V6C18 Part 2

Terayama Nagahiro looked indifferent, with a smile on his face. He admitted that he had underestimated Kamikawa Bear, but he also secretly decided that he would keep Kamikawa Bear under control next time.


“Huh!” Kamikawa Bear rushed up again after adjusting his breath. He flexibly waved the sword in his hand, and after Kamikawa Nobuho saw it, he smiled. He thought that his son’s sword skills had improved. It’s a pity that what happened in the next second made his smile freeze and turned into anxiety.


Terayama Nagahiro, as if seeing through the attacking method of Kamikawa Bear, immediately rushed over. It seemed that he was committing suicide, but the next moment, he grabbed Kamikawa Bear’s wrist, then his palm slammed into force. Kamikawa Bear felt a sudden pain and released the sword in his hand. However, when Kamikawa Bear let go, his other hand reached out and grabbed the handle of the sword and stabbed at Terayama Nagahiro.


With a smile on his face, Terayama Nagahiro twisted his waist, avoided the stabbing, reached out and grabbed the other hand of Kamikawa Bear, then slammed it with a clicking sound. Kamikawa Bear’s wrist dislocated, he screamed and let go. Terayama Nagahiro took the iron sword and put it against Kamikawa Bear’s neck.


“Stop it!” Seeing this, Kamikawa Nobuho walked up and stood up abruptly. He originally thought that his son could teach the arrogant guy a lesson, he did not expect that his son would be suppressed with just a few tricks, and he was now even facing the threat of life and death.


“Why do I need to listen to you?” Terayama Nagahiro still had a smile on his face. His smile was very handsome, but it was definitely not a friendly one for Kamikawa Nobuho.


“Don’t you worry about not being able to get out of the Kamikawa house?” Although Kamikawa Bear was afraid to resist with his throat lowered by the sword, he was still as arrogant as before.


“Since I can come in, I can obviously go out. Also, do you think the dozens of old people here can really block my way?” Terayama Nagahiro increased his strength, and the silver blade was deeply pressed against Kamikawa Bear’s neck. If anyone pushed it slightly now, his neck would definitely be cut.


“Stop it, I promise, I promise to let you out, as long as you don’t hurt my son.” Kamikawa Nobuho was very anxiously, as if he was the one being threatened.


“Even if I hurt him, I can still leave. However, I am a clean freak and I don’t like being stained with blood. Oh, except women’s blood, of course.” Afterwards, Terayama Nagahiro pushed Kamikawa Bear to the ground.


“You bastard, since you let me go, then don’t think of leaving!” After Kamikawa Bear was released, he stood up immediately, and he didn’t care whether his hands were dislocated. He wanted to save face in front of so many people.


“You’re really a retard.” After Terayama Nagahiro said so, he disappeared with a whistle. When he appeared again, he was standing behind Kamikawa Bear, and Kamikawa Bear fell to the ground for some reason. Everything happened so suddenly.


“Instant step? You know how to use this technique?” Kamikawa Nobuho looked at Terayama Nagahiro in shock. He couldn’t believe that such a young teenager could use the skills of Battle Soul. When he was at a similar age, he could only reach the level of Battle God…


“Oh? You still know combat skills? I thought your dojo was just a show.”


“Don’t insult my dojo, come on, tell me who you are.”


“Hey~Kamikawa, please don’t get angry. We are from the Chester family.” The old man said, “my name is Terayama Kikai.”


“The Chester family? A well-known big family in Okinawa? And Terayama Kikai? Aren’t you dead?” Kamikawa Nobuho still knew a bit about big families like the Chester family.


“Ha~ That’s just a joke. Okay, one has to fight to know the other person. Manabu, treat the son of Kamikawa first.”


Terayama Manabu nodded, then began to help the fainted Kamikawa Bear to fix his bones.


“Excuse me, Mr. Terayama, what is the purpose of your visit here?”


“Of course, I come here to be your slave.” Terayama Nagahiro played with the iron sword in his hand, and winked at the young female swordsman on the side.


“Hey, don’t talk nonsense!” Terayama Kikai yelled and walked towards Kamikawa Nobuho, “Kamikawa, I am not sure if you still remember that your ancestors were once the guards of the demon killing heroes?”


“Of course.” Kamikawa Nobuho nodded.


“We are the descendants of the demon killing heroes.”


“Huh? No way, we only discovered a descendant of demon killing heroes a few days ago. From I heard, he actually awakened the sword.”


“Is guy boy named Lin Xiang? Ha, he’s a fake one.” Terayama Nagahiro walked to a beautiful female swordsman, reached out to support her chin and rubbed her lips.


“A fake one?” After listening to Terayama Nagahiro, Kamikawa Nobuho hesitated. If the guy was really useless like his son, then…something made sense. “But…what proof do you have?”


“Of course we have proof. No. 2.” Terayama Kikai waved to the man in black with a suitcase.


“Oh? What proof?”


“Well, you can see it by yourself.” Terayama Kikai opened the suitcase, and a scabbard with extreme sense of coldness lay quietly in it.


“Is this the scabbard of the sword?”


“Yes, there are also the shoulder pads used by heroes back then.” Terayama Kikai called the man in black again. He opened the suitcase, and there was an old shoulder pad.


“Right. Shoulder pad with cold light and cold sword, these were indeed used by the demon killing heroes back then. You guys are really his descendants.” Kamikawa Nobuho said affirmatively.


“Nonsense, of course we are.” Terayama Nagahiro said, then said to the girl in front of him, “do you want to be with me tonight?”


“My God, you’re so sudden.” The girl said coyly.


“Why does it matter? This is my style. You have to go for what you like.”


“I hate it.” The girl patted Nagahiro, she couldn’t resist his charisma.


“I take that you’ve agreed.” Nagahiro smiled slightly. At this time, Terayama Manabu raised the wrist of Kamikawa Bear, pressed it hard. With a clicking sound, his wrist was reconnected, but he was also awaken due to the pain. He dimly saw Terayama Nagahiro harassing his woman and was furious, “bastard! What are you doing to my woman?”


“Your woman?” After listening to Kamikawa Bear, Terayama Nagahiro frowned. He let go of his hand, stood up and muttered, “what? So you’re second-handed?” Then, he faced Kamikawa Bear, “the idiot over there! You’d better know your position now. Our chester family alone is equivalent to dozens of your dojos. Be more respectful.”


“Descendants of the demon killing heroes?” Kamikawa Bear frowned and looked at his father, who nodded after seeing his son.


“Impossible! How could you be the descendant? There can’t be any demon killing heroes in the world! I am the most powerful and the most important one of the family!” Kamikawa Bear groaned on the ground. He didn’t acknowledge the existence of demon killing heroes. If they existed, wouldn’t his position be changed? It’s because…guardians are supposed to listen to the orders of the sword holders.


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