V6C21 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C21_Losing face, the Suehiro sisters, Young Master


The soft golden light formed a cluster of energy wrapping Lin Xiang and Reidy. It was as hazy as smoke and as soft as yarn. There were dots of light and dust floating around, giving a warm feeling.


Silent Water was holding a bowl of porridge and standing outside the door. She was watching what happened in the room through the crack of the door that was not completely closed. She was deeply focused on Lin Xiang and Reidy. There was no unwillingness or jealousy in her eyes. On the contrary, there was even a smile on her face.


Reidy, it’s been a long time, have you finally made up your mind?


There was white smoke flowing from Silent Water’s white porridge, and the golden energy in the room lasted for a few seconds before turning into a light, converging on Reidy’s arm.


Since Reidy was wearing a long-sleeved school uniform, she didn’t notice it at that moment. There was already a golden lightning-like mark on her arm. The mark was flowing, and it quickly disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.


After the golden light disappeared, Reidy pushed Lin Xiang away. Lin Xiang took two steps back, looking at Reidy who was panting slightly. She blushed with embarrassment.

“Hmph! Don’t you think that I want to be your spirit. I am just worried that in case anything similar happens again in the future, my magic power will be weakened and that I won’t be able to resist to be contracted with bad guys. That’s why I did this as a favor to you.” Reidy put her hands across her chest and said somewhat arrogantly.


“Oh… um.” Lin Xiang nodded dumbly. He finally “understood” why Reidy would kiss him and contract him, it turned out that she didn’t want to become the succubus of a bad guy. However, didn’t Reidy know that besides the death of her host, there’s no other way to cancel the contract?


“It’s good that you understand it now. And due to the need of the formaity…I, Reidy, in the name of the lightning, am willing to become Lin Xiang’s spirit…I am willing to become his sword to kill his enemy and his shield to defend against his enemy…” Reidy finished her oath shyly. Afterwards, she looked at Lin Xiang secretly and happened to see Silent Water through the crack of the door. She felt both angry and shameful, and she yelled, “Silent Water, what are you doing there?”


After hearing Reidy, Lin Xiang saw Silent Water walking in with a charming smile. She was holding a bowl of white porridge.


“Me? What could I be doing? I am just walking around in the house.”


After hearing Silent Water’s answer and seeing the subtle smile on her face, Reidy was embarrassed and immediately lowered her head. She was going to say something, yet nothing came out.


Reidy thought, it’s too shameful, as Silent Water must have seen what she’d said to Lin Xiang…


Reidy was speechless and Silent Water also didn’t say anything further. She knew that Reidy cared about her face and she stopped teasing her around.


“Master.” Silent Water walked to Lin Xiang and stretched out her hand, “this is some porridge for Reidy.”


“Oh, you’re really fast.” Lin Xiang stroked Silent Water’s head warmly. He took the bowl of porridge in Silent Water’s hands and felt a little strange.


Oh? Wasn’t Reidy right in front of Silent Water? Why would she hand me the porridge instead? Why didn’t she give it directly to Reidy?


Lin Xiang looked at Silent Water with a little doubt and didn’t say anything further. He handed the porridge to Reidy, “have some.”


“I’m not hungry.” Reidy turned her head away and looked outside the window, showing her perfect side profile to Lin Xiang.


“Listen to me, have some. Although your magic power has been replenished, the energy in your body hasn’t been totally recovered. We’re not in demon’s world and we need to move like normal human beings. You need to eat to get the energy back.” Lin Xiang shook the bowl a bit and he looked very handsome when he was seriously explaining it to Reidy.


“Huh. What a reason.” Reidy snatched the porridge from Lin Xiang’s hand, she ignored how hot it was and drank it instantly, “gosh, it’s burning.” Reidy stuck her tongue out.


“Who told you to drink so fast?” Lin Xiang found it a bit funny since Reidy couldn’t even speak properly after drinking the hot porridge.


“Don’t laugh. You too, Silent Water. You guys go out first, I need to rest, I’m too tired.”


“Okay, okay. Let’s go out.” Lin Xiang smiled and took Silent Water out. When he closed the door, he smiled handsomely at Reidy, “Reidy, we’re going to school now. I’ll take you there tomorrow.”


“I know, get out now.” Reidy shook her fist in front of Lin Xiang, meaning that she’s going to hit him if he still stayed.


Lin Xiang closed the door. Aside from the noise of rain, the house was very quiet. Reidy put the porridge on the desk and sat down. She covered her face and murmured, “what an embarrassing day…I was beaten up by that bastard since my magic power was too low. And now Silent Water saw how I contracted with that damn human…my god, luckily, it was Silent Water, if it was Dusty, that fire dragon might know as well…”


—At school.

After Lin Xiang returned home, Satsuki and Kamiki also returned to the classroom. As soon as he entered the classroom, he heard Yamada arguing with Terayama Nagahiro about something and he looked quite arrogant.


“Kid, haven’t you heard that I’m asking you for the protection fee?”


“Why do I need to pay?” Terayama waved his hand, blocking Ezaki and Ikeuchi who wanted to rush forward to beat Yamada up.


“It’s normal for newcomers to pay protection fees. This is the rule.” After being beaten by Lin Xiang, Yamada had always kept being low profile. He didn’t even have any weird action in front of Lin Xiang. However, he resented Lin Xiang to the guts and after so long, he finally got to vent all his anger on Terayama, who looked so handsome. It’s a great opportunity to earn some money as well.

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