V6C12 Part 2

“No, I knew about it. I have noticed it since they called Xiang as their masters just now. However, I didn’t expect that there are really humanoid spirits in the world.” After Ijima knew the identity of the three girls, he completely understood why they had such amazing power. No wonder they could release such stunning magic given how young they are.


“Who doesn’t? There are several among the defenders of the human world.”


“Oh? I really didn’t know about this.” Ijima actually knew about them, but for some reason, he had to pretend not to know. After all, there were some things that had to be hidden away from Lin Xiang still. Therefore, he had to continue this conversation with Qian Libing, making Lin Xiang believe that he really didn’t know.


“Who told you not to join? However, even if you join, you may not know about it. After all, this is only known to the members of the seniors.”


“Really…” Ijima murmured.


“So, what do you think about the three girls?” Lin Xiang asked something that he cared the most, and the three girls also cared the most.

“Thinking? I won’t do anything to them anymore. I came here only because I heard that there are three students with superb ability, and I was interested in it, so I just came to have a look. I noticed it when I first entered the door. Their aura is a little different from ordinary people, and they are also very beautiful. My instinct tells me that they are humanoid spirits. Although I am puzzled about why the spirits’ aura disappeared from them, when a girl called Dusty just called you master, I confirmed to myself that they are indeed humanoid spirits.”




“Well, but don’t worry, I won’t take them away. You are their master and I don’t have the right to take care of them. It’s just that you have three humanoid spirits. Lucky you.”


“I, I’m not his spirit, I, I am myself.” When Reidy heard that Qian Libing classified them as Lin Xiang’s spirits, her pink face turned red all of a sudden, and she was stuttering.


“Oh? Is that so, then, are you interested in being my envoy?” Qian Libing looked at Reidy with a smile.


“I don’t want it. I don’t want an old man like you!” Reidy snorted.


“Ha, I’m so sorry that I am an old man. Xiang, treat them well, it is your blessing that you got to meet them.” Qian Libing sighed with emotion.


Lin Xiang looked at the Silent Water and Dusty, he nodded, “understood.”

Seeing that Lin Xiang wasn’t look at her, Reidy felt a little disappointed. Her sad expression was instantly caught by Qian Libing and Ijima. They just smiled at each other.


—————— Class C, first grade.


“Hey, what’s the matter? Those leaders seem to have all gone.”


“Yes, I heard that a big man came. He gave an order and everyone all went there from the headmaster’s office.”


“Is that so? By the way, I have just seen three extremely beautiful girls in the staff’s office.”


“Really? How do they look like?”


“I only remember one of them. The girl has blond hair and light blue eyes. She looks like a foreigner. No, it should be a princess from a foreign country or a daughter of a big family.”


“What I remember is the girl with blue hair. She is super beautiful and looks like a model. There is also a girl with brown-red hair. She is lively and cute, just like her sister.


“Oh~~ Which class are they going to enter?”


“It seems to be in our class. I saw the headmaster lead them to talk to Sato Haruka.” After he said so, every guy in class C go excited.


“Ah!!! It’s the mercy from God!!!”

“Gosh, mirror, where is my mirror?”


“Where is my magic wand? Wait a moment. I will release a beautiful ball of light for them and see if I can attract them.”


As the guys were already threatened after trying to woo the two beautiful girls in class, they wanted to try their utmost best to please these three girls who also happened to be super talented.


Just when the boys combed their hair and tried with their magic. Lin Xiang, as their master, sat on his seat and chatted with Satsuki and Kamiki.


“Xiang~Did you hear that? The three girls actually want to come to our class. I really want to see what they look like.” Satsuki was a little excited after hearing the boys talk. If she could learn some magic or special skills from the three girls, wouldn’t her level be raised as well?


Kamiki didn’t think so. She already had Satsuki and Yorikawa as competitors. Also, there’s sister Suehiro that’s like a samurai…what could she do if three more beautiful girls joined?


“Darling, no matter what, you can’t get close to those three girls.” Kamiki concluded.


“Huh? Why?” Lin Xiang looked at Kamiki and he’s so confused. He didn’t understand why she said so.

“You don’t need to worry about it, anyway…” Before she finished, the automatic door of the classroom opened. There were a pair of shiny shoes walking towards the podium.


Sato Haruka was very happy that day, as the headmaster had assigned three talented female students to his class. They all had incomparable looks and power. He announced to everyone energetically, “classmates, today…”


Just before he finished, the guys interrupted him one by one, “don’t introduce anymore, and don’t make us guess. You don’t even need to introduce them. Just let them in.”


“Yes, hurry up!!”


Facing the extremely anxious students, Sato Haruka laughed, “huh! Guys should be calm like me and they should be able to control themselves even when facing a beauty. They shouldn’t expose their thoughts so easily.”


“If you don’t calm down, I won’t let them in.”


After hearing what he said, the boys immediately calmed down. Sato Haruka nodded in satisfaction, “if you don’t act obediently, then I’ll transfer them to another class.” Afterwards, he called at the door, “come in.”


The boys heard the footsteps of the three girls. The next second, they saw the 3 beautiful faces and everyone held their breath. They couldn’t take their eyes off them.

Silent Water put a smile on her face and Reidy was expressionless. Dusty stood on the podium with curiosity and she was checking out everyone. They all greeted everyone, like how Lin Xiang taught them, “hi, everyone.”


It’s just a simple greeting and it already hit up the atmosphere of the classroom. The boys seemed to be roaring like wolves and the girls seemed to be cursing like witches.


“Be quiet!!!” Sato Haruka yelled and everyone got quiet instantly.


Sato Haruka was very satisfied with the result.


Generally, girls like men with dignity, and only such men can give them a sense of security.


Just when he was looking at the three girls happily, he found out that none of them were looking at him, and they were trying to find something.


“Ah~~I found my master!” Dusty yelled after scanning the classroom. Then, she yelled and jumped to Lin Xiang. She leaped over the table and threw herself in his arms.




Everyone was quiet. Aside from Dusty’s laughter, no one seemed to hear any breathing, and Lin Xiang was also petrified.


“Dusty, don’t be like this.” Silent Water said to Dusty, “haven’t you heard what master told us? We have to introduce ourselves properly.”


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