V6C23 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C23_Can’t survive after tonight, the man in black clothes


In just a few words, Lin Xiang had solved the troubles that had bothered Yorikawa for so many days. After he said bye to Yorikawa, he returned to his classroom. Terayama Nagahiro still looked pretty arrogant. He was chatting with the girls while looking at Lin Xiang from time to time, as if he was comparing who was more popular.


Lin Xiang wasn’t interested in this childish game of Terayama. He returned to his seat and was thinking of a way to make Terayama leave, so that Suehiro Kaoru could stop being bothered.


“Xiang, how is sister Suehiro?” As Lin Xiang’s classmate, Satsuki couldn’t help getting curious. Although she felt quite happy to have less competition now that Suehiro was gone, it might still be a better idea for her to stay than to reach Terayama. At least Lin Xiang wouldn’t take advantage of her.


“She wants me to defeat Terayama.”


“Defeat Terayama? Does she really think so? But, isn’t she the guardian of the sword holder? How could she want you to defeat someone that she’s protecting? It looks like that even the traditional sister Suehiro couldn’t help but feel disgusted to that guy.” Satsuki glanced at Terayama sitting next to him and showed her look of disgust.


“Indeed, it’s best to defeat him and stop him from showing up again.” Kamiki came to us and sat next to Silent Water.

“Yes, that’s right. Go, Xiang, beat him up now. Destroy his face! See if he still thinks himself as superior and attractive.”


“You guys…” Lin Xiang felt speechless for Satsuki and Kamiki. Let alone Kamiki, he’d never expected Satsuki to say this kind of things. He understood it though – Terayama’s really a bastard and he almost contracted Reidy. Given this fact, he’d never forgive him.


“When we have the gym class, go teach him a lesson, Xiang.”


“Isn’t it raining? Will there still be gym class? Also, the gymnasium is a mess now.”


“Right, I just recalled.”




After school, the happy Yorikawa came to the class to find Lin Xiang to go home together as usual. She stood outside the door and looked at Lin Xiang, who was packing his schoolbag at this time.


Seeing her standing in front of the door, Ikeuchi suddenly became more energetic.

“Huh? Isn’t this the cute girl I saw yesterday? What’s wrong? How do you know we are in this class?” Ikeuchi smiled and walked towards Yorikawa.


“Huh? I don’t know you.” Although Yorikawa said so, she immediately recognized this guy who had blocked her way, and she subconsciously stepped back.


“You don’t know me? Ha, you really like kidding. Didn’t you come here to look for Terayama Nagahiro? Don’t be shy, we know that you must have fallen in love with the handsome Master Terayama yesterday.”


“No, I’m here to look for…” Yorikawa looked around for Lin Xiang’s figure, and suddenly realized that he was standing behind the guy in front of him. She instantly relaxed a lot.


“Go away, don’t block her.”


“Huh?” Ikeuchi turned around and saw Lin Xiang standing behind him. He instantly became unhappy when seeing this spiritually weak person who’d pretended to be the sword holder, “and what does it have to do with you?”


“Indeed, it’s not my business, but you scared her.”

“Her?” Ikeuchi looked at Yorikawa, then looked at Lin Xiang. He said in disbelief, “are you here to look for him?”


“Yes.” Yorikawa quickly walked behind Lin Xiang. She didn’t like the guy in front of her very much, and her instinct told her that he’s not a good person.


“Hey, my kid, how come beautiful girls seem to be around you all the time? What have you done?” Ikeuchi was very jealous when he saw the pretty girls around Lin Xiang. He didn’t understand – why could such a spiritually weak guy attract three humanoid spirits? And he seemed to have attracted lots of beautiful girls as well.


“Why does it matter to you?” Lin Xiang smiled vaguely.


Ikeuchi wanted to punch Lin Xiang, but he saw Terayama shaking his head. He tried to suppress his anger and said, “nothing, I just don’t like you!” Afterwards, he looked at Yorikawa before returning to Terayama.


Lin Xiang turned around and glanced at Terayama with a smile on his face. He had no idea what he’s thinking about. Lin Xiang was expecting Ikeuchi to attack him, and he’d have a reason to beat him up. Unexpectedly, Terayama did try to stop Ikeuchi…

Yorikawa, who had no clue about what’d happened, thought that she’d created troubles for Lin Xiang again. She said somewhat apologetically, “Lin Xiang, I am really…”


“Huh? It’s none of your business, let’s go, Yorikawa, let’s go home. Hey, Satsuki, come here.” Lin Xiang patted Yorikawa on the shoulder and looked at Terayama again. He shook his head and walked out of the classroom.


Ikeuchi looked very uncomfortably at the departure of Lin Xiang and the three girls. After they disappeared, he asked Terayama, “master, why did you stop me just now?”


“No, it’s just that…Ikeuchi, why did you struggle with a dying person?”


“What Master means is that…” Ikeuchi didn’t quite get it, how was Terayama going to kill Lin Xiang?


“You don’t need to know so much, he won’t survive after tonight anyway. Oh? You are here, is it such a long distance from the second grade?” Terayama said to a girl with a ponytail who had just entered the classroom.


“Don’t talk nonsense, where do you want to go? Go home or familiarize yourself with the surrounding environment?” Suehiro Kaoru said impatiently.


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