V6C11 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C11 Part 1_Magic Club, Bumping into the wall, club leader


“So, Mr. Ijima, I’ll give you money, and they will come with me. I swear that I won’t treat them badly. I have the money and I will explore all their hidden talents.”


“They should be following me. These stinky bastards are just after their beauty. Come, follow your sister. I will treat you much better.”


When Lin Xiang rushed to the headmaster’s office, there were full of people outside. They were wearing suits and even evening dresses. There were both women and men and they were all rich and powerful people in the city.


“Yonechi?” Lin Xiang shouted to Assistant Yonechi who was standing outside with a bewildered expression.


“Lin Xiang?” Assistant Yonechi followed the voice and saw Lin Xiang.


“What happened?” Lin Xiang asked anxiously. With his excellent hearing ability, he heard that some people were discussing about taking Silent Water and the others to the laboratory in order to explore their talents and to train them.


“I don’t know. Just when the headmaster signed the student ID for them, a group of people suddenly showed up. As a result, that’s what we’re facing now. Lin Xiang, the girls that you’ve brought have incredible talents. And it has caused some noise on the upper level. Some leaders are thinking about bringing them to relevant authorities and train them.”


“Damn it!”

What had actually happened? Lin Xiang didn’t understand it at all. How come these people would know about Silent Water and the girls? Could it be the headmaster who told them? No, it’s not possible…the headmaster would never sell him. Then…would it be the male and female teachers? It could be…


Lin Xiang was trying hard to think who had told these people about the girls, while trying to squeeze himself into the crowd.


“I’m with you. These are completely determined by the girls’ consciousness. I’m just a headmaster, and I won’t help them make any decisions.” Ijima sounded very determined. He even roared in a low voice and the headmaster’s office instantly became silent.


“Kid, I’m so sorry, I never had expected this kind of thing.” Ijima said to the girls, who had no clue what had happened.


Seeing Ijima apologizing, Silent Water waved her hand quickly, “it’s okay, it doesn’t matter.”


“Kids, you have heard them. These people want to take you away, perhaps you’d have a great future following them. You can make this decision on your own.”


“No, Mr. Headmaster, we aren’t going anywhere. We just want to stay with our master.”

“Xiang?” Ha~~~” After Ijima heard Silent Water’s answer, he smiled, then turned to the group who looked seriously, “have you heard them? They don’t want to go!”


Ijima didn’t understand. What’s up with that situation? Obviously, I haven’t told this to anyone. Aside from myself, Yonechi, only the male, female teachers and the school doctor knew. Who would have sold this news to the others?


“You don’t want to go? Huh! Don’t overestimate yourselves. Let me tell you, if you don’t go with us, your talents will forever be wasted and will never be promoted. And this is fine for you too?” One guy who looked like a pervert said so. He had a really fat stomach and he looked fierce.


“Oh, you disgusting thing, how dare you talk like that? We’ve already told you that we don’t want to go. And what can you do then?” Reidy looked at the fat guy with annoyance.


“Ha~I can’t do anything to you? Don’t be kidding. I am the vice president of the magic club in the city. Once I give a command, none of you will get your graduation photo.”


“What is graduation photo? Is it to be eaten?” Dusty asked.


“Are you taking me as a moron?” The fat guy’s face twitched. If Dusty wasn’t so powerful and pretty, he would’ve punched her in the face right away.


“Huh~you’re such a scumbag, don’t you insult the word ‘moron’!” Reidy snorted as she really disliked the fat guy.


“Reidy, it’s alright, I’m sure this can be solved once master is here.” Silent Water pulled the skirt of Reidy and asked her to calm down. For Silent Water, there’s nothing that cannot be solved by her master.


“What? Obviously, this disgusting animal is yelling there, and I just want to teach him a lesson.” Reidy pouted and pretended not to see the fat guy, who’s obviously so pissed off that his face started turning green.


The fat guy couldn’t take it anymore. He’s the vice-president of the magic club and he had the say of the others’ rank. Even people in the superior level were all very respectful to him, how could these few young girls be so rude to him, just because they had outstanding qualities?


“Hey you! You’d better be respectful!” The fat guy looked at the three girls fiercely.


“Damn you.” Lin Xiang yelled and got out of the crowd.


“Who are you?” The fat guy wasn’t angry yet, he was checking out Lin Xiang from top to bottom.


“What does it have to do with you?” Lin Xiang started to really dislike this fat guy.


When he heard the conversation between Silent Water and him, he already thought that this fat guy was an arrogant person. Now that Lin Xiang had seen him in real person, he really wanted to beat him up.


“Oh? You are so weak, and you dare to speak to me like that?” The fat guy checked out the spiritual power of Lin Xiang and he said so while looking down on him. Afterwards, he said to Silent Water, “let me repeat. Don’t force me. Once you follow me obediently and serve me, I will never treat you badly. Also, you’ll only grow stronger and stronger.” The fat guy told the truth – facing three beautiful girls, it would be a shame not to ask them to serve him.

After hearing what the fat guy said, Lin Xiang clenched his fist, “say it again if you dare.”


Silent Water looked at Lin Xiang quietly, she felt that as long as Lin Xiang appeared in her sight, she would feel safe. And Reidy was secretly crying in her heart, “hurry up and beat that meatball!” Reidy was very displeased with the fat guy. And Dusty looked at Lin Xiang with joy. Although she didn’t know what these people were, she could feel that the master was angry for her.

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