V6C15 Part  2


“Sisters-in-law? I was a little concerned just now, why did you call them sisters-in-law?”


He called me his big brother, so what he meant was that they were my wives. Also, there were even three…am I the oil king or something?


“Oh~don’t care about this detail, then, big brother, go quickly. I just saw three second-year students talk to them, then I saw Kamikawa Rintaro and Kamikawa Bear. I wanted to protect my sister-in-law, but as I’m in the first grade, I really feel powerless.”


“Who’s Kamikawa Bear that you just mentioned?”


“A very powerful battle technician. Although he’s not that nice, he’s really very powerful. Oh…look, my sister-in-law is using strange magic to trap Rintaro.” Uraya said so while pointing at the window.

Looking out from the window, Lin Xiang saw the bald guy being wrapped in a water sac, struggling with his arms and legs. It seems that some conflict occurred.


“The one behind the bald man is the Kamikawa Bear, right?” After Lin Xiang became a dragon human, his five senses had a huge improvement. He could see things from afar.


“Yes.” Uraya didn’t have Lin Xiang’s good eyesight, so he could only identify Kamikawa Bear from his clothes. That’s because Kamikawa Ber wasn’t wearing school uniform.


“Is that so?” Lin Xiang looked at Kamikawa Bear, and he could see that he was someone with sword skills, he also had been practicing for a long time.


Lin Xiang was wondering if he could hear them. He closed his eyes and paid all his attention to his hearing. Very quickly, he could hear their conversation.


“You woman, why don’t you remove the magic now? Do you want to get Rintaro killed?”


“Obviously, you pulled him in, so how dare you tell me what to do?”




“Who would have expected such dirty magic from you? If you’re so powerful, don’t use anything and fight with me directly.”




Was Silent Water going to fight that guy? She’s a mage and she’s never been trained in close combat. She couldn’t resist someone who had practiced kendo for a long time. However, Lin Xiang was assuming that it’d be impossible for that guy to hurt Silent Water.


Lin Xiang opened his eyes. He saw that guy taking out a stick and turned the stick into a flame sword. After seeing this, he still felt nothing, but what Freed said next made him lose his cool instantly.


“Kid, hurry down, that sword is made by an angel, and it is designed to deal with demons. The elements restrain each other, water can extinguish the fire, but if the fire is strong, the water will have no effect, it will be evaporated by the fire. Using that sword to hurt the water spirit would simply be a piece of cake.”


“What did you say?” Lin Xiang shouted, picked up the cold sword leaning on the table, and stood up.


“Huh? I didn’t say anything.” Uraya was somewhat worried about Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang ignored Uraya, opened the window, jumped directly from the second floor, landed steadily on the ground and ran towards Silent Water.



“Dang!” With a loud sound, after Lin Xiang blocked the attack of Kamikawa Bear, he quickly jumped back and pulled away from Lin Xiang.


Oh? Quite powerful. Not bad. Lin Xiang admired the attack power of Kamikawa Bear.


So fast! Kamikawa Bear exclaimed for Lin Xiang’s speed.


Speed ​​was the advantage that made him the proudest. Just now, he intended to scare Silent Water, and he was completely sure that the sword was only one centimeter away from Silent Water’s neck. But now the handsome guy in front of him didn’t know where he got out of, and blocked his attack…what was he actually…


“Master…” Silent Water stared at Lin Xiang in a daze, and her hands that had originally planned to seal the Water God’s Shield also dropped. She thought that she was in trouble.


“Huh? Why?” Lin Xiang had a comfortable smile on his face.


“There is nothing more.” Seeing that Lin Xiang wasn’t angry, Silent Water gradually relaxed as well.


“Is that so?” Lin Xiang turned his head and looked at Kamikawa Bear, “hey! What do you mean? Why did you attack Silent Water?”


“Does it have anything to do with you?” Kamikawa Bear didn’t dare to act rashly, he was not yet familiar with Lin Xiang. From Lin Xiang’s body, he only felt a faint aura, but he was extremely fast, and that made him cautious.


“You hurt my family. If it doesn’t concern me, then who does it concern? Also, where did your sword come from?”


“What does it matter to you?” Kamikawa Bear was still looking at Lin Xiang.


“Freed, is this one of the six spiritual weapons?” Seeing that Kamikawa Bear had no plans, Lin Xiang asked Freed.


“No. Harris’s works are subjective, and they are definitely not usable by people like him.”


“Oh? Then do you mean that this sword is the work of an angel?”


“Indeed. But it’s from made from Harris, it’s from other angels making weapons.”


‘Is that so? Then…’


‘Kid, be careful!”


Before Lin Xiang finished, Freed yelled. Lin Xiang turned and saw Kamikawa Bear rushing him forward. His speed was one-third of him when he’s in wind speed.


“Dang!” Lin Xiang easily blocked the attack of Kamikawa Bear. With a horizontal cut, he forced Kamikawa Bear to keep a distance from him again.


What?! He was obviously distracted just now, but how could he resume and block the attack in such a short time? Who was this guy actually?

“Cousin, that person is a sword holder. Don’t hurt him.” After seeing Lin Xiang’s performance, Kamikawa Rintaro suddenly woke up. He always thought that Lin Xiang was just a good fist, but now he didn’t expect that his sword skills were also very good. In just two strokes, he could suppress his cousin. This force was not comparable to him, no wonder he could become a sword holder.


“Are you the sword holder?” After listening to Rintaro’s words, Kamikawa Bear suddenly became interested.

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