V6C23 Part 2

“Oh? Is this the attitude of a guardian? Well, I really like it though. It makes me feel good once I conquer you.”

“Please. No more nonsense. Or I’ll return first.”

“Just kidding, let’s go, let’s go home.”


“That’s not your home, please don’t make yourself sound so natural.”


“Ha, why does it matter? Anyway, you are my servant, and your stuff is mine.”


“You bastard!” Suehiro Kaoru suppressed his anger so that she would not rush forward to beat Terayama Nagahiro.


“You look cute when you are angry.”




“Then, Satsuki, see you tomorrow.” Lin Xiang stood in front of Satsuki’s house and waved at her.


“Yeah, see you tomorrow. By the way, Xiang, do you want to come in and have a seat?” Satsuki blinked her big eyes and jumped to Lin Xiang.


“No, I’m going back first.” Lin Xiang patted Satsuki’s head, picked up his schoolbag and turned to leave. Satsuki was watching him leave and her eyes were full of reluctance. She only entered the house again after seeing him completely disappearing from her sight.

On his way, Lin Xiang felt that someone was following him. He turned his head and saw that there were no suspicious people on the street except pedestrians.


Was it an illusion?


Seeing that no one was following him, Lin Xiang thought he was just nervous and he continued walking home.


There were fewer and fewer buildings on the road, and pedestrians were getting fewer as well. When Lin Xiang walked to a construction site with no people, he turned around and shouted into the air, “come out now, there’s no need to hide.”


“Come out, there is no need to hide…” Lin Xiang’s voice reverberated in the empty construction site, there was no sound around, and there was just the sound of several cicadas on trees from time to time.


Was it really his illusion only? Lin Xiang looked behind him suspiciously.


Just now, when Lin Xiang suspected that someone was following him, he turned his head and found that there were no suspicious people around. But when he continued to move forward, he had the feeling of being followed by someone again. He turned his head and found that there was indeed no one. When he walked forward for the third time, the feeling of being followed did not disappear. And when he thought that he’s just being nervous, that feeling came again. This time he did not look back, but continued to walk forward. He closed his eyes and simply relied on his senses. From the noisy environment and all the footsteps, Lin Xiang heard some footsteps in an orderly pattern.

It was dusk at this moment, and the pedestrians around were either rushing home or walking slowly. The sound of this footstep was quite different from other people’s. It was exactly the same as the walking pace of Lin Xiang’s. When Lin Xiang stopped, it stopped too. And when Lin Xiang continued, it followed. That’s why Lin Xiang was sure that someone was following him and he had to lead it to the construction site. After seeing that there’s no one, Lin Xiang thought that he was just being nuts.


If there’s no one, then he might as well return home. Right?


Suddenly, a dark shadow, with light shining in his hand, flashed behind Lin Xiang from unknown place. Lin Xiang rolled forward, avoiding the flashing cold light. After turning around quickly, a tall man in black was standing in Lin Xiang’s original position, holding a silver knife in his right hand.


The man in black was wearing a black suit and a pair of dark sunglasses on his face. Although he was wearing sunglasses, he couldn’t hide the murderous intent in his eyes. This man was about 1.9 meters tall. He looked like a bodyguard. He had a strong build and looked even stronger with a black suit, and his arm muscles were perfectly highlighted. He didn’t show any expression after Lin Xiang avoided his attack, and he didn’t seem surprised.


“Who are you?” Lin Xiang stood up quickly, dropped his schoolbag aside and looked at the man in black.


The man in black didn’t seem to have heard Lin Xiang’s question. As Lin Xiang threw his schoolbag, he took a big step over and raised the silver knife in his hand high. He was going to stab it into Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang’s reaction was not like ordinary people. He didn’t back away in fright. He didn’t retreat either but he chose to move forward. He grabbed the man’s wrist with his right hand, and quickly hit his elbow with the other one. When the man in black saw this, he shook his left hand, and he waved his fist as big as a sandbag at Lin Xiang’s head. Lin Xiang hurriedly withdrew the hand that was attacking the man’s elbow, and stepped back to block his fist.


The man in black seemed to have expected Lin Xiang to block his attack. He shook his head, slamming Lin Xiang’s head. This collision made Lin Xiang dizzy and forced him to retreat hurriedly.


Lin Xiang thought that his physical condition had been greatly improved due to the fact that he’d become a dragon human, and he should’ve been defended better. He didn’t expect himself to feel so dizzy after being bumped with this man in black, and he had to force himself to face this more seriously.


“Huh!” After hitting Lin Xiang, the man in black threw the split sunglasses away and continued to attack. Lin Xiang took a look. Well, it’s not that his defense power wasn’t high enough, it’s because the man in black was a psycho, he’d obviously been injured and there’s a wound on his head already, yet it still seemed like he hadn’t been hurt a bit. He just continued attacking Lin Xiang without any fear. Could he be a professional killer?


Lin Xiang dodged the attack of the man in black while trying to fight back. At this moment, Lin Xiang suddenly discovered that his eyes were different from ordinary people. The eyes of normal people are full of light, and even if they aren’t, they don’t look dull. After removing his sunglasses, the eyes of this man seemed to be in turquoise, and his pupils were completely invisible, just like a jade bead.

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