V6C12 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C12

Chester, the human-form spirit


“President, should we give up like this? Those are three beautiful girls.” After walking out of the headmaster’s office, the fat guy said in a low voice, walking towards Eguchi.


“Give up? Those are the granddaughters of Qian Libing’s friend, and we can’t do anything to them. Just give up.” Eguchi snorted. Although he’s as filthy as the fat guy, he knew that he couldn’t offend those three girls. His life would be destroyed if his father found out.


“Is that so? Such a pity.” The fat guy sighed, and he showed a fierce expression, “I won’t forgive the guy who just beat me up.”


“Is that one with weak spiritual power?” Eguchi recalled Lin Xiang who didn’t respect him at all, and he was also a bit angry.


“Yes, that’s him.”


“But I really can’t believe how he beat you up. Think about it, he’s got such weak spiritual power, he could at most reach the level of Magician’s Apprentice or warrior, how could he make you fly out by just one punch? Didn’t you use the armor golden technique?”


“I did, president. Don’t be fooled by his appearance. I thought that he’s quite arrogant and I wanted to teach him a lesson, but after seeing that he’s pissed, I used the armor golden technique. I wanted him to hurt himself after hurting me. However, never had I expected that I took a few steps back after he punched me, and I even felt a slight pain in my stomach…”


“Are you kidding? How is it possible? Doesn’t the gold armor technique have a rebound effect? ​​And wasn’t he injured?” Eguchi obviously didn’t believe the fat guy.


“How would I know? Judging from the appearance, it seems that he wasn’t injured. See here, my face is swollen. And you asked me what’d happened? Haven’t I told you just now? I was punched once again and bumped onto the wall. I even broke the wall.” When the fat guy thought of what had happened, he got even more furious. He had literally never lost to a student before.


“And you broke the wall? Oh, indeed, I noticed a big hole on the wall on the east side of the headmaster’s office. It turned out that you broke it. You even managed to break a wall that was strengthened by magic.” Eguchi laughed.


“President, I was hit by that guy before hitting the wall…” The fat guy thought that Eguchi didn’t understand what he was saying, and he hurriedly added.


“I know.” Eguchi put away a smile, his eyes showed a cold light, “it looks like I need to do some investigation of that guy. Oh, by the way, are there 3 students going to be transferred from Okinawa?”


“Yes, it’s the prince of the Chester family and his follower.”


“The Chester family? That kid seems to be quite filthy…well, check which class that guy is in, and transfer the prince to that class.”

“Huh? President, is there any use doing it? We can’t teach that guy a lesson, why don’t we play something dirty ad stop him from graduating?”


“Are you silly? Haven’t you seen that the three girls are very close to him? If the prince of the Chester family is transferred to that class, he’ll surely harass the three girls. At that moment, the silly guy will naturally step up, and…”


“And he’ll beaten up to death by the prince of the Chester family, right?” The fat guy showed an evil smile.


“Yes, that’s right. You’ve been with me for so many years, I can’t let you suffer in vain, and I’m also upset with that kid. By the way, what’s the name of the prince?”


“Terayama Nagahiro.”


——On the other hand.


When everyone left the headmaster’s office, Dusty was in Lin Xiang’s arms and said, “oh, master, that annoying guy finally left. Shall we go to school now?”


Qian Libing smiled to Dusty, “girl, this is the school already.” Then he said to Lin Xiang, “you kid, you beat up a Grand Magus. This is really…aren’t you afraid to raise anyone’s suspicion?”


“Suspicion? Why would anyone be suspicious about?” Lin Xiang shrugged, touching Dusty’s head with an indifferent expression.


“Your ability. Think about it, your spiritual power is so weak but you managed to beat down a Grand Magus. Don’t you think that it’s suspicious?”


“Heh~ I don’t care about these, anyway, even if they doubt, I can’t help it.”


“Yes, right, right, since you’re a descendant of the dragons. And you play an important role in this society. If they ever find out, they’ll surely be very respectful to you.” Qian Libing really admired how fearless Lin Xiang was. He’s so fearless that he dared moving forward.


“By the way, hasn’t your friend, who’s a descendant of dragons, shown up?” Lin Xiang seemed to have thought about something.


“Oh~ I’m too busy, I forgot to tell you. In the past few weeks, the dragons of the Demon Realm have begun to commotion. I don’t know what it is, and they have started a race battle. The space in Olipoli is weak, and there will be changes at any time. The rift of dimensional space and evil dragons occasionally appear. They are all guarding their homes in order to defend against dragon attacks. So, they’ve cancelled the plan of coming here…”


A war among the dragons? At this time, Lin Xiang thought about the fire dragon Venus and the water dragon Bessica.


Oh? Wait, obviously, he had summoned Valarie out of an accident. He had just used a few seconds and Valarie ended up looking equipped…could it be possible that she had joined the battle?


“What’s matter?” Seeing that Lin Xiang’s not speaking and he looked serious, Qian Libing had to ask.


“Nothing, nothing.” Lin Xiang waved his hand. “Master Qian Libing, I don’t know why you’re here. What is it for?” Being the defender of the human world is a tiring job, and Qian Libing is a busy man, Ijima wanted to know why he came to the school.


“Ha, nothing.” Qian Libing glanced at the three girls standing next to Lin Xiang and asked with a smile, “what are your names?”


The three girls looked at each other, then at Lin Xiang.


“Ah, them? This is Silent Water, this is Reidy, and this is Dusty.” Lin Xiang pointed at them while introducing to Qian Libing.


“Are they humanoid spirits?” After listening to Lin Xiang’s introduction, Qian Libing suddenly said such a sentence, and suddenly Silent Water and the others became hostile to Qian Libing and looked at him vigilantly.


“Huh? What are you talking about?” Lin Xiang looked at Qian Libing while pretending to be calm. He didn’t understand it – how did Qian Libing find out? Obviously, he had already hidden away the spiritual aura on the three girls.


“Humanoid spirit?” After hearing this term, Ijima Michita gave the three a surprised look.


Seeing how tensed the atmosphere had become, Qian Libing smiled kindly, “haha, relax, I won’t do anything to them.”


“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” At this moment, Lin Xiang was even more sure that Qian Libing knew about the humanoid spirits.

“You kid, do you still want to hide it from me?” Qian Libing pretended to be angry, and he smiled, “don’t worry, I’ve already said that I won’t do anything to them. They’re just humanoid spirits. If you can show me a dragon now, then I might be scared.”


Uh… there really is a dragon in my house. Lin Xiang thought to himself, and then asked, “how did you know about them being humanoid spirits? Obviously, grandpa Ijima didn’t know.”


“Ijima? He didn’t join the defenders of the human world, of course he didn’t know about the humanoid spirits.”


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