V6C22 Part 3


“No, I cannot refuse.”


“Why not?”


“Because I have to listen to my father.”

“Uh…could it be that…you’re obsessed with your father, sister Suehiro?” Lin Xiang was a little dumbfounded, and he instantly thought that Suehiro was obsessed with her dad.


“Not at all.” Suehiro Kaoru became anxious after hearing Lin Xiang’s words. Who’s obsessed? Indeed, she had a lot of respect to her father, but she’s not obsessed.


“Then why?”


“Actually, I was very naughty before…” Suehiro Kaoru told Lin Xiang what had occurred to her and her sister in the past. Lin Xiang was very shocked afterwards. He didn’t expect that sister Suehiro had such a past.


“But it’s not sister Suehiro’s fault, right? Every child wants to be with mom and dad. Isn’t that normal?”


“No, it was my fault. If I didn’t insist on living with that woman, then Choshi would never be scared. And she might grow up to be a normal girl and have many friends. Therefore, from then on, I swore that no matter what my father wanted me to do, I would do it. I can’t make any mistakes again.” Suehiro Kaoru’s eyes were full of determination, it seems that her father’s words meant everything.


“In that case, Terayama will become the sword holder and he will harass you and Choshi. Is that okay for you too?”


“It doesn’t matter for me, but for Choshi…This is why I asked you to be here, as I want you to take Choshi away.”


“Hey, are you kidding? Take her away? I’m not a kidnapper.”

“In that case, please try your best to defeat Terayama.”




On the way back to the classroom, Suehiro Kaoru’s words and her worried look stayed in Lin Xiang’s mind. For him, it would be easy to defeat Terayama. He just needed to use the holy fire and defeat the demon inside him. The question was, could he still use the holy fire?


Lin Xiang didn’t know, and since Freed and Yalide didn’t give him any advice, he didn’t have any idea.


Just as Lin Xiang was thinking about how to defeat Terayama, he slowly crossed the bridge and returned to the first-grade area. When he was walking on the corridor, he hit a soft object with a bang. There was a noise from that object.

Lin Xiang took a step back, and there was a girl sitting on the ground in front of him. After realizing that it’s a girl, Lin Xiang quickly reacted and checked whether she’s hurt, “oh, Yorikawa?”


Lin Xiang called out her name after seeing who it was.


“Lin Xiang…” After Yorikawa looked at Lin Xiang blankly, she immediately stood up, turned and left.

“Wait, Yorikawa.” Lin Xiang ran up to her and blocked her way, “what happened all of a sudden?”

“No, no. Nothing…I’ll go now.” Yorikawa lowered her head and intended to leave. Of course, Lin Xiang was reluctant to let her go. In the past few days, Lin Xiang had clearly felt that Yorikawa was avoiding him on purpose. She didn’t look for him during lunchbreak or after school.


“Yorikawa, why are you always avoiding me now? Did I do anything to make you angry?”


“No, Lin Xiang, you’ve always been nice to me and you have never done anything that upsets me. It’s just that I find myself unsuitable to be your friend. You’re from such a prestigious background, you have a rich family and you have strong power. You’re even a descendant of demon-killing heroes…and I…I’m just a daughter of an ordinary worker, I have never achieved anything big and my power…so…” When Yorikawa told Lin Xiang what she was thinking, she had already decided not to talk to Lin Xiang anymore. It’s because she didn’t want anyone to think that she was with Lin Xiang just for money. Even though she didn’t think that it’s a problem, Lin Xiang might start to dislike her in time. She’d rather cut ties with him earlier before that happened.


When Yorikawa realized that she’d stop hanging out with Lin Xiang, she slowly felt a surge of hot air in her chest and there were tears in her eyes.

“Puff!” Lin Xiang laughed after hearing what Yorikawa said, “why would you think so? So you deliberately avoided me because of identity issues?”


“Yes, someone in my class said that I sold my first time to you in order to be your lover, and when I heard such rumors, I didn’t feel particularly unhappy, as I know that we’re not in that kind of relationship. However, after knowing that you’re a descendant of demon-killing heroes, I truly think that we’re actually very far apart…and indeed, I had to sell my first time to earn money, and if I hadn’t met you at that time, I…” While Yorikawa said so, clear teardrops fell from her cheeks.

After Lin Xiang knew how Yorikawa felt, he immediately stopped laughing. Instead, he was a bit scared, “Yorikawa, you’ve tried various methods to get money, and you had to do stupid things to earn it. However, I think that you’re an amazing person. Those things are in the past, so don’t care about what the others say and don’t care about our status. We are friends, you know? Will our friendship be affected by these stupid reasons? No, right? It’s our own business to keep this friendship. As this is something we both want. Think about it, before we ever knew each other, we also didn’t know each other’s background. Correct?”

After listening to Lin Xiang, Yorikawa felt much more relieved. What he said was correct, they never knew each other before and it’s destiny putting them together. Also, he had never looked down on Yorikawa because of her identity. It’s so strange, why would she think like that? Human beings are such strange creatures.

After understanding all these, Yorikawa showed the widest and happiest smile to Lin Xiang. It was as beautiful as a blossoming flower and as warm as sunlight. Lin Xiang was infatuated with it.



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