V6C20 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C20_Instant step, the most trustworthy one, softness


“Reidy, Reidy, are you okay?” Reidy’s eyes were closed and she was breathing very weakly. Her face was also very pale. Lin Xiang was carrying Reidy and her temperature was very low. Although there was magic flowing into her body, there’s no sign of her waking up.


“Asshole! What did you do to Reidy?” Lin Xiang was looking at Terayama and he’s full of anger!


“What have I done? I haven’t done anything! I just wanted to kiss her and that’s it. What’s wrong? Did I have to ask for your approval?” Terayama showed an evil smile, but even with that smile, one had to admit that he’s really a handsome one.


“Did you kiss her?” If Terayama kissed Reidy, then she would likely to be contracted…thinking of this, Lin Xiang’s heart sank…


Lin Xiang thought to himself, “it’s all my fault…If I had known what I had done to make Reidy angry, and I hadn’t done anything to call Terayama and his subordinates out, then none of this would have happened. Bastard! Even if it’s to contract her, I do hope that she could do it with someone much better!”


“It’s a pity, I almost could.” Lin Xiang took a sigh of relief after Terayama answered.


“This girl’s attack power is incredible, it has surpassed any ordinary people.” Terayama smiled, as if he’d understood something.


“What are you thinking about?” Lin Xiang held Reidy more tightly. Terayama Nagahiro, together with his father, thought of a conspiracy against the old man of the Terayama family. If the old man never used the trick to escape, he would have been dead by now.  When facing such a guy who could even try to murder his grandfather, could Lin Xiang really fight against him now that he had to take care of Reidy who’d fainted?


“What I’m thinking is, you have such good stuff but you didn’t share with anyone.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”


“Do you still want to pretend to be stupid? She’s clearly a humanoid spirit. The king-level spirits recorded in ancient books. Although I don’t know how she has hidden her spiritual breath, I suppose you’ve known her identity by now? Why didn’t you contract her after knowing her identity? Are you stupid? Oh, sorry, you have such low spiritual power and you’ll only destroy her by doing so. So, thank you for leaving her to me.” Terayama looked at me somewhat apologetically at the end. Lin Xiang looked resentfully to Terayama.


“A humanoid spirit? Master, is it true?” After listening to Terayama, the guy with glasses became a bit excited.


“Of course it’s true, don’t you know how to feel her spiritual breath?”


“Hmm…it is indeed the spiritual breath…and it’s getting more intense, I didn’t know that king-level spirits do exist.”


“That’s for sure, since it is recorded in the ancient boos. I only didn’t expect that I almost kissed her…what a pity, I should’ve ignored the pain and just did it. Then, she would become mine.”


“You can just dream about it!” Lin Xiang carried Reidy on my back and looked at Terayama and his two guys furiously.

“Where do you want to go?” The guy called Ikeuchi looked as if Lin Xiang couldn’t go anywhere.


“I want to go wherever I want.” Could him be a king-level as well?

“Hey, you have such low power and you think you’re qualified to tell me this? Master, let me beat that kid down and bring the spirit over.”


“Ikeuchi, be careful. You can make him crippled but you can’t kill him, okay? Remember not to hurt my spirit.”


He’d already taken Reidy as his spirit, could he be more arrogant?


“Don’t worry, master, I know what to do.” Ikeuchi looked at me like a cheetah, as if I was just a weak lamb. Although I was happy that he underestimated me, my instinct told me that this ordinary-looking guy wasn’t that simple actually.


“Hey, although I can kill you in one second, can you let the spirit go?”


“Don’t even think about it!” What if I put Reidy down, one of you bastards would just come and take her away!


“Well~ forget it, I hope you don’t use her as a shield, or you will hurt her and my master will be angry.”

“Stop talking nonsense, let me beat you up quickly, I still need to take her back home.” Out of some reason, Reidy’s spiritual breath exposed. It would surely cause troubles if anyone found out.


“Really?” Ikeuchi was ten meters away from me. He smiled at me and suddenly appeared in front of me.


What happened? Without me thinking about what’d occurred, Ikeuchi already raised his hand and was ready to punch me.


His speed of punching was indeed high in normal times, but it was still much slower than me being in wind state.


I jumped back to a certain distance and made him miss his attack. At the moment of his surprise, I took a step forward, and with a sweep kick, I kicked towards his arm. Although I couldn’t exert too much effort with Reidy on my back, he definitely felt the strength of it.


My thoughts were good but the reality worked against me. I failed to kick him, as he disappeared right before that. Then, he appeared somewhere 5 meters away.


What’s wrong? Did he use the “Instant Step” technique?


Unsure of what skills Ikeuchi used, I made a defensive posture. Now, I had to be highly focused, as he might even appear on my back next.

“You are so strange, you are obviously weak in terms of spiritual power, but your speed and strength are impressive. According to your speed and strength just now, if I didn’t use the Instant Step, I would surely be lying on the floor right now.”


“It’s a pity that I didn’t hit you. What kind of trick is Instant Step?” As Ikeuchi didn’t plan to attack, I tried to divert his attention and see I could control him some other way.


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