V6C17 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C17_Reidy’s worry, Silent Water’s worry


After Terayama Nagahiro left, Satsuki and Kamiki looked a little sad. They knew who Terayama Nagahiro was, and he’s the eldest master of the Chester family. But they didn’t understand what he meant by “looking for Lin Xiang to get back something that belongs to him”, they didn’t understand what Lin Xiang had to do with him.


Although Satsuki didn’t understand, it didn’t mean that Lin Xiang didn’t either. He sighed in his heart, “what needs to come will come eventually.”




On the way home, Kamiki left first in her own car. Before leaving, she made a warning to Lin Xiang and reluctantly got on the car.


After being sent home, Satsuki looked at Lin Xiang worriedly. She reminded him to her once he encountered any danger. She also invited the three spirits to visit her home, but Reidy rejected.


After buying some ingredients in the supermarket near Satsuki’s home, Lin Xiang and the three spirits returned home.


——In the living room.


When they got home, Valarie was licking a lollipop and watching TV on the sofa. There were traces of snacks around the sofa, also packages, plates…they were all lying on the floor. It seemed that Valarie had eaten quite a lot during the day.


“Oh, Valarie…” Lin Xiang was speechless when he looked at the rubbish on the floor. Judging from the quantity of these snacks, he assumed that everything inside the TV cabinet had been eaten. Valarie had a big appetite.


“What are you doing?” Valarie looked plain and her voice was plain as well. There wasn’t much emotional change and she just kept watching TV.


“It’s nothing.” Lin Xiang shook his head. He knew that Valarie was attracted by the TV program, so it’d be better for him not to disturb her. He picked up the broom and started sweeping the floor in the living room.


“You. Blocked me.” Lin Xiang was rather tall and Valarie was petite. Her legs couldn’t even touch the floor when she sat on the sofa. Her vision was naturally blocked by Lin Xiang.


“Oh, sorry.” Lin Xiang smiled, moved a few steps, and leaned forward to sweep the rubbish in front of Valarie.


Lin Xiang didn’t care about Valarie’s attitude at all, he almost felt a bit lucky. After all, Valarie had lived alone for so many years, and it’s a great thing that she’s now interested in something. This proved that she’s constantly approaching human beings. This is a life that Valarie deserved to have.


Reidy was watching what was happening and she was very pissed. She thought that the stupid human should be listening to her. Well…she’s a dragon and she had no other ways. But…how come she’s feeling so upset? Reidy then stopped thinking about it and went for a shower.


Reidy chose not to look at something she didn’t like. She walked out of the living room and collect clothes in the yard.


The setting sun gradually set into the mountain peak, and the clouds in the sky were dyed into red and purple. A large black cloud was floating in the distance. Reidy stood in the yard, staring at the sunset in a daze.


She thought, it’s been so many years since I’ve been in the human’s world, are they still looking around for me? No, they wouldn’t be. In their eyes, there are only mundane tasks, and it’s possible that they have left without having me found.


Reidy shook her head, she didn’t want to think about the past, she didn’t want to admit that she was homesick. She quickly collected all the clothes and returned to the house.



Reidy turned on the shower and the water splashed from the sprinkler and fell on her head. Gradually, her hair became wet, and her pure skin became rosy from the hot water. She didn’t move at all, letting the water splash all over her graceful body.


What had happened to me today? Reidy thought.


How come I felt so uncomfortable when the damn human talked to those girls at school? Especially after seeing Satsuki kissed him, my brain was empty and all I could think was “no”, and I couldn’t control myself from attacking the damn human…


When school was over in the afternoon, he was pushing the two girls on their shoulders. Why would I feel so upset after watching this? And why would I fight with Satsuki? I even feel stuffy in my chest now, is it because my magic power has lowered after the fight?


Now I only have a little magic power left, and my magic power in the human world cannot be automatically restored like I did in the demon’s world…the only way to replenish the magic power is through contact with the stupid human…but even if I hit him, I could only replenish a bit of power, and I can’t keep hitting him like that…what can I do to get back my power quickly? I can’t hug him like just like that, right? I…I can’t do that…and, why would I get jealous of those two girls, also Silent Water and Dusty? I feel like there’s a wall between me and him, just like what they say on TV…



“Master, why would you solve this equation like that? I still don’t understand.” Silent Water was holding her notebook and watched Lin Xiang carefully.


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