V6C20 Part 2

“You know about Instant Step?” Ikeuchi, just like the others, was distracted because of my weak spiritual breath, “the so-called Instant Step is to attach your spiritual power on your legs and it can make you move to a certain distance at the highest speed. It’s like what they do as mages. Oh, I forgot, you have to reach the level of Battle Soul to use the Instant Step. However, for someone like me, it only took a while.”


“It seems that I don’t know much about it. So, aren’t you scared that I’ll be able to learn it?”


“You? Hahahaha.” Except for the guy wearing glasses, Terayama and Ezaki laughed out loud, as if I had told the biggest joke ever.


“What about you? Haha, I’m assuming that you’ll learn it in your next life.”

Indeed, I couldn’t control my spiritual power and I couldn’t use the Instant Step, but I should be able to do the same when I was in wind state…


“Okay, let’s make it short. Your speed is amazing, but no matter how fast you are, can you surpass the speed of a bullet?”


“What do you mean?”


“Have you heard of the profession of a musketeer?” Ezaki took out a black wooden block from his pocket, it’s in an arc shape. I saw him gently flick it, and a standard large revolver appeared.




Spiritualists are divided into two types – battle technicians and magicians, and battle technicians are divided into three types, namely – light technicians (sword, stick, spear, fork, armour); heavy technicians (large sword, battle axe, war hammer) ); musketeer (the only person who uses long-range attacks among battle technicians).


The so-called Musketeer is a battle technician who converts spiritual power into elemental spiritual power bullets. He then launches them through the spiritual power gun. Since Ezaki had already reached the rank of Battle King, he must be really accurate in using bullets.


“What’s the matter? Are you scared and speechless? If you don’t tell me what’s on your mind now, then you’ll only get to talk to your doctor and nurse later.” Ezaki showed a victorious expression.


Damn it. I quickly glanced around. The stadium was wide but there was nothing to use as a coverage. There’s a hole in the ceiling but it’s too high…could my speed surpass that of a bullet?

“Don’t even think about it, unless you’ve reached the speed of sound.”


“But Freed, I…”


“Are you scared? Don’t worry, your most trusted one has come.”


Just after Freed finished speaking, I heard Silent Water’s voice behind me, “master!”


I turned my head and saw Silent Water running toward me.


“Master, what has happened just now?” The original cracked floor near my feet burst open, and Dusty jumped out of it.


“Master? Are these three all humanoid spirits? This is really…” Terayama Nagahiro smiled, as if he’d found something interesting.


“Master, are you okay?” Silent Water ran to my side and looked at Reidy behind me, “what happened to Reidy?”


“She overused her magical power.” I watched the gun in Ezaki’s hand carefully and I dared not get distracted.


“Master, what should I do now?” Ezaki turned his head and looked at Terayama Nagahiro behind him.


“Kill him, those are three humanoid spirits. Once he’s dead, the seal may be lifted.”

“Yes. Master.”


Just when Ezaki pointed his gun at me again, I heard Satsuki and Kamiki outside the door.


“Xiang!” “Darling!” They ran in quickly, and we formed two camps being against each other.

“Oh, oh, there are two more witnesses…this is not good.” Terayama’s eyes gradually turned light blue, he said to Satsuki and Kamiki, “come, darling, come to my side.”


“Nuts.” “You go to hell.” Satsuki and Kamiki cursed and took out their magic wands.


“This is not looking good, has your magic gone out of effect? I’m assuming that you’re human this time.” Terayama murmured to himself.


“Son, I must tell you that the situation with that guy looks a bit threatening.”


“Yeah well, I know that, he’s a pervert plus narcissistic, is that what you wanted to say, Yalide?”


“What I wanted to say is that there’s a demon inside him.”


“What?” There’s a demon living inside Terayama?


“Well, you saw his eyes turning blue just now. That is the captive magic of the succubus. “


“Succubus? Captive magic?” If it’s really like what Yalide had said, the effect that he’d created for Satsuki and Kamiki made perfect sense.

“Yes, that’s it. A succubus is a kind of cold-type demon, they possess magic that captivates people’s heart. I felt its breath just now after his eyes turned blue. “


“But if it’s really a succubus, then why did Satsuki and Kamiki…”


“Oh, about that? Well, that’s because when you kissed them, your dragon’s energy was infused into their bodies, successfully blocking the succubus’ magic.”


“I see…”


‘Yes. Judging from what this guy does, he’s already captured many girls. A succubus relies on these girls’ energy to thrive and it has almost formed now.”


“Are you saying that it’s going to…”


“Forget it, Ezaki, put the gun away, let’s go. I don’t want to see two beautiful girls die in front of me.” Terayama smiled and turned away, while Ezaki and the boy wearing glasses looked at me once before leaving.


Indeed, if Reidy didn’t pass out and Silent Water didn’t come, I would never let them leave just like that. Even if I did, I would never let them leave without being hurt.

“Xiang, are you okay?” Satsuki took a deep breath after seeing the three guys left, she’s obviously freaked out.


“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s just that Reidy is now in deep trouble…”


“Reidy? Oh…how come I’m feeling that…” Satsuki’s expression became more serious after looking at Reidy. Did she notice something?

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