V6C19 Part 2

“Ha~ of course not, but my sister-in-laws are too beautiful, I can’t help looking at them.” Uraya smiled widely, he didn’t know how Reidy felt when she heard him call her “sister-in-law”, yet she didn’t show it on her face, “who’s your sister-in-law? Don’t call this name without my permission!”

“Yes, yes.” Uraya nodded, and even if he could only speak to the beautiful blonde girl for a bit, it was still a precious opportunity, “by the way, big brother…” He seemed to have realized about something.


“What is it?”


“Yesterday, Yorikawa was surrounded by three guys after school, right?”


“Huh? Three?” Lin Xiang recalled about what’d happened the previous day. He thought about Terayama and his two guys, “tell me, what have they done to her?”


“Nothing much. They just surrounded her and talked to her for a bit. Then, Yorikawa ran away as she’s too scared. However, I must say that the guy in the middle looked quite handsome.”


“Really? Well, as long as nothing happened, it’s okay then.” Lin Xiang breathed a sigh of relief after knowing that Yorikawa wasn’t bullied.


“My big brother…you’d better apologize to Yorikawa and ask her not to get upset.”


“Well, the thing is I don’t know what I’ve done to get her upset.”


“I see…oh! Boss! I have thought of something urgent! And I must leave now!” Uraya looked at Lin Xiang once and left.


“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang looked at Uraya who’s leaving and he had no idea what’s going on.


“So, can you tell me what’s up with the girl called Yorikawa?” Reidy looked pretty upset. Never had she expected that aside from the three girls that she’d met the previous day, Lin Xiang still knew another girl.

“This…this is really hard to explain. Reidy, you don’t look good now. I think your magic power is going down. Is it?” Lin Xiang changed the subject, but what he said was true – Reidy really didn’t look good. There’s absolutely no sign of life on her face, just like what’d happened to Silent Water some time ago.


“It’s none of your business!” Reidy hurriedly walked towards the teaching area.


“What’s the matter?” Lin Xiang didn’t know what’s wrong with Reidy. He let her go and continued walking slowly with Silent Water and Dusty, which only made Reidy even more upset.


You damn human, how come you didn’t chase me?


If Lin Xiang knew what Reidy was thinking, he would surely think that she’d taken him all wrong. Who knew if he wouldn’t be scolded to death if he chased her?




When he came to the classroom, Reidy was sitting on her seat. After seeing Lin Xiang come, she pretended not to have seen him. She just picked up a book and started reading it.


“Hey, have you heard about it? There are again three transferred students in our class.”


“Again, pretty girls? I’m not interested.”


“No, listen. They are super handsome guys.”




“Yes. She went to the admin office just now and saw the three guys. One of them was super handsome. They were talking with Haruka just now. And she listened to their conversation out of curiosity, it was indeed about them being transferred.”


“Wow! This is great. Takahashi is gone, there are no handsome guys in the class. Recently, Lin Xiang has become handsome, but there are so many beautiful girls around him. Now that there’re three handsome guys…sisters, we must not let them go!”


“Of course!”


The girls were chatting and discussing. At this time, the bell rang.



Three minutes later, Haruka walked into the classroom and said, “it’s the morning meeting. Yesterday, we had three new students, and there’re again three new students today.”


“Hurry up, let them in quickly.”


“Yeah, hurry up and stop the nonsense.”


Yesterday, the boys couldn’t wait to see the new girls. Today, the girls couldn’t wait to see the new boys. What a weird cycle.


“Oh, look at how anxious you all. Ok, Terayama, Esaki, Ikeuchi, come in now.”

After Haruka said so, the three guys came in and they were indeed the same guys Lin Xiang had met the previous day.


A girl, “wow~~~it’s a handsome guy~~~”


“The one who came in first looks super handsome.”


“He’s totally better than Takahashi.”


Guy, “huh! How shameless!”


“Okay, be quiet, be quiet, come on, you guys introduce yourself.”


“Hello everyone, my name is Esaki, I am from Okinawa, it’s nice to meet you all.” The average-looking boy bowed to everyone.


“Hello, my name is Ikeuchi.” The boy with glasses introduced himself briefly.


“Yo~ beautiful ladies, hello, my name is Terayama. It’s nice to meet you.” The handsome one smiled at the girls in the class and immediately made every girl scream.


————Lunch break

“Hey, hey, come to have a look. Those are the three guys.” There were a few girls deliberately coming to see the guys outside the classroom. It was a totally different scenario from the previous day.


“Oh~~ those two are pretty good-looking, and the other one…my God, he’s super cute. See! He’s looking at us.”


Terayama sat in the group next to Lin Xiang. After waving to the girl outside the window handsomely, he talked to Reidy, “hey, here we see each other again, beauty.”


“Go away, I’m not in a good mood.”


“Ha~You are really interesting, and I like girls like you. According to my previous experience, you can spend two days with me.”


“Go away.”


“Oh? You don’t look well.”


“It’s none of your business!”


“Ha~okay, let me ask you, you know who Lin Xiang is?”


“I don’t know!”


After seeing Reidy being so unfriendly, Terayama didn’t really care, he turned his gaze to Lin Xiang.


“Well, I don’t really like asking boys, but I have no other solution.”

“Well, you can also choose not to ask.” Lin Xiang looked at Terayama and was feeling irritated.


“Well, forget it, I’ll just ask you, do you know who is called Lin Xiang?”


“I know.”


“Oh, which class is he in?” Terayama looked around nd asked.


“He is no longer in this class; he seems to be in class l? I forgot.” Lin Xiang pretended to be thinking.


“Is that so? There seems to be an error in the info I got then. Come on guys, let’s check around.”


“Understood, Master.”


Both Esaki and Ikeuchi stood up and left with Terayama.


“Just a bunch of idiots.” Lin Xiang smiled and he stopped paying attention to the three guys.


“Xiang~~~you’re really evil.” Satsuki witnessed what had happened and she teased Lin Xiang.


“Ha, it’s alright.” Lin Xiang stretched out his hand and pinched Satsuki’s nose. Reidy saw it and she was naturally upset about it. She snorted, stood up and left.

“Reidy, where are you going?” Lin Xiang asked. Reidy was not yet familiar with the campus, she’d be in great trouble if she got lost.


“Somewhere without you!” Reidy left without turning back.


“Oh~~” Lin Xiang sighed and opened the lunch box…

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