V6C21 Part 2


“Is that so? Huh? Is it almost 1pm already? Ok, talk to my guard once she arrives then.”


“Bodyguard? I’m so scared. Well, I’ll show her some colors when she comes. And you’re still talking about having a guard? Just give me the money!” Yamada yelled.


After a clicking sound, someone opened the classroom door and a tall, slender girl walked in.


The girl’s skin was pure and bright and she also had a pair of bright-looking eyes. She had a very long ponytail and on her skinny hand, there was a wooden sword.


Sister Suehiro? When she walked past Satsuki, she saw that it’s clearly Suehiro Kaoru.


“Young master, as you’ve said, I’ve come at 1pm. May I know how I can help?” Suehiro Kaoru didn’t look quite well, she stood in front of Terayama Nagahiro and she’s holding her sword tightly.




On the previous day, Suehiro Kaoru was alone in the team room waiting for Lin Xiang and the others to gather, but after waiting for a long time, it was already getting dark. Suehiro Kaoru looked at the empty team room and sighed silently, “Young Master must be busy with something.”


The competition of different teams would be held before the summer vacation, and on September after every vacation, there would be team competitions in the city as well.


Suehiro Kaoru finally go to see two core members in her team, and she was going to discuss with Lin Xiang about their collaboration and tactics. She didn’t expect that Lin Xiang wouldn’t show up.


After closing the door of the team room, Kaoru Suehiro put the key in her pocket and went home.


After arriving home, Suehiro Sunao was doing nothing much. He knew that her daughter returned home late and it’s because she had to accompany the descendant of demon-killing heroes. That’s why he was just quietly drinking his tea when Kaoru entered home.


After Choshi saw her sister coming back, she walked into the kitchen and started cooking.

“Father, I’m really sorry that I’m late.” As her father had always been strict to her, Kaoru thought that he’s probably angry again. She put down her schoolbag and sat on the opposite side of Suehiro Sunao.


“Yeah. What have you gained today?”


“Let me report to my father. There’s nothing much important happened today. However, there are three super talented girls joining my team.”


“Yeah.” Suehiro Sunao responded lightly. Obviously, he was not very interested in Suehiro Kaoru’s team, so he just briefly answered. “Your young master must have had fun today, right?” What he cared more was that sword holder with weak spiritual power but extraordinary sword skills.

“Yes. The pause among classes was very short and I didn’t go there. However, during lunch break, young master gladly accepted the lunchbox I’d prepared and he was very happy.”


“That’s good, he…”


Suehiro Sunao and Suehiro Kaoru were having a conversation like a boss with his employee. After about 20 minutes, Choshi walked in the living room with some dishes. They looked quite simple comparing to those she’d prepared for Lin Xiang a few days ago.


Due to the suppression from the Kamikawa family, although Suehiro Sunao was known as the master of sword, not many people knew about it. Those who visited the family only knew them through relations, and there were naturally not many people who would pay to learn.


Although the dishes were very simple, with only some vegetables and eggs, the Suehiro family were already used to it. They didn’t really care what they ate, they only cared about eating enough. Also, with Choshi’s amazing cooking skills, these simple dishes were very delicious, they usually had a good appetite.


After eating and washing the dishes, Suehiro Kaoru and Choshi went to take a bath. Although they were only two years apart, Suehiro Kaoru had a much nicer body than Choshi. That’s because she’s training her sword skills day and night, and she had such a nice figure that you couldn’t find one single inch of excessive fat on her body. Her arms were also skinny but powerful.


On the contrary, Suehiro Choshi looked a lot more like a child. Her face looked more round than that of her sister and she’s still a bit chubby. However, she’s also pretty and people found her cute.


“Sister, why are you coming back so late today?” Without any outsiders, Choshi could talk naturally just like an ordinary girl.


“Nothing, it’s just that something happened to the young master.” Suehiro Kaoru took a towel and wiped his sister’s back, showing her gentleness as an older sister.


“Is that so? I think that young master looks like a nice person. At least, he’s not like the other guys.”


“Well, maybe.”

“Sister, do you like him?”


“Like? No, I don’t have that sort of feeling towards him.”


“Then why are you so close to him? And why do you cook so much nice food to him? You have to know that if you continue doing that, we won’t have nice food to eat anymore.”


“That is the order from the father. You know, the young master is the hope of the family. What we have to do is to meet his requirements.”


“Then, for the hope of the family, does it matter to you with what he wants to do to you?” Suehiro Choshi looked a little sad, as if she’d remembered something that happened in the past.


“My father has to meet all the young master’s needs. Therefore, I won’t mind if that’s what he wants.”


“No, sister, no, although he is the object of our service and the hope of our family, he can’t do stuff like that, right?”


“I’m not so sure. Seven years ago, I swore to be stronger, and I want everyone to respect the Suehiro family. However, no matter how hard I’ve worked, father has always looked so serious. I actually haven’t seen him smile for a long time.”


“It’s true. Sister…” Suehiro Choshi seemed to have thought about something but she didn’t say anything.

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