V6C14 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C14_The reason of being popular, punishment

After lunch, Lin Xiang closed his eyes and leaned back weakly on the chair. Every guy was jealous of him.


Perhaps for the others, Lin Xiang was a fortunate one, but Lin Xiang didn’t think so himself. He thought that it’s really a disaster.


Just now, Reidy, Dusty, Satsuki, Kamiki and Suehiro were feeding Lin Xiang one by one.


For Suehiro, she thought that Lin Xiang was the sword holder, and her father had always reminded her to serve Lin Xiang well. That’s why she thought that it’s her responsibility to feed Lin Xiang.


Reidy, Satsuki and Kamiki were hostile to each other. They kept putting rice into Lin Xiang’s mouth like a competition. Dusty found it fun and joined them as well.


Silent Water was only watching aside while eating on her own. She had no words when seeing her master being force fed.


“Why don’t we walk around?” When everyone was putting their lunchboxes away, Reidy suggested walking around the campus.


“Good! Good! Good!” As soon as she proposed so, Dusty gladly agreed. All in all, Dusty was initially a dog, and she had never walked around after being turned into a spirit. She had just seen school on TV and she was thus extremely interested in her surroundings.

“Master, let’s go~~” Dusty put the lunchbox in the drawer, hugged Lin Xiang’s arm and started walking with him.


“I will leave it…ugh!” Lin Xiang burped once, “I will leave it…I need to rest.”


“Why~ Master, come together.” Dusty shook Lin Xiang’s arms.


“No…I really…can’t move anymore.” Lin Xiang said weakly.


Suehiro saw that Lin Xiang had closed his eyes and thought that he wanted to rest after the meal. She proposed, “Young master wants to rest, perhaps I can walk around with you?”


“Oh? By the way, I wanted to ask, why do you call this human your young master? Who are you?” Reidy checked out this mature and beautiful Suehiro thoroughly. She cursed Lin Xiang in her heart, how would he know so many beautiful girls?


“I am just the guard of my young master, his friend. So? Do you want me to take you around?”


“Well…okay, then.” Reidy thought for a while, then nodded. It’s because she wanted to know what kind of a person Lin Xiang was from the mouth of this girl without facial expression.


“Sister Kaoru, thank you~” Lin Xiang opened his eyes and smiled at Kaoru, thanking her.


“This is what I should do.” Suehiro Kaoru bowed slightly, took the lunchbox and stood up.


“Okay, Dusty, let’s go.” Reidy pulled Dusty away.


“Ah~~if master doesn’t go, then I won’t go either.”


“Hurry up and get up.” “Okay~~” Dusty could only obey the command of Reidy.


“Silent Water, are you joining us?”


“Yeah.” Silent Water nodded. She’s a smart girl. She knew that her master was uncomfortable now and needed rest.


“In this case, shall we go too? Kamiki?” Satsuki said to Kamiki.


“Okay, let’s go.” Kamiki had a question in her heart, and that question made her very uneasy. She wanted to prove whether the question was the same as she thought. In order to prove it, she must have more contact with the three girls and get some information.

“Huh~ You’re really shameless. I want to walk around with school, and you do too. Well, I don’t mind anyway, if you want to come, please join us.” Although Reidy said so, she wanted Satsuki and Kamiki to tag along. All in all, if she left alone, God knows what kind of shameless things they would do to her human again…no, no, she thought, she was just worrying about the safety of the two girls, who knows what the stupid human would do if he got crazy…


Soon enough, the six beautiful girls walked out of class C together, and immediately caused a big noise in the classroom.


However, Lin Xiang was just stroking his stomach and leaning on the chair, calling Freed.


“Freed, Freed, are you there?”


“What happened? Are you going to die?” Freed said jokingly.


“Uh, almost. Can you turn the dragon’s energy into digestive energy, making me feel better?”


“Oh? You want to use the dragon’s energy on digestion. How weird you are.”


“Don’t you know that it feels horrible to have eaten too much? I can’t move now or my stomach hurts.”


“He~~~that’s because you’re way too popular.” Freed laughed secretly and thought, “that’s because you’re stupid.”


“Yes, yes, I’d like to ask. I was so unpopular before, how come I’ve become so popular now?” This problem had always disturbed Lin Xiang. Looking back, there was obviously no girls around him, but now there were 8 already and all girls in the class seemed to really admire him.


“Oh~~ about this? Well~ it’s okay to tell you now. Since ancient times, women have worshipped heroes and liked men who can give them a sense of security. Yalide and I are dragon Gods…”


“Hey, what does it have to do with me being popular?” Lin Xiang interrupted Freed. He thought that Freed was going to boost how great he once was again.


“Forget it, if you don’t want to listen.” Freed acted nonchalant.


“Uh…I want to listen, but don’t go too far. For example, don’t repeat stories like Yalide peeking at women taking baths. “


“Damn it, what do you mean? Don’t you have a super bad memory? How come you still remember what Freed said last time? What opinion do you have against me?”


“No…that’s because of your character, that’s why I remember it more clearly. Okay, Freed, tell me then.”


“Okay, let me continue. I already said that women have worshipped heroes since ancient times, and they like men who can give them a sense of security. Then, it also means that they love strong men.”


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