V6C21 Part 3


“What’s the matter?” Suehiro Kaoru squeezed a little shampoo with her hand and put it on Choshi’s hair.


“Sister, what I’m thinking is that, when will you stop listening to father and make a decision on your own?” For seven years, Choshi remembered that everything her sister did was to please her father.


“My father’s words are everything, Choshi, it’s normal that you still don’t understand this.”

Suehiro Kaoru sighed silently and responded, “you have to know that, since I was too self-centered seven years ago and I insisted to live with mother, those kind of thing happened. Choshi, it’s my fault that you’re suffering from depression. It’s all my fault that you only have one friend now.”


“No. At least, for anything that father says, if I don’t want to do it, then I won’t. Unlike sister, you’re still like a child, doing everything as he commands.”


“How dare you give me lectures?” Suehiro Kaoru smiled, took the wooden pot aside and poured the hot water on Choshi’s head.


“Ah, my sister is really bad. You’ll know how powerful I am in a minute.”



After taking a shower, it was close to 10pm. At this time, the two sisters saw that there were a few men in black suits standing in the corridor.


There was an outsider, Suehiro Choshi immediately hid behind Kaoru. She dared not look at the men who came.


The few men in black clothes just looked at the Suehiro sisters once without saying anything. They continued to pay attention to the living room.


What happened? Suehiro Kaoru was full of doubt. She tightened the black belt around her waist, patted Choshi next to her and told her to wait in the room. Then, she approached the men in black.


“Who are you?” Kaoru asked.


The men in black clothes ignored Kaoru. They were just standing there without any movement. Also, with their sunglasses, no one could tell what or who they were looking at.


“I’m going to ask you again, who are you?!” Suehiro Kaoru wanted to stretch her hand and attack the man in black clothes. Then, there was suddenly the voice of Suehiro Sunao, “Kaoru, come in.”


After hearing her father, Kaoru retreated her hand and entered the living room.


Aside from Suehiro Sunao, there were also three other people – one old, one middle-aged and one young guy. The young one smiled at Suehiro Kaoru soon after she’s there, “oh, here we see each other again.”


“It’s you?” Suehiro Kaoru had a deep impression to this guy who teased at her a few days back. Without say anything further, she tightened her fist and wanted to punch at Terayama Nagahiro’s face.


“Stop!” Suehiro Sunao’s loud voice echoed throughout the living room.


Suehiro Kaoru’s fist was only a few centimeters away from Terayama’s handsome smiling face.


“Father, what’s going on?” Suehiro Kaoru withdrew her hand, took a few steps quickly, and kept a distance from Terayama Nagahiro.


Suehiro Kaoru didn’t want to get too close to this guy who was excellent at close combat.


“We were deceived.” Suehiro Sunao closed his eyes and his voice was a little low.





“Nothing. I initially wanted to ask you about that guy called Lin Xiang after you have dinner, but now that he’s gone, there’s nothing much I can do. Oh, by the way, there’s a nutcase who keeps interrupting me when I talk to Ezaki, can you please deal with it?”

“A nutcase?” Suehiro Kaoru looked at Yamada, who immediately surrendered, “it’s a misunderstanding, sister Suehiro. I’m just having fun with the newcomers. I will disappear immediately.”


After that, Yamada hurried out of the classroom.


Who was Suehiro Kaoru? How could Yamada, as a battle technician, not know about her? She only reached the fifth level of warlord, but she could already knock down the seniors of the second level of Battle God. Wouldn’t he be a fool if he insisted to fight against her?


“Kaoru, stop him.” Terayama Nagahiro smiled.

“Understood.” Suehiro Kaoru frowned and threw the sword in her hand backward. With a snap, the wooden sword stuck into the wall only half a centimeter away from the classroom door, and a few centimeters away from Yamada.


Yamada originally thought that Kaoru Suehiro couldn’t be bothered to fight with him. When he ran outside the classroom, he didn’t expect that a wooden sword would fly from the side and inserted into the wall in front of him, which made him immediately stop and look at Kaoru Suehiro with cold sweat.


“Hey, what are you doing? I was just kidding.”


Suehiro Kaoru didn’t say anything. He was just looking at Yamada with a serious expression. Her bright eyes had scared Yamada. Obviously, she had inherited her father’s Threatening Pupil technique. What’s different was that hers needed to be released actively.


Yamada felt that his feet were trembling a bit. He avoided the wooden sword and ran out of the door.

“What a daring guy.” Terayama Nagahiro smiled, “Kaoru, your sword skills are pretty impressive.”


“You’ve complimented me too much, young master. If there’s nothing else, then I’d leave now.”


“No, no, don’t go now, it’s a rare chance to see you. Come sit on my lap and let’s chat for a bit.”

Suehiro Kaoru didn’t react when Terayama was teasing her. She just replied plainly, “I’m going to have class soon. I will have to leave now.”  Afterwards, she moved to the door side, pulled out her wooden sword and left.

“Remember to come over this afternoon.” Terayama Nagahiro shouted at the door.

“That woman really doesn’t know how to act appropriately. Master, why don’t you teach her a lesson?” Ezaki didn’t know that the “trick” that Terayama could use was Succubus’ magic. They’d always thought that he captured girls’ heart by real power.

“Heh~She is very interesting, and this is the type that I like. I don’t want to get bored with her so soon.” Terayama’s mouth twitched.

After Satsuki saw all this happening, she was shocked, “young master? How come her young master has changed?”

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