V6C16 Part 3


“Who would give up? Don’t you ever look down on me.” Satsuki rubbed her arm and waved the magic wand again to release the magic.


This time, Reidy didn’t use lightning to offset May’s attack, but retreated to the side and avoided her attack.


“I thought you must be using magic to counteract my attack. But you do look bad now, are you sick? Or you start to feel weak after a few rounds?” Satsuki tried to irritate Reidy.


Sure enough, Reidy, who always wanted to win, was irritated. She gritted her teeth, clenched her fist and there was continuous lightning in her hand. She quickly aimed at Satsuki and opened her hand. With a loud noise, a bolt of lightning penetrated the air and flew towards Satsuki.


Satsuki already knew that Reidy was getting angry when she saw her forming lightning in her hand, that’s why she kept herself cautious. When Reidy’s lightning hit her, she fell to a side and avoided it. However, that lightning seemed to have connected with Reidy’s hand – wherever her hand moved, the lightning followed along and it almost hit Satsuki.


What was this trick? Why was it like a thunder sword? Even a thunder sword can’t be that long, right?


While Satsuki dodged, thinking about a way to break Reidy’s attack, Reidy kept aiming her palm at Satsuki and wanted to hit her as quickly as possible, and that trick would consume her a lot of energy.


“Oh? There are beautiful girls fighting here.” There was suddenly a rude voice. Both Satsuki and Reidy paused and checked where that came from.


They only saw three guys standing at the entrance of the arena, and they were constantly looking at Satsuki and Reidy.


“Who are you? Don’t you know that they are competing?” Kamiki asked the three guys.


“Sorry, sorry, I’m a newly transferred student, and I will only report to the school tomorrow. I wanted to visit the school I was going to attend today. I didn’t expect to meet two beautiful girls fighting with each other. I’m really sorry.” The guy in the middle had thick eyebrows. He had a clear profile and a classical handsome guy.


“If this is the case, then continue your tour of the school and don’t wander around here.” Reidy looked at the guys somewhat angrily. She thought that she was going to defeat Satsuki and she was distracted by these three guys.


“Please don’t be like this, beauty. I can see how charming your lightning is. I’m assuming that you’re a very powerful lightning envoy, right?”


“It’s none of your business. Get out of here.” After Reidy finished, she stopped looking at the guy.


“Beauty, beauty. What you’ve said really hurts me. Huh? One, two, three, four, five, there are five beauties? This is really…” When the guy noticed Silent Water and Dusty behind, they were very happy.


“Master Nagahiro, it seems that this Pillar Nofu Academy is very nice. There are so many beautiful women.” The average-looking guy on the left laughed lustfully.


“Well, indeed, when I entered the school just now, there was a girl with very big breasts. That girl is super cute and has a round face.” The boy in the middle nodded.


“Yeah, after she saw you, she was very shy, and she instantly turned around and ran away. If it wasn’t because you didn’t let us chase her, we would definitely do so.”


“Hey, Ma Long, you can’t be like this. We’re not in Okinawa. Moreover, we are reasonable people. We rely on our strength to make the girls fall in love with us.” The boy in the middle looked at the five girls and totally disregarding Lin Xiang.


Reidy and Satsuki felt very uncomfortable after being looked at that way, and they had no more intention to fight. They quickly retreated to Lin Xiang’s side.

When the boy in the middle saw that Reidy and Satsuki had retreated to Lin Xiang’s, he said to the boy on the left, “Oh~Ma Long, it’s all your fault. Can’t you learn from He Lou and learn to shut up? See, you’ve scared them all.”


“Sorry, sorry, but Master Nagahiro. If you do it yourself, I’m sure that no girls will reject you.”


“Ha~” The boy laughed and asked Satsuki, “excuse me, can anyone tell me which class Lin Xiang is in?”


“Lin Xiang?” Hearing the name of the person they liked, the five girls started paying attention. Their instincts told them that this man was not a good fellow.


“Huh? You don’t know him? It’s really strange.” The boy muttered, thinking that they might not know Lin Xiang.


“Why are you looking for Lin Xiang?” Kamiki asked.


“Oh? Actually, it’s nothing much. I’m just here to take back what belongs to me.”


“What thing?”


“Well, it is not convenient for me to disclose, but if you are willing to stay with me tonight, I don’t mind telling you.”

“Go to hell.” Kamiki frowned. She found this guy somewhat familiar, as if she’d seen him the day before.


“You’re such a beauty but you really hurt me.”

“That’s because they don’t know your identity, master. Hey, women, listen to me well. The guy standing next to me is a famous one from Okinawa…” Before the boy on the left finished speaking, he was interrupted by the one in the middle.

“Ma Long, don’t advertise it everywhere. What if too many girls know about it and they all come to me?”

“Master, you’re right.” The boy standing on the left nodded, agreeing to what his “master” said.

“Okay, if you want to compete, then we’ll compete. Beauties, I am glad to meet you, my name is Terayama Nagahiro, and I will report tomorrow in Class C of the first grade.” When he finished talking, he left the arena.

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