V6C22 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

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By the time Lin Xiang returned to school, it was already past 2 o’clock. To ensure safety, he let Dusty and Silent Water stay at home temporarily. He had to go to school to test Terayama Nagahiro’s attitude, as he couldn’t say for sure whether Terayama would tell anyone that the three girls happened to be spirits.


As soon as he entered the teaching area, Yamada greeted him immediately. He walked beside him as if he knew Lin Xiang very well, “Lin Xiang, you’ve come back just in time.”

“You don’t even go to class, what do you want to do?” What happened to Yamada? Recently, I didn’t really pay attention to him as he hadn’t caused any troubles. However, now that he’s having such a disgusting smile and he’s approaching me actively, did he want me to beat him up again?


Lin Xiang thought so secretly.


“I’m here to tell you something.” Yamada smiled very awkwardly, but he hadn’t realized it and he even thought that he’d appeared to be friendly.


“Huh? To tell me something?” Lin Xiang frowned and looked at Yamada, not knowing what he was thinking.


“Yes, to inform you. At the end of the lunch break, one of your girlfriends, Kaoru Suehiro, came to our class.”


“Sister Suehiro? She is not my girlfriend.”


“Not your girlfriend? Then why does she make so many delicious foods for you every day?” Yamada despised Lin Xiang for being dishonest, he continued, “you know what she’s become?”

“What’s going on?” Lin Xiang suddenly felt a bad feeling.


“She’s been so close with that bastard called Terayama. Just now, that bastard even told her to attack me.” When Yamada lied, his eyes didn’t even blink.


“What? Are you saying that she’s now close with Terayama?” As soon as Yamada said so, the first thing on Lin Xiang’s mind wasn’t that Suehiro Kaoru had been in love with Terayama, but that Terayama must have used some kind of captive magic to Suehiro.


“Yeah!” Seeing Lin Xiang’s reaction, Yamada felt delighted, yet he looked pitiful, “you know what? When sister Suehiro came in, I thought that she’s looking for you, that’s why I told her that you’re not there. However, she then pushed me away and said that she’s not looking for you. Then, she approached Terayama and even hugged him. Well, you know how loyal I am, I walked up and asked him what it was all about. And Terayama told Suehiro to attack me. I had to escape since I couldn’t fight her. I didn’t even attend the class as I had to tell you about this first.”


As Yamada wanted Lin Xiang and Terayama to want to kill each other, as he hated both of them, he had to be imaginative. After he explained it to Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang pushed him away, it’s not because he’s angry, but because he knew clearly that Yamada was lying.


This was the second class in the afternoon, the spirit’s explanation. There was an old man at his fifties standing on the podium. This old man had a wrinkled face. He stared at the textbook with a pair of confused eyes and he explained the content to the students.

“Sorry, Professor Shinkichi, I’m late.” The automatic door was opened, and Lin Xiang bowed to the old man on the podium.


“It’s okay, come in quickly.” Lin Xiang’s knowledge of spirits was relatively comprehensive, and the old man didn’t have to worry about his learning progress. All in all, he once said that Lin Xiang might as well skip his class.


Lin Xiang nodded and quickly returned to his seat.


The automatic door was opened again and Yamada walked in. He bowed respectfully, “sorry, professor…I…” Before he finished, Shinkichi said, “go and stand outside.”


Yamada raised his head with a look of doubt, he thought, “strange, why could Lin Xiang and I couldn’t?” He looked at Lin Xiang and Terayama furiously, then turned around and walked out.


Stand outside? Crazy old dude, who would do that? I might as well skip the class and wait for PE class next.


Inside the classroom, Lin Xiang looked at Terayama who’s a row next to him, and Terayama also looked at him with a smile.


Both of them wanted to beat each other down.

As Lin Xiang owned three king-level spirits, Terayama couldn’t help but feel jealous for the first time. He wanted to defeat Lin Xiang and own those spirits.


As for Lin Xiang, he also wanted to bring down Terayama. After all, he already knew the identity of Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty, and Lin Xiang was afraid that this could be disadvantageous to them. And after hearing what Yamada had said just now, Lin Xiang was sure that more girls would be harmed if he didn’t defeat the demon inside Terayama. The most urgent thing would be to remove the magic inside sister Suehiro first.


The two just kept looking at each other, people might even think that they were gay.


“Xiang~” Satsuki gently pulled Lin Xiang’s clothes.


“What are you doing?” Lin Xiang turned his head and looked at Satsuki.


“Sister Suehiro came over just now.”


“Huh? Did they really hug each other?” Lin Xiang recalled what Yamada had said.


“Hug each other? With Terayama? No, no, who told you that? Yamada? That little thug? You know what, after I and Kamiki returned, Yamada blackmailed Terayama and thought that he’s easily bullied, unexpectedly, sister Suehiro showed up. And I clearly heard her calling Terayama her young master. You know what this is all about, Xiang?” Satsuki explained briefly what’d happened after Lin Xiang left.

“Young Master?” Could sister Suehiro already know that it’s Terayama who’s the real descendant of demon-killing heroes? Lin Xiang decided to ask her after class.


“Satsuki, tell Kamiki to keep a distance from Terayama. He has a specific skill that could capture girls.”


“Isn’t that captive magic?” After listening to Lin Xiang, Satsuki thought of what happened in the stadium.


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