V6C19 Part 3



You damn human, you still didn’t chase me, what a bastard!


As Reidy walked, she was cursing about Lin Xiang in her heart. She walked out of the teaching area and arrived in the playground.


“Hey~what the hell is going on with me? Why do I feel so uncomfortable when I see the damn human touch the girl called Satsuki?” Reidy looked at the gloomy sky and she was full of doubt. Afterwards, she arrived at the stadium.


“What kind of building is this?” Reidy looked at the stadium, opened the door and walked in.


Piranov’s stadium was large and empty. All sports equipment was locked in the sports warehouse. It was only available for the students when it rained.


“It’s really a strange place, it’s obviously big, but there’s nothing.” Reidy was walking in circles in the stadium with Lin Xiang in her head.


Some time later, about three guys walked to the stadium, “master, we’ve been fooled. There’s no class I, as there’re only 12 classes in the first grade. That guy lied to us.”

“Then, let’s go and kill him.” The boy with glasses suggested.


“Ikeuchi, calm down. We aren’t here to murder people.” Terayama smiled.


“Um, how about we go back and teach him a lesson?”


“Well, there’s no need. We’ll just walk around the campus and get acquainted with the environment.”


“Since our Master said so, then we’ll follow your instruction.”


“Oh?” Ezaki pushed open the door of the stadium and he exclaimed while looking at the empty space, “wow, how big it is!”


“Um, I guess it’s ok. Oh? There’s a girl.” Terayama noticed Reidy who’s strolling from afar.


“Really? Isn’t that the bad-tempered beauty in our class? Master, she talked to you in such a bad tone, how about we train her for a bit?”


“Ha~ That’s a good idea. You guys guard the door for me and don’t come in.”


“Master, do you want to…” Ezaki seemed to have understood something and he showed a filthy smile.


“Don’t worry, she’s just strong on the surface. I’ll just treat her casually and I’ll hand her in to you after a few days.”


“Thank you, Master.” Ezaki pushed Ikeuchi and walked out with him.


Reidy, who was still thinking about her problem, hadn’t noticed that someone was approaching her. She was still walking casually.


“Beauty, are you alone?” Terayama smiled warmly and walked towards Reidy.


Reidy turned around and saw that it was Terayama, and she immediately put on a look of disgust, “it’s you? Go away, don’t disturb me.”


“Beauty, you are so funny. I like wild women like you.”


“Let me repeat, GO AWAY.” There were flashes in her hands and if Terayama still got near her, she’d attack without a doubt.


Terayama didn’t seem to hear Reidy. He continued and it pissed Reidy off, she started throwing flashes to him.


“Swish!” It didn’t hit Terayama and he successfully got in front of Reidy.


“What!?” Reidy didn’t expect that the guy in front of her could get away so fast, when she was about to use Thunder Cut, she found out that her energy was running out. If she continued, she might pass out. While she was panicking, she took a few steps back and yelled to Terayama, “don’t come near me!”

“Ha~don’t you have any other solutions? You don’t look so well, and you know why? It’s because you haven’t been loved by a guy for so long.” Terayama got nearer and nearer Reidy, and his eyes changed from brown to light blue.


“Don’t get near me!”


“Oh, strange! How come there’s no effect?” Terayama felt somewhat strange towards Reidy’s reaction. Other girls would surely be attracted by his light blue eyes, how come this girl wasn’t moved at all? How interesting.


“Don’t come near me!” Reidy shouted again, she was adjusting the power in her body and she started using the Thunder Cut.


Terayama felt the powerful damage from the Thunder Cut and he took a few steps back. He smiled at the weak Reidy, “you’re really something.”


As her magic level was getting so low, Reidy felt weak in her limbs. She could still stand there just because of her will power. And she could only watch Terayama getting nearer and nearer…


“Hey, are you already running out of energy?” Terayama walked up to Reidy, reached out to support her chin, and pressed her lips, “your mouth looks so cute, let me taste it.”


No! No! Reidy looked at Terayama who was getting so close and she felt so hopeless and emotional.


No, I don’t want to be contracted by such a person, I don’t want, I…I want…I want Lin Xiang!



“Oh, I’m too full. I can’t eat anymore. Why hasn’t Reidy returned?” Lin Xiang put down his lunch box and looked at Reidy’s empty seat, he started worrying.


Suddenly, a ray of golden light emitted from the stadium, and there was a strong lightning.


“Reidy?” Lin Xiang knew instantly that it was Reidy who did it – but why?


It began to rain and he heard a loud thunder outside.


Lin Xiang started to have a bad feeling.


Something must have happened to Reidy.


Lin Xiang opened the window, without caring how anyone might think, he jumped down instantly and ran towards the stadium.



Lin Xiang ran to the stadium at his highest speed and found that Ezaki and Ikeuchi were standing in front of the stadium.


Oh, weren’t they the subordinates of Terayama? What were they doing in front of the stadium? Oh…they were walking inside now?


His bad feeling grew even stronger. Lin Xiang instantly entered wind state and rushed forward.

When he entered, he saw the floor of the stadium was all cracked. Reidy was lying on the ground, breathing very weakly, while Terayama was standing not far and his clothes were all torn.


“Very powerful magic.” Terayama murmured, “um…this breath…could she be a spirit?”

Just one second before Terayama was about to kiss Reidy, she used her greatest strength in the whole body without caring whether she’d disappear due to excessive use of power. She would never become Terayama’s familiar spirit. The strong lightning immediately wrapped Reidy and exploded. Terayama reacted quickly and retreated when the explosion happened, but he was still shocked by it. The Nofu grass necklace also turned to dust with the lightning. Fortunately, Reidy was wearing her uniform and it was famous for its durability. That’s why her uniform was only torn off a little.


“Terayama Nagahiro! Bastard! What have you done to her!?” Lin Xiang quickly rushed to Reidy, who was so weak that she’s almost fading away.


“Did you consume too much power?” Without saying anything further, Lin Xiang carried Reidy and started infusing his power to her body.


“It’s so unexpected, she’s a spirit, a human-form spirit.” Terayama Nagahiro looked at Reidy in Lin Xiang’s arms and his eyes were full of greed. He smiled, “and no wonder the magic power of the succubus would decrease.”

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