V6C14 Part 3


“Rintaro Kamikawa? What are you doing here?” Kaoru immediately stood in front of the girls when she saw who was here. Kaoru really hated the Kamikawa family.


“I want to go wherever I like, why is it related to you? Also, I just saw this guy blocking these three girls, I want to help them solve their problems.” Kamikawa Rintaro glanced at the other two boys, and they immediately supported their friend on the ground in order to flee.


“Huh! Rubbish, how dare you court them without any real ability.” At this time, there’s a gentle voice behind Kamikawa Rintaro.


“My cousin brother is right. These should be the three girls that they are talking about.”


“Oh, how pretty. Oh? The two girls standing behind them are pretty as well. I remember that they are the most beautiful girls in school…what are their names?”


“Satsuki Risa and Kamiki Kuji.”


“Right. Well, I’ve been quite busy at home lately, and I haven’t been to school for some time. I didn’t expect to see three beauties today. Are you interested in joining my team? It’s a very powerful one.” Kamikawa smiled and he thought that he looked cool.


Kamikawa Bear, the captain of the “Demons Hunting Team”. The head of the Kamikawa family–the son of Dragon Kamikawa and the cousin of Rintaro Kamikawa. Although he was the cousin of Rintaro Kamikawa, Rintaro Kamikawa was like his subordinate. He led a luxurious life different from Rintaro Kamikawa. In the past month, he traveled abroad to learn foreign sword skills. And he only came back that day. After lunch, he heard the news about three beautiful transferred students. He’s very interested and decided to have a look. He wanted to see if he could see them. Unexpectedly, he got to see them right after he stepped into the campus. There happened to be a few stupid guys who wanted to talk with them as well. He thought to himself, if he looked cool enough, perhaps he could attract the girls.


“No, thank you.” “We aren’t going, and please look at your face in the mirror.” “What is team? Can I eat it?” (Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty)


“We have joined a team already. Besides, you are so disgusting.” “Go to hell.” (Satsuki, Kamiki)


“Don’t refuse me like this~~ There is no beauty in the team, and we’ll be so lonely. Also, my family is very rich. It is the famous Kamikawa family. As long as you are willing to follow me, I can guarantee that you will have enough money to spend.” He felt very uncomfortable about the fact that these beauties didn’t appreciate his efforts, and they were all very rude. He’s the master of the Kamikawa family, how come they weren’t interested?


“There’s no need, the master will give me the money.” “Are you sure your family’s money can be compared with the Thunder Crystal in my warehouse?” “Money? I don’t want any money, I only want my master.”

“Huh! Who cares about your money.” “Are you comparing with my family and trying to see which one is richer?”


“Uh…” After hearing what the girls said, Kamikawa felt extremely furious. He thought that they didn’t lack money at all. Indeed, Kamiki was from a rich family, her family’s wealth was ten times than his, but…


Kamikawa Bear had always been spoilt. He could ask for anything he wanted and no one ever rejected him. Now that all girls rejected him and there were even students looking at him. He felt extremely shameful.


“I’ll ask one more time. Are you coming with me or not?” His tone was cold. He dared not touch Kamiki, but for him, Silent Water and Reidy weren’t famous and he couldn’t care less. He thought that all it would take was to teach them a lesson. They would become more obedient afterwards.


“Kamikawa Bear! They’re the friends of my young master, and they must be protected by me. I will never let you touch them.”


“Oh? The people of the Suehiro family really dare to speak, Young Master? What is that? Do you really think your Suehiro family will be able to stand up if you find your sword holder? Let me tell you, he’s just a fake sword holder, and you think my family will take it as real? Well, that liar can make anyone believe him, but not us. The sword holder already disappeared long time ago. If there was really a sword holder, then why didn’t he show up earlier until now? I think that guy is just interested in your beauty. I told you before, you belong to me. Don’t let me see that liar or I’ll break his jaw.”

“How dare you say that my young master is a liar? Unforgivable.” Afterwards, Suehiro Kaoru rushed forward. The moment she did so, a girl with blue hair blocked in front of her.


“If I remember correctly, sister Kaoru’s young master should be my master, right? If he’s my master, then, you’ve already said something bad about him. Right?” Silent Water looked calm, but Reidy and Dusty knew that she’d already got angry, as she wouldn’t let anyone say anything against Lin Xiang.

“Oh? Beauty, what are you talking about? I can’t tell, do you want to come with me?” Kamikawa Bear didn’t know that he was facing danger, and he was still smiling recklessly.

“Well, let’s play together.” After Silent Water finished, the water drops in her hand slowly expanded.

“Huh? What’s the matter? Are you trying to attack me with magic? Let me tell you, I’ve reached the level of Battle God, and you think that such slow magic can cause me any harm?” Kamikawa Bear looked disdainful when he looked at the expanded water drops in Silent Water’s hands.

Silent Water didn’t say anything. She was just quietly watching him boast about his sword skills. About three seconds later, she finally spoke.

“Are you ready to be punished by having insulted my master?”



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