V6C14 Part 2

Oh? That’s really the case. It’s the same for Takahashi and Kitashima…Lin Xiang thought to himself – was he strong enough then?


Freed, who knew what Lin Xiang was thinking, smiled, “you’re actually not that strong, but as I and Yalide live inside you, you have formed a strong temperament. And although you don’t show it much, you could attract girls subconsciously.”


“Ugh? What do you mean?”


“Don’t you think that previously, aside from Satsuki, you didn’t have friends of the opposite sex at all, but now you have many?”


“Yeah, I know about this. Are you trying to say that as you’re inside my body, I have a domineering temperament and it tends to attract female?”


“Yes, that’s it. However, the main reason is that…”


“So, Kamiki, Yorikawa, Suehiro, Uraya and the girls in class have paid attention to me, and that’s because of you?” After listening to Freed, Lin Xiang was a bit upset. He had initially thought that it’s all thanks to his hard work, and it turned out to be Freed only…


“Hey, don’t interrupt me, okay? Although we have attracted others’ attention, but it’s still mainly because of you.”


“Oh, what do you mean?”


“How shall I put it…well, our existence has a supplementary effect. What’s important is how you treat the others, your attitude and your performance lately. That’s what makes you popular.”


“Is that so…” Lin Xiang replied, totally not taking Freed’s words into consideration. He thought that it’s all because of Freed to have his friends.


——–On the other hand.


“Oh~ this school is quite big~” Reidy walked along the corridors crisscrossing horizontally, and couldn’t help exclaiming.


“Yeah~ It’s a lot bigger than our house.” Dusty walked to a beverage vending machine. “What is this?”


“This is called a beverage vending machine. As long as you put in a coin, a can or bottle of drink will come out. It seems that you don’t know about this, where did you come out?” Satsuki looked at Dusty who didn’t understand anything and felt a little strange. Aren’t beverage vending machines available everywhere? Isn’t this girl pretending to be cute? But there was no one else around, why would she pretend?


“I see.” Dusty nodded, completely disregarding the last sentence of Satsuki. She said to Silent Water, “sister Silent Water, I want to try it. Do you have a coin?”


“Oh, yes.” Silent Water took out a coin somewhere and gave it to Dusty, “here you are. You can see the price over there. If it exceeds the price, then don’t buy it.”


Regarding the beverage vending machine, Silent Water, who had gone to the supermarket to buy food, already knew how to use it. She patiently explained it to Dusty.


“I see.” Dusty took the coin and stuffed it into a gap in the beverage vending machine. Then she chose a juice that was exactly the amount of the coin. With a sound, the drink fell out.


“Oh~~ This is really amazing.” Dusty leaned down and picked up the juice, she looked surprised.


“What…you’re pretending to be cute.” Satsuki murmured. Kamiki remembered every action of Dusty, not sure what she’s thinking.


———————— Outside the campus


“Hey, look, beauties!”


“Where? Huh? They are Suehiro Kaoru, Satsuki Risa, Kamiki Kuji, but who are the other three? Why haven’t I seen them before?”


“You don’t know about them? There are three transferred students in class C. Not only they’re beautiful, but they’re also super capable. Two of them have already reached the level of a magister, and the other one is even more powerful – she already reached the level of the Grand Magus.”


“What? Really? Aren’t they geniuses then? And they’re also beauties!”


“Yeah, they are really geniuses. Do you know why so many famous people came this morning? They came for their abilities. They wanted to pay for their training and make the girls work for them.”


“Wow, this is really amazing. If I could have such a girlfriend, it would be great.”


“Look at you, you really have no ambitions. Imagine, if your girlfriend is more powerful than you, than you’d end up depending on her, right? Just like that bastard Lin Xiang. By the way, he doesn’t seem to be here.”


“Oh, really, shall we go and talk to them?”


While the three boys were discussing, they walked towards Silent Water. They didn’t know that there were other boys who were approaching them as they thought.


“Yo~~ Three beauties, are you visiting the campus? Why not let us lead the way? We are very familiar with this place.”


“Yes, yes, we are very familiar with this place, we can take you to a place where there is no one.”


“Thugs, what do you want to do to Young Master’s friends?”

“Ah, sister Kaoru, we’re really sorry. We just want to make friends with these three beauties, no offense.”


“Huh! I know perfectly the way, you don’t need to lead us. Just go away.”


“Hey, sister Kaoru, don’t be so absolute. We’re not creating you any troubles, why would you stop us from making friends?”


“Making friends? With you?” Reidy frowned and looked at the three boys in front of her.


“Yes, yes, that’s what we mean. Although we are not very handsome and not very capable, we are very gentle. It is definitely your first choice for friends.”


“Huh~ just walk away. Or I will show you some colors.” Reidy really disliked guys who suddenly talked to her. She hated their smile.


“Uh…” The three boys didn’t expect that Reidy would be so rude to them. Then, they started talking to Dusty, “this cute little girl, can you…”


“Huh? Are you talking to me?” Dusty took a sip of juice and looked at the boy in front of her. She felt puzzled.

“Yes, we’re talking to you. We want you to come with us…”


“Go away.” Suddenly, there’s a rough voice. A palm swept the boy to a side, and the boy immediately rolled to the ground.

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