V6C16 Part 2


“Yeah.” I nodded.


“Then, please come up and explain to everyone, use your method.”


—————— After class.


“Darling, I didn’t expect you to be so intelligent.” Kamiki came to me after class. That’s the first time I ever heard her praise me.


“Huh? No, it’s very simple.”


“No…previously, I thought that only your combat power was amazing, and I didn’t expect you to be so smart academically as well. Well…let’s put it this way – you’ve completely changed into another person.”

“Yes, yes, Xiang, I also think that you’ve become another person, and it’s really obvious.”


“No, no, I’m still the old me. You all have thought too much. Come, let’s go to the classroom where the teams meet.” In order not to let Satsuki ask too many questions, I pushed them out of the classroom. However, after seeing that the three spirits didn’t follow us, I asked, “Silent Water, what are you doing? Let’s go.”


“Oh, okay, Master.” Silent Water looked kind of depressed and followed us. Dusty came to hug my back. And Reidy…she definitely looked upset. What’s wrong? Did I do anything wrong?


“You bastard, how dare you do it. You were being intimate with other girls!”


“Wait, wait.” Seeing the golden lightning flashing in Reidy’s hand, I hurriedly told her to stop, “wait, when was I intimate with a girl?”


“Oh? Then please tell me what you are doing now!”


“Huh?” I looked at my side, except Satsuki, there was no one else. What did she mean by “being intimate”? It’s just that my hands were on their shoulders.


“Do you have anything else to say?”


I was just holding their shoulders. Why would she be angry?


“Haha, for girls who get jealous easily, they would oppose it once you’re with any beautiful girls.” Freed suddenly told me this strange thing.


“What do you mean?”




There’s no response. What was Freed thinking about?


“Reidy, Xiang is free to do anything he wants, why do you interfere?” Seeing Reidy was ready to give me another electric shock, Satsuki stood up for me.


“I…anyway, I won’t let him touch you.”


“And what makes you think you can stop us?”


“I…nothing…anyway, it makes me feel uncomfortable.”


“Is that so? Well, then I will not let you see it.” Afterwards, Satsuki pulled me away.


“Don’t go!”


“So, what makes you think you can stop us?” Satsuki started getting angry.


“No reason!” Reidy knew that Satsuki was getting angry, and through her light blue pupils, I could see her getting angry as well. Were they going to fight?


“Wait, don’t do this. Okay?” I tried to stop them.


“No way!” Satsuki and Reidy responded to me in unison, then looked at each other, “let’s solve this now!”


“Sure! Don’t think that I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re on a higher level.” Satsuki touched her hair and said plainly.


“Huh~don’t yell when I hurt you.”


“Absolutely not!”


——–In the arena.


“Are you ready to accept the pain from my lightning?”


“Oh? You are not afraid of these words?”


“Huh~stupid! Come on, bring it on!”


In the center of the arena, Satsuki and Reidy were facing each other. Lin Xiang and the others were just watching aside. Lin Xiang was looking at them worriedly. He didn’t understand why Satsuki and Reidy wanted to fight. And no one was there to stop them…

With a loud noise, there were flames coming out from Satsuki’s hands, and it’s like a fierce lion rushing toward Reidy.


Reidy stood on the spot and didn’t mean to move. She quickly fiddled with her hands. An electric ball appeared in front of her, and it quickly expanded. A dense power grid swiftly struck the flames. The flames and the lightning collided together, causing a wave of heat.


“What? It seems that this is what you can at do as a magister. Is your strength actually fake?” After Reidy’s magic offset Satsuki’s attack, Satsuki smiled indifferently.

She originally thought that Reidy’s magic would not only counteract her attack, but it might also get herself hurt. Therefore, she was ready to dodge. Now, Reidy’s magic only offset her attack, she was thus a little disdainful.


“I don’t know about the level of the magister, but I only know that you will lose miserably later.” Reidy slowly raised her hands and moved closer to the middle. At the moment they merged, she suddenly opened her arm, a golden lightning appeared between her hands and it continued to expand. It was shining brightly, and Reidy yelled, “Break•Thunder Wall!”


A wall with lightning flew out with a loud noise.


The momentum of the Thunder Wall of Reidy was horrifying, and Satsuki was a bit frightened. She quickly waved the magic wand in her hand, added a spell and flashed to a side. Unfortunately, the scope of the Thunder Wall was vast, Satsuki’s arm was hurt when she was trying to dodge.


When the Thunder Wall swept through her arm, she only felt that her arm was numb and very painful. She felt as if her arm didn’t belong to her.


“So…how’s it? Still not too late for you to surrender, or you’ll suffer even more.” Reidy slowly panted and she could feel the magic power inside her getting lower. She started sweating.


Damn it, did I overuse my power? The damn human obviously infused some power to me a few days ago.

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