V6C16 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C16_The use of mathematics, Satsuki vs Reidy…


“Well, who else doesn’t understand now?” In the last math class in the afternoon, Sato Haruka stood on the podium and pointed to a super difficult math equation on the blackboard.


“Yes~” I heard Dusty’s voice from behind. I turned back and saw her raise her hand, “which subject is this?”


“Uh…” Sato Haruka was speechless as soon as Dusty asked. He looked a but unhappy. It’s reasonable, any teacher would expect his students to ask him about things discussed in class, instead of which subject that was…nothing else would hurt a teacher’s self-esteem so seriously…


What Dusty had said also aroused some discussion.


Guy, “oh~Matsuyama is really cute.”


“Yeah, look at how innocent her smile is. I really want to own a sister like her.”


“Are you sure you want her to be your sister?”


“Well~better be my girlfriend.”


Girl, “huh…you’re just pretending to be cute.”


“That’s it. That’s it.”

There was suddenly a lot of discussion in the originally quiet classroom. Sato Haruka knocked on the table and said, “quiet, quiet. Matsuyama, you’re really humorous. I am guessing that you find the class boring, and you want to awaken them by telling us a joke, right?”


“Eh? Humor? What is that? Is it a kind of food?”


“Uh…” Sato Haruka was speechless again. Judging from his unpredictable expression, he was probably suspecting that Dusty was looking for a problem. He squeezed out a smile and said as gently as possible, “Matsuyama-san, humor is a kind of character, not food.”


“I see.” Dusty nodded, and she seemed to have understood. In order to prevent this from happening again, Lin Xiang decided to teach her some common sense.


“Well, you understand it now, right? So, back to the topic just now, has anyone still not understood?”


“Well, the scumbag called the teacher.” Reidy spoke.


“Um? Classmate Reidy, do you have any questions?”


“What’s the use of things like mathematics?” Reidy put her hands in front of her chest. She looked like the eldest sister in a family asking her servant.


“um…about this…” Sato Haruka thought for a while before he said, “Mathematics is an academic subject, a kind of knowledge. It can activate our mind and make us think more flexibly. Let’s imagine, if we can’t think clearly during a battle, we are more likely to fall into our enemy’s trap. On the other hand, if our thinking is sophisticated enough, we will be able to reverse the situation without falling into their trap. We will set up traps for them instead!”

“Is that so…” Sato Haruka words suddenly made Reidy think. She probably found out that she was an impulsive person and she’s trapped by the others. After listening to him, she probably wanted to improve herself.


Oh…what was Reidy doing? Why did she turn and looked at Lin Xiang? What’s the problem?


Reidy was in deep thoughts and suddenly looked at Lin Xiang, who couldn’t figure out what she’s thinking.


“Teacher?” Silent Water raised her hand, and all the boys looked at her pale, tender arms.


Guy, “oh~~~so tender~~~how could there be such a nice arm in the world?”


“Yes, yeah, if I can touch it, it would be cool.”


“Indeed, the skin of Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty are all very nice.”


Girl, “huh…they must have taken some kind of drugs.”


“Quiet, quiet.” Sato Haruka knocked on the table. From his embarrassed look, he should be wondering what strange question Silent Water was going to ask him, “do you have any question, Silent Water?”

“The x on the blackboard, after substituting the formula, it should become…Excuse me, did I calculate it wrong, or is there something wrong with the equation?” Silent Water’s voice was gentle and calm, and she gave a few solutions to the super difficult equation on the blackboard, making me shocked.


Did she really manage to think of that? That’s her first day of school.


“Oh? Silent Water seems to be right.”

“It’s true, I think Sato Haruka got it wrong…my God, he shouldn’t have misguided us…”


Indeed, after listening to Silent Water and how Sato Haruka interpreted the equation, there was indeed a problem, but…


“Actually, Silent Water, what you thought was indeed a good idea, but you’ve just fallen into the trap of this equation.” Sato Haruka smiled confidently. He was probably assuming that only he could solve this problem.


“A trap?” Silent Water looked at the blackboard with confusion.


“Well, yes, your concept was misguided, so you made a mistake. Does anyone know how to answer this question?” Sato Haruka asked loudly.


No one made a sound, and everyone was waiting for his answer.


“Is there no one?” Sato Haruka asked again.

“Me.” At this time, a person raised his hand, and his action immediately attracted the attention of the whole class. The two beautiful girls in front of him turned their heads and stared at him. His beautiful classmate was also looking at him. And that person was me – Lin Xiang.


Actually, I didn’t want the attention of everyone. It’s just that Silent Water was my family member and I had an obligation to teach her. Also, I had understood the way Sato Haruka taught maths, his way was more difficult to understand, but I knew of a much easier way.


“Oh? Li Xiang? Do you know how to solve this?” Sato Haruka looked somewhat confused. Apparently, it’s difficult for him to accept the fact that a student did know how to solve the equation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t an ordinary student, what I’d learnt in another world was much more complicated.

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