V6C15 Part 3


He thought, “could this be the sword holder? He’s indeed fast, but how about his strength? If I defeat him, then can I be the sword holder? Oh…Is he holding the Water●Green Light Cold Soul Sword? How cool is that?”




“What kind of answer is that? Are you the fake one?” Kamikawa Bear jokingly said.


“You can understand it this way. By the way, I still haven’t calculated with you, since you’ve hurt my family.”


“Oh~~~are you angry now? Let me tell you, I’m taking away your family! Let me bet, after I defeat you, I will make them all become obedient and they will get to experience the upper-class life.”


“Heh~” Lin Xiang smiled. The next second, he got in front of Kamikawa Bear, “tell me again if you dare. Let me bet, after I defeat you, I will make you become obedient, and you will get to experience the hospitalized life.”

What a horrifying speed! Kamikawa Bear had always thought that he’s fast, but when comparing with the guy in front of him, he’s actually much slower.


However, he didn’t want to be defeated. He took a few steps back and said, “I…I want…”


As soon as he spoke, Lin Xiang made a move. He knocked Kamikawa Bear on the head with his sword shaft. However, at the moment when he hit Kamikawa, someone suddenly stretched out a stout hand. With a loud noise, he grabbed the sword shaft. A serious face appeared in front of Lin Xiang.


“Ms. Rick?” someone from the crowd of students yelled.


Lin Xiang had a bit of an impression of this teacher, he seemed to be there when he was fighting with Kitashima.


“Lin Xiang, this is your second fight, right? Although I admit that your strength has improved a lot, fighting in the campus is forbidden!” Rick’s rough voice revealed authority.


“Uh…I’m really sorry.” Lin Xiang tried to pull out his sword and found that he couldn’t. When he was looking at this teacher, he had to admit that he’s actually an important figure.


“This is the second time. If there is a third time, you will be punished by the school disciplinary committee.” Rick let go of his hand and said to Kamikawa Bear behind him, “and you – don’t mess around anymore. This is a school, not your home. Don’t make troubles here just because you’re from a famous family.”

“Yes!” Kamikawa was very scared. When he was a freshman, he acted as the eldest master at school and he always bullied the others. After being taught by Rick, he was then hospitalized for a month. If it happened earlier, his family would definitely become furious and would want to get rid of Rick instantly. However, they didn’t make a decision for him this time and kick Rick out of school. From then on, Kamikawa Bear dared not stir up troubles easily.


“The lunch break is over! Why are you still gathering here? Get back to your classroom!” Rick shouted, and all the students who had been watching quickly went away.


After seeing the students leave, Rick glanced at Lin Xiang once before leaving.


“Lucky you.” Kamikawa Bear yelled at Silent Water, “hey! Stinky woman! Why don’t you lift up the magic now?”


“I’m sorry, Silent Water doesn’t know how to.” Lin Xiang answered first, then pushed Silent Water in front of all the girls and left. Kamikawa Bear didn’t know what to do.


After walking into the teaching area, Lin Xiang quietly said to Silent Water, “Silent Water, lift up the magic.”


“Yes, Master.” Silent Water nodded, then lifted up the magic.


“Xiang~ Why did you come here suddenly?” Satsuki felt very curious. She felt that Silent Water had the ability to beat up Kamikawa Bear, but she had no idea why Lin Xiang suddenly joined.

“Nothing. I just didn’t want to see them fight. Silent Water, don’t fight with battle technicians so easily in the future. Okay?”


“Understood.” Silent Water nodded obediently.


“I don’t understand. Why not?” Reidy wasn’t afraid of fighting and she was curious to know.


“You all use magic. It’d be a great loss to fight battle technicians at close range.”


“No, I don’t think I will. I will also fight at close range, such as releasing thunder and lightning.”


“Uh…you are just using that to give electric shock, not close combat.”


“No, I know thunder cut and it can be used for close combat.”


“Okok, Silent Water’s dad even knows how to use water sword. That’s also a close-range fight. In any case, promise me not to fight with battle technicians easily in the future.”


“Huh! Human, how dare you order me?”


“Sister Silent Water, do you want to join my team?” At this time, Suehiro Kaoru suddenly spoke.


“Team? What is that?”


“It’s like an ordinary organization. After you join my team, you’ll be able to join in battles, also inter-school competitions.”


“Oh, then which team does my master belong to?”


“Huh? Team? What is that?”


“It’s a team-like organization. You can participate in the team competition and the school-to-school ranking competition after joining the team.”


“So, which team does the master belong to?”

“You mean Young Master? Well, he’s in the same team as me.”


“Oh, then I will join.”


“Oh? Then I want too, I want too!” After Dusty heard that Lin Xiang and Suehiro were in the same team, she also wanted to join.


“Huh! You are all going, then I’m going as well.” Reidy said proudly.


“No way!” Satsuki suddenly yelled, “none of you can join.”


She thought, if they all joined, then she wouldn’t have enough time with Lin Xiang alone anymore. Definitely no way!


“Oh, why?” “Who do you think you are, huh?” “Eh?”


Facing the three girls who felt suspicious, Satsuki shook her head, “anyway, you can’t join.”


“No, I’m the captain, and I will let them join. Satsuki, you can ask me if you have any doubts.”


“I…” Satsuki thought, was she going to say that she wanted to spend time alone with Lin Xiang?


“Damn it…” Satsuki looked at Lin Xiang angrily and pinched his arm, venting all her anger on him.


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