V6C20 Part 3


“I forgot. Reidy’s spirit is a rarely seen mist spirit. It’s invisible and it’s watching Reidy around her now.”


“Is there such a spirit? That’s why I’m feeling some spiritual breath now. I understand why now.” Satsuki got all her doubts cleared. She looked at Reidy worriedly, “why don’t you bring her to the medical room now?”


“Okay.” Although Satsuki and Reidy didn’t get along with each other well, she showed her care at this critical moment.


I pushed my arm up hard, adjusted Reidy to a comfortable position and walked out of the door.


When I passed by Kamiki, I noticed that she’s without any facial expression. She was just looking at me plainly. Didn’t she have a similar doubt as Satsuki? Or she’s been affected by Terayama’s magic?


“Don’t worry, her eyes are so clear and bright, there’s no sign of her being affected. Anyone affected by it would look empty in their eyes.” Freed told me.


“Is that so? But…she would surely have doubts, no?”

“No, she has no doubts, she totally understands the identity of the spirits.”


“What? She…”


“Don’t worry, although she doesn’t have a good impression on you, she won’t betray you. When she was threatened by the thugs and looked down by the others, you chose to stand by her side. It’s a light for her when she went through the darkness. It’s normal for any girls to open her heart to you, even for guys, they would only follow you anywhere you go.”


“So, is Kamiki in love with me?”


This was very likely when I thought of everything that happened.




“But, don’t you think this is just so incredible? I just saved her once…could it be because of your influence inside my body?”

“Well, whatever you think…all in all, guys like you are really rare, as you don’t harm anyone.”


“Why talk about this now? Well, forget it. I just want Reidy to be alright now.”


“Master, what should we do now?” Silent Water asked me when we walked out of the stadium.

“We shall take Reidy home. I don’t know why her spiritual breath is being revealed. If it continues, and if people find out, we’ll be in trouble.” “Then we’ll return as well, as there’s no reason for us to stay without our master.”


“Yeah.” Dusty was right, who knew whether Terayama would cause any troubles to her if I didn’t stay by their side?


After deceiving the guard, we chose a road with fewer people and we returned home. It was raining but we weren’t soaked, thanks to the magic of Silent Water. Her magic was indeed amazing, the rain automatically avoided us.


When we came to the living room and put Reidy on the sofa, Valarie, who was sitting on the front of the sofa watching TV, turned her head to look at Reidy and asked, “what. Happened.”


“She overused her magical power.” At this time, Reidy’s face had slowly resumed to its color and didn’t look as lifeless as before.


“I see.” Afterwards, Valarie turned her eyes on the TV, “Overused. Magical power. Need to. Replenish. The Power. To get back. To Normal.”


“Uh, I already did that.”

“In that case. Bring her. To her room. And rest. And you. Cook. She will be. Hungry. When she. Wakes up.”


“Oh~~Valarie, I didn’t expect you to know all these things since you’re a dragon.”


“Before. I practiced. Dragon’s Roar. And I. Used. Too much. Power. Venus. Did this. To help me.”


“I see……”


Venus? Valarie must be missing her mother…I didn’t  remember my parents well as they passed away when I was very young. I didn’t miss them that much. However, Venus must be very important to Valarie…


“Then, you can continue watching TV. I will bring her up now.


Valarie nodded, without saying anything further.


I carried Reidy and left the living room.


Seeing that she couldn’t help any further, Dusty stayed in the living room and watched TV with Valarie. Silent Water entered the kitchen and started cooking.


When I entered Reidy’s bedroom, I already smelled her faint fragrance. Initially, this was an empty room without any furniture, Reidy has been living here ever since she met me.


The formerly empty and dusty room was no longer as sloppy as before, it has become very tidy after being occupied by Reidy. Although there were only a wardrobe, a dressing table and a wooden cabinet, it gave a relaxing impression.


There were several neatly folded quilts on the floor. I walked over, squatted down, put Reidy against my chest, reached out and took a quilt. I spread it out and put Reidy on top of it.


At this time, Reidy already looked much better than before. Her cheeks were slowly turning red. I stroked her messy blonde hair and suddenly found her eyes a bit wet. Was she crying?


“Reidy?” I called her name, but she didn’t respond.


“Reidy?” I pushed her shoulders with my hands. At this moment, she opened her eyes, and a diamond-like teardrop rolled down from her cheek. She said helplessly, “can’t you let me lie down for a bit?”


That’s Reidy, as easily annoyed as before.

“It’s great that you’re fine now.” I was so happy and I grabbed her hand.


“Let go, let go, you’re touching me while I fainted.” Reidy struggled and tried to get up.

“Sorry, sorry.” I smiled and let go of my hand. I stood up, “are you hungry? I’ll go down and see if there’s anything to eat.” Then, I walked to the door.

As soon as I stepped out, I felt something grabbing my hand. When I turned back, Reidy rushed over and in order to stabilize her, I hugged her waist…her face was so near to me and I could feel her breath. She was looking at me so closely with her light blue eyes and I could feel some kind of magic sucking me in. I couldn’t turn away my gaze…we stared at each other for a while. Then, I could feel something going wrong and I wanted to let go.

Just when I wanted to let go, Reidy kissed me. That’s right, she did, and her lips were so soft…

A stream of golden light was emitted from nowhere, like a protective cover that wrapped me and Reidy. She and I looked at each other and she slowly closed her eyes, I could feel her hugging me even more tightly…

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