V6C22 Part 2

“Almost, just be more careful and don’t look him in the eyes.” Although there’s a slight hint of dragon’s breath in Satsuki, it’s not created by themselves and it’d disappear in time. Once it did, she might get captured by Terayama.


“Okay, we will. Where are you going?”


“I will look for sister Suehiro.”




The Pillar Nofu Academy was a huge academy with a high school and a junior high school. The high school was divided into three grades. The first grade was located in the south and could be reached as soon as one entered the teaching area, while the second grade was in the west, and one needed to pass through the connected corridors or hanging corridors.


When Lin Xiang came to the second grade, he found the class of Kaoru Suehiro. He stood by the door, probed in, looking for Suehiro Kaoru.


After searching for a long time, he found that Suehiro Kaoru was not there at all. At this time, a boy shouted at Lin Xiang, “hey, what are you doing in front of our classroom?”

Lin Xiang turned and looked around. There were a few guys standing in front of him, looking somewhat fierce.


“Sorry, sorry, I will leave right away.” Lin Xiang stepped back and wanted to retreat.


“Nuts.” The boy scolded Lin Xiang and walked into the classroom.


Lin Xiang shook his head. He thought, this is really not the way to go. He wanted to ask someone, and when he looked into the classroom again, he instantly saw the cold face of Suehiro Kaoru, who said coldly, “what are you doing here? Liar.”


“Sister Suehiro, I…” Lin Xiang wanted to explain, but Suehiro Kaoru didn’t give him any chance. She grabbed Lin Xiang by the collar, and said very closely to his face, “don’t call my name, you liar. Now, please hand me the Water● Green Light Cold Soul Sword to the real sword holder. And I can pretend to have never known you.”


“Uh…actually, I also told you that I’m not the sword holder, but you didn’t believe me…”


After hearing what Lin Xiang said, Suehiro Kaoru started thinking about it.


He’s right, when she first met him, he’d already said that he’s not the sword holder, and she thought that he’s the sword holder just because he had successfully awakened it…


After feeling the strength of Suehiro Kaoru’s hand weakening, Lin Xiang said, “is Terayama the real sword holder?”

“Yes. They have a scabbard as evidence. I remember that you’ve said this before, and this is our mistake. However, could you please return the sword to the real owner? As you can’t really awaken it.”


“Really awaken it?”


“Yes, only the real sword holder can return it to its original form, and that’s the platinum status.”


On the previous night, in order to convince Suehiro’s family, Terayama Kikai had to lie and deceive Suehiro Sunao and Suehiro Kaoru. He said that Lin Xiang had used a special technique to awaken the sword. He also said that he had no idea what that technique was. It’s true that the sword had been awakened, but it was the second form of it (the Ice Cold status), and he couldn’t really turn it into its highest form. He added that only the Terayama family could totally awaken it to its platinum status.


Terayama Kikai deliberately misguided the Suehiro family, he told them that the Ice Cold status was the second form, while it was actually the basic form; and the original form as the basic one, while it should be the second form.


As Suehiro Kaoru and her father didn’t have the true idea of the sword, they were naturally misguided by Terayama Kikai.

“The platinum status? Ha~” After hearing this, Lin Xiang almost knew what had actually happened. He smiled disdainfully, “sister Suehiro, do you think as someone like Terayama, he really deserves the sword? Even if he can actually awaken it.”


“I don’t care about this, I just hope that you can return it to the real owner.” Kaoru Suehiro thought from her heart that Terayama Nagahiro was unworthy of the sword, but it was still better to be owned by Lin Xiang, someone relying on tricks to awaken it.


“Do you really hope that? Sister Suehiro?” Lin Xiang looked at Suehiro Kaoru very seriously, and Suehiro Kaoru also looked at Lin Xiang very seriously. Lin Xiang found that Suehiro Kaoru’s eyes were still very bright, that means she was obviously not captured by Terayama. In that case, he could only return the sword to Terayama, it had never truly belonged to him anyway.


“I don’t know.” Suehiro Kaoru shook her head, and she suddenly realized that if she could choose, she would rather let Lin Xiang be the sword holder. The previous night, Terayama Nagahiro did use provocative words to tease her and Choshi. However, after getting along with Lin Xiang for some time, he’d never tried to embarrass her or make her feel bad. He’s also very nice to Choshi.


“What are they doing?”


“Is it a relationship dispute?”


Suehiro Kaoru looked at the crowd around and said, “It’s not convenient to discuss this here, follow me.”

After listening to Suehiro Kaoru, Lin Xiang discovered that there were many students watching him and Suehiro. After all, Suehiro Kaoru was still grabbing his collar just now, it’s normal that they were curious about what’d happened.


“I see.” Lin Xiang nodded, and followed Suehiro Kaoru out of the crowd and onto the rooftop.



“You know, I don’t want that Terayama to become a sword holder.” Standing next to the railing, Suehiro Kaoru looked at the empty space in front of her. She looked a little confused. Her hair moved along with the summer breeze.


“Then can’t we just refuse him?” Lin Xiang stood behind Suehiro Kaoru. At this moment, he felt that Suehiro Kaoru was no longer that determined and strong senior sister, but a confused and lost girl.


Lin Xiang hated Terayama Nagahiro. Not only he was a super narcissist, but he was also possessed by a demon and abused his power to capture girls. This is something that Lin Xiang couldn’t forgive. If he had a chance, he’d never let Terayama go.

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