V6C17 Part 3

Lin Xiang’s hands were just resting on Silent Water’s shoulders. He swallowed his saliva secretly as he watched Silent Water. She was very beautiful, just like a flawless apple that made people want to have a bite. Lin Xiang’s heart was beating quickly and he knew that something wrong was going on. He didn’t know what to do and he just kept looking at Silent Water.


“Go on, go on, son, hurry, hurry, hurry up and kiss her, and then…” The filthy Yalide yelled in Lin Xiang’s head.


“What go on? You filthy dragon, what are you doing?” Lin Xiang wanted to let go of Silent Water after Yalide said so. However, he was immediately stopped by Freed, “son, don’t let go first. Although it was Silent Water, you’ll hurt her self-esteem if you let go of her suddenly.”


“Huh? What are you talking about?”


“Just believe what I’ve told you. You can let go of your hand, but not so quickly and easily.”


After listening to Freed, Lin Xiang seemed to have understood. He smiled at Silent Water, “Silent Water, you’re so beautiful.” Then, he pinched her cute cheeks, stood up and stretched out his hand.


After Lin Xiang told her how beautiful she was, Silent Water’s heart beat crazily. The moment Lin Xiang pinched her face, she only felt that she’s unable to breathe, and the world seemed to have turned black and white, except Lin Xiang who was in dazzling colors. Silent Water confirmed that she’s in love with her master. And that has happened since the beginning. She has been taking this feeling as admiration.


Silent Water took a really deep breath, stretched out her hand, grabbed Lin Xiang’s and stood up.


“Did you get hurt?” Lin Xiang asked.


“No, Master, Silent Water is fine.” Silent Water glanced at Lin Xiang, who was still holding his hand, and shook her head.


“Is that so?” Lin Xiang saw that there was nothing wrong with Silent Water aside from her blushed face. He let go of her hand and continued tidying up the books.


After he let go of his hand and Silent Water stopped feeling the warmth of his hand, she felt somewhat strange. She looked at her master’s back without a word and her big, bright eyes became a little watery.


“Silent Water? What’s the matter?” Lin Xiang felt a little strange when Silent Water wasn’t helping.


“Huh? No, nothing.” Silent Water secretly patted her face and started helping Lin Xiang with the books.


……ten minutes later……


“Huh~ It’s finally finished. Oh, it’s not early now. After this equation, we’ll make dinner. How does that sound?” Lin Xiang patted the bookshelf, took two chairs and put them in front of the desk.


“Okay.” Silent Water nodded and sat down beside Lin Xiang.


“What don’t you understand?”




“Oh, this, we need to…” Lin Xiang explained the topic very seriously, and Silent Water also looked at Lin Xiang in a serious manner. She found that she couldn’t calm down at this moment, and she’s unable to take her eyes off Lin Xiang either. Is this the feeling of being in love? There was a sweet smile on her face and she was indulging in the sweetness.




“What the hell am I doing? I’ve been standing here for so long.” Reidy wrapped her hair in a towel and walked into the bathtub. The water in the bathtub was very warm, making Reidy feel somewhat strange. She looked at the ceiling and again distracted. She was again thinking about something.




“Wow! We will eat beef tonight.” Dusty held a spoon and she couldn’t wait to start eating.


“Beef…” Valarie stared at a plate of fried beef with green pepper, obviously not knowing what a beef was.


Dusty didn’t know what Valarie was thinking, she happily answered, “Yes! It’s beef, and it’s cooked by my master so it’ll be super delicious. I will ask him to cook some steak this weekend.”


“Okay.” Valarie nodded. Although she didn’t know what kind of creature a cow is, since its meat is edible, what’s the use of asking so much?


“Strange, why hasn’t Reidy come?” Lin Xiang was holding the dishes. When he saw that Reidy wasn’t there, he doubted.


“Sister Reidy seems to be taking a shower.”


“Taking a bath? How come it’s taking so long? Did she pass out?”


“Who passed out? I am not that weak.” Reidy wore a kimono and walked out.


“Is this…” Lin Xiang smiled. Oh, Reidy didn’t look good…could she be using too much magical power? Lin Xiang remembered having infusing some last time…


“Why? Why keep staring at me?” Reidy was a little embarrassed by Lin Xiang’s sudden look. She pretended to look at Lin Xiang angrily.


“Nothing, nothing.” Lin Xiang couldn’t tell whether Reidy was really angry or just pretending. He immediately moved away his gaze and walked into the kitchen.




Under the moonlight, Lin Xiang’s house looked dim and warm, with the stars in the sky twinkling. In the distance, a large cloud of dark clouds gradually drifted over, and there might be heavy rain the next day.

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