V6C19 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C19_Rainy day, transferred student, Thunder explosion 



Reidy stretched and sat up. She was checking out the surrounding environment. She rubbed her eyes.


“If you want to go to school, you have to get up early. This is really…” Reidy was murmuring and looked at her quilt. Dusty wasn’t there anymore.


“I don’t get it. Dusty is really not afraid of the human, is she?” Reidy stood up. She didn’t find it strange anymore when she found out that Dusty ran to Lin Xiang’s bedroom. She opened the closet and picked her brand-new uniform.


The school uniform was sent back yesterday, with a layer of packaging film on it. Reidy gently tore off the packaging film, held the school uniform against her body and turned herself in front of the mirror twice, “um, I guess it looks okay.”




“I hope that the master will be as active as ever after eating the breakfast that I prepared today.” Silent Water looked at the boiling pot quietly and smiled secretly.


Last night, she had been thinking about what love is and how she should face Lin Xiang in the future. She was crazily thinking and only fell asleep after midnight. However, as Silent Water could adapt to outer environment easily, people usually can’t tell that she lost sleep the whole night. She’s just as pretty as before.

“Gu lu~Gu lu~” There was a thunder in the sky. Silent Water looked out the window and the sky was dark.


“Summer is here. Does that mean we’ll have a rainy season too?”


Many people don’t like rainy days, but when it comes to rain, Silent Water was different from the others. She liked raining and whenever it did, she felt happy.




“Hoo~Hoo~Hoo~” A pink tongue was licking around Lin Xiang’s face. Specifically, a girl with brown-red hair was licking Lin Xiang’s face.


“Huh? What is it?” Lin Xiang touched what was licking his face… “Dusty, it’s you! How many times have I told you not to run onto my bed?”


“Hey~ I’m here to wake up my master…” Dusty winked and showed that she’s innocent.


“You…” Lin Xiang touched her head and sat up.


“Huh? Valarie, what are you doing?” Lin Xiang saw Valarie standing in front of the window looking at the sky, and he felt a little strange.


“This. Is it. Rainy day?” Valarie pressed her hand against the window, looking at the electric current that flashed through the dark clouds from time to time.


“Yes, isn’t there rain in the Fire Valley?” Lin Xiang stood up, took off his shirt and changed into his school uniform.

“No. It’s always sunny. In the. Fire Valley. It’s the first time. I saw. A rainy day.”


“I see. Valarie, do you hate rain?”


“Well, I hate. Water. Water. Makes my. Fire. Lower. The temperature.” Valarie started to look sad and she thought of Venus.


“Really?” Lin Xiang didn’t notice Valarie’s sorrow. He picked up the school uniforms and walked into the bathroom, then pointed at Dusty, “hey, Dusty, go and change into your uniform.”


“Understood!” Dusty nodded and walked out of the room.


Lin Xiang smiled and shook his head. He the bathroom door and changed his pants. While brushing his teeth, Lin Xiang’s right eyelid twitched.


Oh? What happened all of a sudden?

“Something bad will happen.” Freed said.


“Bad thing? Meaning what?”


“How would I know? Even I’m the Dragon God, I wouldn’t know everything about the future.”


‘You’re right…anyway, let’s see then. Also, don’t be so superstitious.”

“Oh~ Maybe it is considered a superstition in your previous world, but in this world, it’s not accurate.” Freed smiled, then said nothing more.


Lin Xiang didn’t take it seriously, after brushing his teeth and washing his face, he just told Valarie to have breakfast before going downstairs.


————In a citizen’s neat, tidy room.


A cute-looking girl with protruding breasts looked in the mirror and talked to her own lovely face, “Lin Xiang…it’s the 3rd day today. Even without me, I suppose that you will live happily…I’m only your burden.”


Lin Xiang helped her father. Not only did he pay for his medical expenses, but he also found Ejili grass to punish the bad doctor. And I…in what ways did I help him? When the girl realized that she’d done nothing to help Lin Xiang, she looked somewhat sad.


“Lin Xiang is the descendant of demon-killing heroes and he’s rich. I’m just the daughter of an ordinary construction worker, and making friends with him is really just wishful thinking.”


The girl sighed and stood up, walked to the desk, picked up a notebook and put it on top of a book…there were a few words on the right bottom corner – Yorikawa Nagisa.


————Lin Xiang’s home

“Oh? It seems like it’s going to rain. Take an umbrella.” Lin Xiang stood in the hallway. When he saw the gloomy sky, he said to the three spirits next to him.


“Umbrella? Master, it’s actually fine for me to be without one too.” Silent Water smiled mysteriously.


“Huh? You don’t need an umbrella? If it rains, you will get wet.”


“I’m a water spirit, and I can be isolated from rain.”


“Eh? I didn’t know that.” Lin Xiang became curious after listening to what she’d said.


“Yes, if it rains, I will use a kind of basic magic on us. In this case, there’ll be no rain near us.”


“Oh~~ this is really amazing. Silent Water, you are really amazing.” Lin Xiang touched Silent Water’s head, Reidy was a little unhappy after seeing this.


Dusty didn’t notice anything weird. Although she felt slightly uncomfortable in heart and she didn’t know why, she knew that she wanted her master to touch her head as well. She said, “master, I want too.”

“Uh…well, Dusty is really obedient at home. It’s awesome.” Lin Xiang stroked Dusty’s head.


“Damn it~” Reidy snorted, bit her lip, stared at Lin Xiang and walked forward alone.


Lin Xiang thought, what happened? What had he done again?


Lin Xiang looked at Reidy walking in front of him and found her strange.


—-At school.


“Yo~~Boss! You’re really early today.” When Lin Xiang arrived at the school gate, he saw Uraya standing there, waving at him.


“Huh? Uraya? Why did you wait for me here so early?”


“Nothing, I got up too early today, so I came here.” Uraya looked at the three quiet spirits next to him with a filthy look.


“Hey, don’t you get interested in them.” Lin Xiang patted Uraya on the head.


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