V6C17 Part 2

“Which question? Oh, this one, wait a minute, I’ll teach you later.” Lin Xiang packed up the garbage and put it in the hallway. After washing his hands in the bathroom, he calmly said to Silent Water, “go to the living room.”


Silent Water nodded quietly, and then followed Lin Xiang to the living room.


As soon as the door of the living room was opened, there was a sound of fierce fighting on the TV.


“Come on, Red Warrior!” Dusty continued to stretch her hands, cheering on a masked superman in red on the TV. “Damn! You hateful Palukia alien!” The masked superman on the TV stood up with difficulty, “I want to destroy you on behalf of the flame!”


Seeing this, Lin Xiang closed the door, “the living room is too noisy for studying, let’s go to my room.”


“Okay.” Lin Xiang’s words meant everything to Silent Water. She nodded and followed him upstairs.


——In the living room


“Hey! The Red Warrior is really the best, isn’t it, Lord Fire Dragon?” After the masked Superman reached the monster, Dusty jumped up excitedly.


“Well. It’s okay. It’s just that. His flames. I think. Are fake.” Valarie was a fire dragon, and flames were part of her. The flames on TV just now gave her a fake feeling.


“Aha, master once told me that, most of the things on TV are processed with special effects, that’s why you think that it’s fake.”


“Special effects. What are they.”


“This…I don’t know. I remember that the master seemed to have explained to me…Well~ Don’t pay attention to this. Let’s see what program will be broadcast next.




Lin Xiang and Silent Water were walking in the corridor. Lin Xiang turned his head and asked Silent Water, “Silent Water, how’s your first day at school?”


“Huh? Well, it’s okay.” Silent Water answered and she was somewhat distracted.


Silent Water thought that it was already a fortunate thing to be able to go to school with her master. All in all, she was absolutely looking forward to going to school. However, she stopped feeling as happy after going to school. Although it had a nice environment, there were 3 beautiful girls appeared out of nowhere (Silent Water never met Yorikawa, otherwise, there’d be four). And the only girl that gave her a good impression would be Suehiro Kaoru. Satsuki and Kamiki made her feel very uncomfortable, it’s like their relationship with her master was really different. And her master might be snatched away at any time.


Silent Water didn’t know what was wrong with her. Could this be love? At this time, Silent Water suddenly thought of the romantic drama series that she once watched. No no…Silent Water rejected her crazy idea. Indeed, her master would always be the one she respected, and she’d do whatever he instructed…but…could that be love? No, it’s only her pure admiration to her master…


“Silent Water?” Lin Xiang stood outside his bedroom door and called Silent Water.


“Ah, Master, sorry, I was thinking about something just now.” When Lin Xiang shouted, Silent Water returned to her senses. She found that she was almost at the end of the corridor. She lowered her head in embarrassment and returned to Lin Xiang’s side.


“Ha~ it’s okay, Silent Water really likes learning.” Lin Xiang thought that Silent Water was thinking about the math problem just now and he felt relieved. “Not really…” Silent Water blushed. Obviously, she was just having wild thoughts, but Lin Xiang thought that she’s thinking seriously. This made her feel ashamed.


“Heh~” Lin Xiang thought that Silent Water felt embarrassed with the compliment. He didn’t ask any further and he opened his bedroom door.


“Uh…” After opening the door, Lin Xiang looked at his bedroom which was both tidy and messy. He felt speechless.


The tidy part included his quilt and desk. The floor was tidy as well. However, his books were quite messy. They were very unorganized and there were about 100 of them.


“It seems that Dragon really likes reading.” Silent Water walked forward and picked up one of them.




Could Valarie be already in love with the human’s world and started learning human knowledge? If that’s the case, they would be great. Really, Lin Xiang didn’t want her to return to the demon’s world, it’s not too peaceful over there…


Lin Xiang looked at the two empty bookshelves, smiled, knelt down and started to tidy up the books.




Silent Water was pretty quick. In less than a minute, she tidied the books and put them in the bookshelf. Afterwards, she walked to the bedside and continued tidying the books.


On the other hand, Lin Xiang stacked up the books and he could lift them up easily. The bookshelf was next to the bed. He carried the books and walked towards the bookshelf. Unexpectedly, as he’d stacked up the books too high and he walked too fast, they tilted to a side. In order to stabilize them, he also tilted toward that side. He accidentally stepped on a book and slipped. He fell forward and at this moment, Silent Water happened to be standing up…


Oops, he’s going to hurt Silent Water. Lin Xiang thought that he shouldn’t have stacked up the books so high.


When the book was going to fall on Silent Water, Lin Xiang threw the book aside, then he ran into Silent Water and knocked her on the bed…


“Master…” Silent Water was lying quietly on bed, looking at her master closely. She felt so hot inside and she hadn’t felt like that for a very long time. She felt like that when she first saw Lin Xiang and being hugged in his arms. However, Silent Water had extraordinarily strong ability to adapt, this feeling should have been gone after a few times and she shouldn’t still be feeling as shy as before. Why would she feel like that? This has happened before so many times and it’s just another time, why would that feeling appear again, and even stronger than ever? Silent Water didn’t understand. She only felt hot on her face and her master was so handsome in front of her.


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