V6C11 Part 2


“I, these bitches, they’re just pretending to be pure, I…” Before the fat guy finished talking, Lin Xiang punched right into his stomach.


After he was beaten up, unexpectedly, he didn’t fly out, but he only took two steps back. He looked at Lin Xiang with disbelief, “you…”


The fat guy was a gold mage. Just when Lin Xiang clenched his fist, he had a feeling that Lin Xiang might attack him, so he secretly used the golden armor technique. The so-called golden armor technique is to attach a burst of invisible armor to the surface of the body. This layer of armor can defend against any external attacks and to rebound damage. Since he’s a grand mage, the natural defense power of the golden armor he used was very high. No one can beat him back, and even if it’s just slight blow with the fist, the golden armor would rebound ten times the strength and make that person’s injured. Now Lin Xiang not only knocked him back, but there was also no trace of pain on his face.


How powerful…the fat guy was secretly guessing the identity of Lin Xiang.

“What’s the matter? You’re not fighting anymore?” Lin Xiang was worried that the fat guy had not suffered any harm, because he knew that people like him would definitely take precautions in advance, just like that bastard, Kitashima Daigo.


“Son, don’t think you are that powerful. I am going to say it again, they’re bitches…” The fat guy was used to being arrogant and couldn’t stand Lin Xiang’s provocation. He continued, yet before he finished, Lin Xiang punched him again and this time in the face.


“Pop!” With a clear and loud sound, the fat man was spinning in the air like a spinning top. With a loud bang, it hit on the wall hard, knocking through the five-foot-thick and magically reinforced wall.


“This…” After seeing this scene, many people took a breath. They knew the identity of the fat guy, so they didn’t interrupt when he was talking, and now a boy actually managed to beat him up. He even flew out and broke the wall. How could they not get surprised?


As for Lin Xiang, he was completely irritated. He did not allow anyone to treat his family like that. After the fat guy hit the wall, Lin Xiang walked over, grabbed the fat guy’s collar, stretched his hand and pulled back, the fat man immediately rolled on the ground, back to where he had been.


This is just too horrifying – could this be the real strength of this kid? Ijima was really shocked at Lin Xiang’s performance. Although he could also beat the fat guy down with one punch, he didn’t think that he could do so when he’s young.


“Do you still have anything to say?” Lin Xiang looked at the fat guy with his left side of the face swollen. And he was less fierce now. Now he was more awake now, and he started to regret about being too impulsive.


“You…you…there’s no way for you to get away with this!” The fat guy yelled at Lin Xiang.


“Toriyama, what’s the matter with you?” At this moment, there was a gentle and magnetic voice from the crowd.


Lin Xiang looked at the crowd, and saw a passage out of it. A handsome-looking uncle came.


When the fat guy saw that uncle, it was as if a drowning man had seen the lifebuoy, and he quickly got up, “president, president, you have to defend me. This guy dared to beat me up.”


“Oh?” The uncle looked at Lin Xiang suspiciously. It seemed that he did not believe that such a weak student could make the face of Toriyama swollen, and he’s the vice-president of the magic club.


“Mr. Eguchi, we welcome you here.” Ijima called respectfully to the uncle.


The president of the Eguchi Magic Association was the boss of Mr. Ijima Michita. The Magic Association was an organization that issued students certificates. If students wanted to graduate or take over the team, they must go to the Magic Association to obtain a certificate. And Eguchi’s father, Notaro Eguchi, was a member of the Presbyterian Defenders of the Human World.


“Mr. Ijima, what’s the matter?” Although Eguchi was his boss, there was still a significant different between him and Ijima in terms of strength.

“Huh? What’s the matter? May I ask what you are asking?” Ijima tried to pretend to be stupid. The current situation did not look good for Lin Xiang. If he offended the Magic Association, Lin Xiang may not be able to graduate. Those who cannot graduate will not have the ability to prove themselves, and it would be difficult to find a job in the future.


Eguchi naturally saw that Ijima was acting stupid, so he asked Lin Xiang, “friend, you know what’d happened?”


“I know. He failed the plastic surgery.” Lin Xiang shrugged indifferently and walked to the side of Silent Water.


“Oh? Why did the plastic surgery fail?” Eguchi frowned. He had never thought that someone would be so arrogant.


“How do I know? Why don’t you ask him? Silent Water, are you alright?” Lin Xiang asked Silent Water.


“It’s okay, Master, we caused you trouble.” Silent Water said apologetically.


“It’s nothing to do with you. It’s just he deliberately looked for troubles.” Lin Xiang looked at the fat guy who made up facts and smiled helplessly.


“That’s it, President, you have to make the decision for me.”


“Oh?” After listening to the fat guy, Eguchi looked at Lin Xiang with a different look with a hint of anger, “we just want to recruit capable students to be trained, why did you stop us?”


“Retarded.” Lin Xiang scolded, “what does it have to be with me that you are recruiting students? Also, even if you’re recruiting, they have to be willing to get admitted.”


“Huh?” Eguchi glanced at the fat guy and asked, “where are the students that we want to recruit?”

“It’s the three girls over there.” The fat guy pointed to the three girls.

Following the fat guy’s direction of pointing, Eguchi noticed that the three girls were looking at them. At the moment when his eyes met the three girls’, his eyes were full of desire. He never expected that the three talented students of the school doctor turned out to be them.


He politely greeted to the three girls with a charming smile. Then, he said, “three beautiful sisters, the Magic Association appreciates your abilities very much, and wants to invite you to the club. We will pay to train you, and we’re not sure what you might think.”


“I don’t want to go~” Dusty answered. She now knew that this uncle was the master’s enemy, and after answering, she hugged Lin Xiang and acted like a baby in his arms.


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