V6C18 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C18_Intruding the Dojo, the fake one, the real one behind

The Kamikawa Dojo was the most famous and largest dojo in the city where Lin Xiang was located. In such a dojo, many people gathered at this moment. It was originally planned to hold a welcome party for the sword holders, but because of Kamikawa Bear’s provocation, everyone knew that the sword holder wasn’t willing to go there. They all looked at Kamikawa Bear sitting next to the host’s seat with resentment.


On the master seat, there was a middle-aged man with sharp cheeks. His name was Nobuho Kamikawa, the father of Kamikawa Bear and the head of Kamikawa family. He looked a bit irritated at this moment.


“Keep quiet, everyone. My son just came back and he may not be clear with the situation. He might have offended the sword holder unintentionally, and I will make him apologize tomorrow.” Nobuho Kamikawa said with a loud and clear voice.


“Ha~He really knows how to make excuses for his son.”


“Yes, that’s right. Everyone knows how arrogant he is, we’ve known long ago that he doesn’t believe the existence of sword holders.”


People were busy discussing among themselves. They knew perfectly what kind of a person Kamikawa Bear was.


“Come here, Bear, apologize to everyone.” Nobuho Kamikawa heard people discussing and he frowned.


“I don’t want to do so. How could that guy be a sword holder? I fought with him before and he’s incredibly weak.” Kamikawa Bear told him about how he fought with Lin Xiang. Of course, he exaggerated about his performance. He also said that Lin Xiang would have been hospitalized without Rick’s interference.


“Right, Rintaro?” Kamikawa asked Rintaro finally.


“Um…” Kamikawa Rintaro was a simple-minded person. He was strong but had a really simple mindset. He liked to exaggerate about how powerful he was and how many people he knew. So many people were looking at him and he felt incredibly nervous. He looked at Kamikawa Bear who winked at him, then nodded plainly, “yes, cousin brother is right.”


With the testimony of Rintaro, Kamikawa walked with a smile, “ha! Is he really that weak? What a tragedy. However, if he’s the sword holder, then we should be more polite to them. Rintaro, you go to apologize to ihm tomorrow and ask him to come over.”


“Uh…Yes…” Kamikawa Rintaro nodded.


“Then, we’ll celebrate in advance tonight. Let’s eat…” Before he announced what meal it was, the door was kicked open and a disciple from another family flew in.


The disciple who flew in groaned on the ground, which immediately aroused the vigilance of the people there.


“Who is this!” Nobuho Kamikawa stood up. He watched the door cautiously – how could someone be so fearless to kick open his door? Was he sick of living? “Your sword skills are just crap.” A young man walked in and six others followed him.


“Who are you?” Someone in the crowd was angry, and they looked at the people breaking in carefully.


There were seven visitors. Three of them were dressed in casual clothes, a bit like a father, grandfather and a grandson. The other four were in black suits and black sunglasses. The two in the middle were holding black suitcases.


“Your sword skills are crap!” The young man didn’t care at all, as if he hadn’t seen the sixty swordsmen there.


“Bastard!” A few enthusiastic swordsmen stood up as they couldn’t bear it anymore, and they rushed towards the young man. However, just in the blink of an eye, they already fell on the ground.


“Huh? It’s over?” The young man clapped his hands and glanced across the crowd.


“Interesting.” Kamikawa Nobuho looked at the young man and found him interesting. He sat back in the chair and asked plainly, “where are you from?”


“The descendants of the so-called demon killing heroes.” The young man smiled. He had thick eyebrows, big eyes and a clear profile. He’s obviously a handsome guy, making other young women there fascinated.


“You said that you’re a descendant of the demon killing heroes, what proof do you have?” Kamikawa Nobuho said in a disdainful tone. If they showed up a few days earlier, he might believe it, but he already knew about the existence of Lin Xiang as the sword holder, how could he believe that these 3 people were the descendants?


“Proof? Our words are proof, aren’t they?”


“Your words are proof? Then, I will say that you’re my servants.” Kamikawa Bear didn’t like this young man, a man that had successfully attracted the women present.


The four men in black, after listening to his words, reached into their clothes with both hands. When they were about to take out something, the old man made a stop gesture and said to the young man, “Nagahiro, have a good attitude. We’re here to make friends, not enemies.”


The middle-aged man also nodded, “right, listen to your grandpa.”


“Huh! We can describe him as a guard, or a servant if we want to rude. All in all, he’s there to execute orders. Whatever attitude is fine.”


“How dare you! Are you looking for death?” After Kamikawa Bear listened to Terayama Nagahiro, he became furious. He was already angry by the fact that he’s beaten down by a weak guy earlier, and now there’s a handsome and arrogant one. He even dared to call him his servant. How could he live with that?


“I really want to try the feeling of it, my servant.”


“Then I will satisfy your needs!” Kamikawa Bear picked up the iron sword next to him and rushed to Terayama Nagahiro. Kamikawa Nobuho didn’t think that his son would lose to such an arrogant guy.


Terayama Nagahiro looked at Kamikawa Bear who rushed towards him, his mouth slightly tilted. It was obvious that he looked down on Kamikawa Bear. He thought that as soon as he started, Kamikawa Bear would fall to the ground. Unfortunately, he had overestimated Kamikawa Bear.


Kamikawa Bear rushed in front of Terayama Nagahiro, he quickly drew his knife and slashed towards Terayama Nagahiro, using just the right speed and strength.


Terayama Nagahiro dodged aside and avoided the attack. He originally wanted to hit Kamikawa Bear’s head with his elbow, but the speed of Kamikawa Bear was not as slow as he thought. After hitting him, Kamikawa Bear immediately knocked Terayama Nagahiro’s head with his sword. Terayama Nagahiro slammed forward, avoided the attack and moved away from Kamikawa Bear.


Kamikawa Bear panted slightly. In the attack just now, he used the highest speed and greatest strength of his whole body. He didn’t expect that the boy in front of him could escape the attack.


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