V6C15 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C15_Kamikawa Bear, Rick, Join the team


“Are you ready to accept the punishment of insulting my master?” Silent Water acted just like her name – so quiet and calm. However, underneath the quietness, there was a turbulence.


“Oh~~Master? Are you going to recognize me as the master? Although I am not interested, but if you want, I can teach you a bit.” Kamikawa Bear teased Silent Water.


Silent Water was a spirit. For them, they were born with magic power. However, for human beings, they had to convert their spiritual power to own magic. For battle technicians using spiritual power, they couldn’t see the flow of magic, what they saw was only the weak Silent Water.


“You are very annoying.” Silent Water suddenly threw the water ball out of her hand. The soft-looking water ball flew upwards at high speed.


After seeing Silent Water’s moves, Kamikawa Bear immediately realized that something had gone wrong. He finally understood that Silent Water didn’t look as gentle and soft as she seemed, and he immediately pushed Rintaro in front of him.


“Po~hu~” The water ball that was originally just as big as a basketball suddenly hit Rintaro Kamikawa, and it quickly elongated and turned into a water sac, wrapping Rintaro Kamikawa’s whole body.

In the water sac, Rintaro Kamikawa had difficulty breathing. He struggled desperately and he’s moving all the time, unfortunately, the water sac was like clothes grown on his body, the longer his hand stretched, the longer it became.


“What is this? I have never seen such a magic before.” After seeing Rintaro’s tragic situation, Kamikawa Bear took a deep breath, and he tried to look at Silent Water tightly.


“It’s really despicable. Sure enough, it’s because of a human like you that the human world became so dirty.” Silent Water looked at Kamikawa Bear and said.


Why, why could they do this? How could they ask their partner to bear the danger? Comparing to master, they seemed to be from a whole different world.


Silent Water again thought of how Lin Xiang blocked the fire demon in front of her. She found herself so lucky, that she could be with such a kind-hearted master.


“Woman, what are you doing here? Why didn’t you get rid of this magic now? Do you want to kill Rintaro?” After Kamikawa Bear saw Rintaro struggling, he yelled.

Although he didn’t care about Kamikawa Rintaro’s life, he was now in school and he was still the captain of the team. If people found out that he didn’t care about his team partner, who else would join his team in the future?


After hearing Kamikawa Bear’s yelling, Silent Water shook her head, “obviously, it’s you who pushed him out, how dare you propose this to me?” Afterwards, the liquid on Kamikawa Bear’s head gradually disappeared. Kamikawa Rintaro, who had regained some oxygen, coughed out a few mouthfuls of water, then breathed heavily.


“You stinky woman, how dare you use such dirty magic to fight with me? Perhaps you can try defeating me without any magic, huh?” At this moment, Kamikawa Bear thought that, as long as Silent Water didn’t use this trick, he would be able to beat her down with his sword.


“Okay.” Silent Water nodded, she still didn’t know the difference between a magister and a battle technician.


Magic needs to be sealed, and it takes a short time to gather magic (large magic requires more time). If it is a long distance, then the magician has a great advantage, but if it is close, it is undoubtedly the advantage of the battle technician.


Ha~you stinky woman, wait for me to teach you a lesson.


Kamikawa Bear smiled secretly. He pulled out a black stick from his waist and shook it hard. A fiery red sword appeared.


“I bought this at a high price abroad. This kind of thing can have elemental attributes without attaching spiritual power. It has not yet appeared in the domestic market. There is only one in the whole country. Now, I’ll try my new baby on you.”


Silent Water looked at the students around her and she was wondering what magic she could use without hurting the others. Kamikawa Bear also took this opportunity to rush toward her with his sword. And he’s incredibly fast.


“Be careful!” Reidy originally thought that Kamikawa Bear was just being disgusting and that he wasn’t that powerful, that’s why he had used his power just now. However, he seemed to be much faster than usual and she had a bad feeling about it.


And Silent Water was not a Battle Technician, she wasn’t quick enough. She’s a bit distracted and she couldn’t avoid the sword of Kamikawa Bear.


She watched the fiery red sword quickly approaching herself. When she was about to defend herself with the water god’s shield, a familiar figure stood in front of her. Although it was not a sturdy figure, she held a light blue sword in her hand with a loud noise, she successfully blocked the attack of Kamikawa Bear.


——————Three minutes ago.


“Hey, boss, something has happened. My sister-in-law met Kamikawa.” Uraya ran into Lin Xiang’s classroom, who had digested most of the food with dragon’s energy.


“Oh? Kamikawa?” Lin Xiang recalled the surname Uraya in his head, then thought of the bald guy.


“Don’t worry, the people of the Kamikawa family can do no harm to them.” They couldn’t even harm Dusty, let alone Silent Water and Reidy.


“No, Kamikawa Bear is back.” Uraya was a little nervous.


“Kamikawa Bear? I don’t know him. By the way, where have you been? Haven’t seen you much lately.”


“It’s because you’ve made Yorikawa unhappy, and I’ve been protecting her secretly.”

“Huh? I made Yorikawa unhappy?” At this time, Lin Xiang remembered that Yorikawa really hadn’t shown up for two days. “Right, boss, you don’t know about it?”


“How would I know? I didn’t do anything to her.”


What could have happened to Yorikawa? Lin Xiang decided to ask her about it.


“Did you not do anything? Oh? Is it because of the three beautiful sisters-in-law?” Uraya guessed.

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