V6C13 Part 2

“Subordinate? Xiang is not your subordinate. He’s like my sister.”

“Like your sister? What is that? Anyway, I won’t let you touch my subordinate.”


“A good sister means a good friendship, and Xiang is not your subordinate.”


“I live in his house, use his money, eat his food, he has been serving me all along. So, do you think he’s my subordinate?”


“Huh!? They’re living together?” The whole class was yelling.


“What!? Living together?” Satsuki was full of disbelief, “Xiang, what she’s saying is fake, right?”


“Uh…this…it’s true that we live together, but I’m not really serving her, as Silent Water does all the housework.”


Seeing Lin Xiang stutter, Satsuki thought what Reidy was saying was true.


“Did anything happen to you?” Satsuki grabbed Lin Xiang’s collar and her face got very close.


“What is it? What do you mean?” Lin Xiang raised his hands, not daring to resist.


“It’s… it’s what men and women do.”


“Do you mean kissing?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Kissing!? Who wants to kiss a stupid human like you? I don’t want it.” After hearing the word “kissing”, Reidy’s tone got really high.


“Oh? You didn’t kiss?” When Satsuki learned that Reidy and Lin Xiang never kissed, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief.


Reidy seemed to have noticed the change in Satsuki and asked strangely, “what…did you kiss him?”


“Do you want to know?” At this time, there seemed to be golden light in Satsuki’s eyes.


“Hey, Satsuki, don’t…” Lin Xiang seemed to know what Satsuki was going to do and waved his hand quickly.


Satsuki completely ignored Lin Xiang and said to Reidy, “when I meant that we have a good relationship, that’s how it means.” Afterwards, she immediately kissed Lin Xiang on the lips.


——————In the medical room.


“Ah…I’m going to die…” Lying on the bed, I sighed helplessly.


Satsuki, Kamiki, Silent Water, Reidy were standing by the bed and they were staring at each other like two camps. Only Dusty kept using her face to touch mine.


My God, why would it become like this? I was just bringing them to school…

My God, my body felt so numb…surely, Reidy had used too much strength this time.


I looked at the four girls staring at each other and felt a strong sense of hatred. I was assuming that they were all beauties and naturally expelling each other.


“What is your relationship with him?” Reidy said. Her tone was calm and cold.


“Good sister.” “Fiancé.”


“Huh? Fiancé?”


“Yes, fiancé.” Kamiki raised her brows slightly, “do you know what a fiancé is? He is my future husband. We will get married and have children together in the future.”


“I know what a fiancé means!”


“Oh, so you know about it. Alright then, what’s your relationship between you and my darling?”


“When I’m around, he’s my subordinate. Also, you’ve said that he’s your fiancé, what proof do you have?”


“Oh, then what proof do you have since you said he’s your subordinate?”


“I…I live in his house and he’s paying for my charges. Does that count?” Hey, what did she mean? Although I was paying everything for you, but you made it sound like you’re my mistress.


“Oh oh~ he’s paying for you. Then he isn’t your subordinate, he’s your master then.”


“Who wants to recognize this kind of person as the master?”


“You’re really rude. You’re eating what my darling pays you, you’re living in his house, and you’re wearing the clothes he buys. What have you done for him? Nothing, right? And you’ve also hurt him just now.”


“I…I did that and it’s because that woman suddenly kissed him! How shameless.” Reidy couldn’t argue with Kamiki anymore and turned to Satsuki.


“Heh~” Satsuki laughed disdainfully, “you said that I’m shameless? Is this even called shameless? It’s normal for a couple with a close relationship.”


Hey, have you ever seen sisters doing such kind of thing? Although I’m a guy and you’re a girl…


“It’s normal? So, you do these things often?” After hearing Satsuki’s words, Reidy immediately showed her angry face. Silent Water also frowned.


“Of course, we have been doing this all the time. This will enhance the relationship.”


“Is there no other way to increase the relationship? Also, you said that you want to enhance your relationship with him, so you’ve had any bad thoughts?”


“Bad thoughts? No. It’s you, what is your intention to live in Xiang’s house?”


“Intention? What intention do I have?”


“For example, you’re interested in Xiang’s property.”

“Who would fancy his house? I’m there, just because I haven’t found the suitable place to live.”


“Oh? A place suitable for you? Let me think. Since you’re occupying his house now, I’m assuming you could live in a five-star hotel instead? Do you want me to book a room for you?”


“I don’t need it. I live there because Silent Water is there.”


“Silent Water?” Satsuki took a look at Silent Water, then looked at me. From her eyes, I got this message, “you bastard. You’re staying with three beautiful girls and you aren’t telling me about it?”


“What’s the matter with you again? Are you living in Xiang’s house as well?” Satsuki asked Silent Water.


“Master wanted me to stay.”


“Master? Master again, why do you call him the master?”


No, Silent Water, don’t tell anyone that you’re a spirit! There would be troubles.


I quickly winked at Silent Water, but she didn’t see it.

“There’s no way, just because he’s my master.”


Fortunately, Silent Water didn’t say anything like she’s my spirit.


“But, isn’t it weird? That you’re calling him master.”


“Not surprising at all. My master is my master, he’s my respected…”



About three minutes later, Satsuki stopped asking Silent Water any questions. She only looked at me resentfully.


Aside from Dusty’s playing noise, the medical room was exceptionally quiet.




“Oh~~ Is she the transferred student? She’s such a pretty.”


The boys stood outside the classroom. They all looked at the three girls like checking out rare animals.


Silent Water and Reidy were arranged to a table in front of me, while Dusty was sitting behind me alone. She didn’t know how to observe the atmosphere at all, and she hugged me from behind.


“Master, when is school over?”


“I…I don’t know.” I scanned the boys standing outside the classroom, and they all had murderous looks.


“What’s the matter? The transferred student has an affair with Lin Xiang?”


“It seems like so, and I heard that they called Lin Xiang their master!”


“What the!? Is there such a thing? That damn Lin Xiang!!!”


“That’s right! He has already the three most beautiful girls at school, and now he’s even interested in the transferred students. Let’s find a chance to teach him a lesson. Shall we?”


———————Lunch break

“Young master, I’m here. Oh, how come I haven’t seen these three girls before?” Sister Suehiro put down her lunchbox and looked at the three girls.


“They’re the newly transferred students.”


“Oh, really? She’s really a pretty girl.” Sister Suehiro didn’t show any emotions. She took a chair and sat down next to me, and she started to untie the black cloth on her lunchbox…


In the end…I didn’t want to think about it. All in all, I started to like the feeling of being starved.


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