V6C13 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C13_Master, do you want to know, like…

“Didn’t you listen to the instructions of master? He told us to greet everyone properly and introduce ourselves.” Silent Water stood in front of Lin Xiang and she was teaching Dusty.


“Hey~~~I’ve forgotten about it~~” Dusty touched her head and revealed an innocent smile.


“This…what’s going on?” Satsuki’s facial expression suddenly became quite dark, and her lips were trembling, as if she was seriously irritated. She didn’t go back to her seat. Kamiki, who’s sitting opposite to Lin Xiang, had the same expression.


“Then, why don’t you hurry up and go back to the teacher, then introduce yourself?” Silent Water pulled Dusty’s clothes.


“Okay, I’ll get up now. I’m sorry, Master, I’ll introduce myself now.” Dusty stood up from Lin Xiang’s arms and followed Silent Water to the podium.


“Xiang, what the hell is going on?” Satsuki punched Lin Xiang’s arm hard, she looked as if “if you don’t tell me this is over between us”.


“Huh? What’s the matter?”


Could Satsuki ask him why he’d know Silent Water and the rest? If so, how was he supposed to answer her?

“It’s the girl over there.” Satsuki looked at the girl walking on the podium.


“She’s…she’s my friend.” Lin Xiang scratched his head, looking a little unnatural.


“Your friend?” Satsuki’s tone was pretty high, scaring Lin Xiang a little.


“Right, friend.”


“Why haven’t I heard of you mentioning her before?”


“I…I didn’t have the opportunity to introduce her to you…”


“Oh? So how long have you known her?”


“A month or two…she is the daughter of a friend of my old uncle.”


“Then, I want to know, why would she call you master?”


“Well…” Lin Xiang was speechless for a while.


Satsuki looked at Lin Xiang suspiciously, while Kamiki also looked at Lin Xiang with a thoughtful look.

Dusty returned to the podium, standing next to Silent Water obediently. Then, Silent Water smiled at Sato Haruka, “sorry, teacher, can we introduce ourselves now?”


Shui Jing’s sweet smile suddenly brought Sato Haruka and the boys in the class back to reality from. Sato Haruka nodded quickly, “yes, yes, Silent Water.”


Sato Haruka thought, “I have taught a lot of female students before. This is the first time I have ever seen a girl who has such a sweet smile. She’s such a cutie. It’d be great if I was ten years younger.”


Sato Haruka thought that he shouldn’t have been born so early.


“Okay.” Silent Water nodded to Sato Haruka, then smiled at the students in the class, “dear classmates, my name is Silent Water, I will study in this class from now on. It’s nice to meet you here.” Afterwards, Silent Water bowed to everyone, making the guys get noisy again.


“Huh~ It’s really troublesome.” Reidy snorted and reluctantly said, “you scumbags! My name is Reidy, although it’s not my intention to study here, I’m going to be here every day. So, please don’t bother me and don’t get close to me.”

“Oh~~ It’s really a personalized self-introduction.” The boys weren’t offended by the coldness of Reidy at all, but they even thought that it’s a normal reaction. They thought that she must be a princess of some country.


“Hello everyone, my name is Dusty~~Um, my full name seems to be Matsuyama Dusty. It’s nice to meet you here. Oh, please be nice to my master also.” Afterwards, Dusty waved at Lin Xiang.


“Master!?” The boys repeated it in unison.


Just now, things happened too quickly, they hadn’t heard it clearly how Dusty called Lin Xiang. Now that Dusty called it again, they couldn’t get quiet again.


“Hey, what’s the matter? Why did Matsuyama call Lin Xiang her master? Could it be…” The boys had a facial expression that said, “Oh I see”.


“Beast!!! Unscrupulous!!! This lively girl has been captured by Lin Xiang even before she got familiar with our school. Damn it!” One of the boys hit on his desk.


“We have to protect Silent Water and Reidy before they are captured!”

After Lin Xiang had “occupied” the three beauties in school, got recognized by the Ice Beauty, and he had even captured the heart of the lively girl. They had to protect the remaining two beauties.


Everyone knew clearly that Dusty had been “captured” by Lin Xiang, and everyone saw him as the public enemy.


“What are you scumbags thinking about? Who needs to be protected? Also, who has been taken by this human? I’m totally pure.” Reidy scolded them with her face reddened.


“Ah~~Reidy’s face blushed, so pretty. Wow!!!”


“Yes, her face is like an apple, I really want to take a bite. Wow!!!”


The boy who said this got an electric shock from Reidy, and it’s like they got their hair permed for free. “Scumbags, could you please just stop it?”


“Did you see it? It’s the golden lightning. She is indeed a genius, is she the girl at the level of the Great Magus?”


“It’s definitely her. She doesn’t need to chant spells nor use any wands. It’s too powerful. In this case, we definitely can’t let Lin Xiang get them dirty.”


The boys became even crazier after seeing Reidy’s magic, and their determination to protect them from Lin Xiang had become stronger. It’s a pity that their determination was destroyed by what Silent Water was going to say next.


“Classmates, could you not describe my master as the evilest demon?”


“Master?” The boy asked tentatively, looking at Silent Water who looked serious.


“Yes, my master, Lin Xiang. Do you agree with what I just said?” Silent Water tilted her head, she looked as if she’s pleading but there’s still a sense of determination. It shocked the boys there at once.


“My God, how could there be such a pretty girl?”


“Indeed, she’s very pretty, but she’s already occupied by Lin Xiang…damn it!”


Lin Xiang was speechless, as the boys kept guessing wildly.


Lin Xiang kept cursing how unfair God was, and he was looking at Satsuki and Kamiki in panic.


“Another girl who called you as Master…” Satsuki looked like she’s ready to murder someone.


“Uh…if I tell you that we’re really friends, do you believe it?”


“I believe you…never!” Satsuki punched Lin Xiang hard, “asshole! How dare you play master and servant game with them?!”


The three spirits saw how Satsuki punched them. This time, they had noticed that the girl sitting next to Lin Xiang seemed to have a particular relationship with him.


Especially Reidy, she’s now particularly unsatisfied after seeing that Lin Xiang wanted to pacify Satsuki. She felt really jealous.


“Hey! What are you doing?” Reidy rushed toward Lin Xiang.


“What do you mean?” After Satsuki saw Reidy coming, she stopped being angry, as the most urgent thing would be to know the relationship between the three girls and Lin Xiang.


“Why did you hit him?  He’s my subordinate.”


“Huh? When did I become your subordinate?”


“Don’t interrupt. Let me ask you, why did you hit my subordinate?” Reidy stared at Lin Xiang and Satsuki.


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