About ten minutes later, a boy ran into the class and shouted, “everyone, there are so many cars outside. Some famous people in the city have all come to our school.”

“Why?” Someone asked.

“I don’t know. When I came to the school just now, I saw a high-class car parked in front of our school, and many famous leaders got off the car.”

“Oh? Is there any event in our school?”


“Hey, did you know?” At this moment, another boy came in, “those three beautiful transferred students turned out to be geniuses among geniuses! Two of them possess the power of a magister, and one of them even possesses the power of a grand magister.”

“What!? Is that true? No students from the third grade can reach that level, right?”

“So, the leaders of the city are here, and now they are all gathered in the headmaster’s room!”

“What? In the headmaster’s office?” Lin Xiang stood up. At this moment, he found that he had overlooked one thing, that is, Silent Water’s spiritual power’s higher than any student in the school…he started to have a bad feeling.

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