V6C11 Part 3

After seeing this scene, Eguchi frowned, feeling very uncomfortable, as if Lin Xiang had robbed him.


“So…” When Eguchi looked at Reidy, she turned away and shook her head, “put away your disgusting smile, it can’t even compete with the stupid human’s smile.”


“Uh…thank you for your compliment?” Lin Xiang smiled helplessly.


After listening to Reidy, Eguchi felt even more uncomfortable. He looked at Silent Water and decided to use his unique skills – charming pupils. He looked at Silent Water affectionately, “sister, please don’t refuse me, okay?”

Silent Water smiled sweetly at Eguchi, which immediately made him happy. But what she said next made Eguchi feel like he had just fallen to Hell.


“Don’t worry, I can’t help but reject you.” After that, she stopped looking at Eguchi.


What happened? Why would his magic fail to work?


Eguchi didn’t understand – he was so handsome, and his charming pupils should be helping. Why didn’t they work this time for such a beautiful girl?


“Please think about it again, please?” Eguchi asked, he kept insisting.


“I’m saying this, we’re not following you!” Reidy replied impatiently, with golden lightning in her hands.


She was really angry now. Initially, she just wanted to accompany Lin Xiang. No, she was just there for fun, and she thought that she could go to class after the test. Now that there were so many troubles, she was feeling uncomfortable.


“It turned out to be golden lightning?”


“Oh my God, this girl is super talented!”


The crowd who had been watching the quarrel quietly began to agitate after seeing the lightning in Reidy’s hand. And Eguchi’s desire to own the three girls grew even stronger.

“Stop arguing!!!” Reidy clenched her fists, and the golden lightning started throbbing in her hands, as if it might rush out at any time.


Seeing how furious Reidy was, everyone’s discussion became even stronger, as everyone present had power above the magister, and they obviously didn’t care about the lightning of Reidy.


Just when Reidy wanted to release the Thunder Wall, Lin Xiang patted her on the shoulder, “Reidy, stop it.”


“Huh!” After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, Reidy spread out his hands, and the golden lightning was throbbing around. Then, it gradually disappeared without a trace.


“You are extremely powerful. You must join the Magic Association for training.” Eguchi didn’t plan to let the three girls leave at all.


“Must? Are you nuts? Or you’ve had too much medicine?” Lin Xiang asked, thinking that Eguchi was such a nutcase.


“We will never let go of somebody as powerful as you are.” Eguchi didn’t care about the teasing of Lin Xiang, he just kept looking at the three girls and his eyes were full of greed.


“Eguchi, it seems to be too much, no?” Ijima finally said something.


“Why did Ijima say so?”


“They already said that they won’t go, there’s no need to force them.”


“But, their talent…” Seeing how serious Ijima was, Eguchi suddenly got scared.


“Why does their talent have anything to do with you? They’re not yours.” Lin Xiang interrupted.


“Yes, Xiang is right. Their talents belong to themselves. As they want to be stay in the school, then they’re my students, I won’t let you take my students away.”


“Mr. Ijima, what you’ve said sounded to serious. I have to make them…” Eguchi waved his hand.


“Serious? Have to?” At this time, there’s another voice in the crowd. It’s loud and shocking.


“Who’s this?” Ijima looked at the crowd, with an expression that says, “I see”, “Qian Libing, here you are.”


“Ha! Ijima, I’m here as a guest. Oh, son, long time no see.” Qian Libing walked slowly out of the crowd.


“Eh? Is he the famous Qian Libing?” Someone from the crowd asked.


“Yes, that’s right. That’s him, I remember seeing him once.”


“Is it true? Why does he look so kind? He doesn’t seem to be dominant at all.”


“Don’t panic. Don’t let Qian Libing hear you. Remember, don’t ever doubt his ability.”


Seeing Qian Libing approaching, Eguchi quickly bowed, “master Qian Libing, how come you didn’t tell me that you’d come here?”


“Oh, if I told you, then you wouldn’t act so arrogantly, right?”


“No, no, that’s not what I mean.”


“You don’t mean it? But you were just very arrogant just now. Let me tell you, these three girls are the granddaughters of my friend and they don’t need your training at all. Also, there’s no way you can train them up!” Qian Libing snorted.


“Yes, you’re right, I don’t have that ability.” After realizing that they were the granddaughters of Qian Libing’s friends, the fat guy and Eguchi were discouraged. They thought that Qian Libing’s friends must be famous people, and there’s no way they could interfere with famous people’s granddaughters.


“Really, I just wanted them to train here, I didn’t expect such a big trouble.”


“Well…it’s all the fault of the school doctor. He gave us the information without sorting it out clearly. He told us about three super talented girls and he wanted us to receive them.”


“Oh, what is the relationship between you and the school doctor?”


“Nothing special. In fact, in order to discover more talented people, I gave him some money, and he also promised to let us know once he met some really spiritual and talented students…”


“It turns out that it’s the school doctor?” Ijima murmured to himself.


“Oh, this is a good thing, but I’ll never let it happen twice! Also, as people from the upper level of the society, what are you doing here? Do you think that you can nurture a talented person with money alone? Don’t dream anymore! Get on with your business!”


“Yes!!!” The people there responded solemnly.


“In that case, why are you still gathering here? Go home now!”


“Understood.” The people from the upper level of the society all started leaving, only Eguchi and the fat guy remained there.


“Do you have anything else to talk about?” Qian Libing looked at Eguchi.


“Nothing, I just want to apologize. I’m really embarrassed, Master Qian Libing.”


“It’s okay, this time I will treat it as a joke, I don’t want to see it happen twice.”


“Yes. Master Qian Libing, could you please not tell my father?” Eguchi begged.


“Huh, now you’re scared? If your father knows that you’re out there forcing people, I’m assuming that you’d be beaten up to death, right?” Qian Libing waved after seeing Eguchi sweating all over, “don’t worry, I won’t tell him this time, just don’t do it anymore. Also, don’t come and disturb them anymore.”


“Okay! I won’t do it again.” Eguchi stared at the fat guy and led him outside.

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