V6C23 Part 3

What was that all about?


After Lin Xiang dodged a cross cut by the man in black, a side kick hit his shoulder bone of the man in black. With a clicking sound, the crisp and loud bone breaking sound, the man in black was spinning in the air like a top, and he fell to the ground. The silver knife dropped from his hand, spinning on the ground.


Oops, too hard. Lin Xiang was saying to himself. De didn’t expect that his kick would directly hit the man in black’s left shoulder bone to pieces.


Looking at the man in black who collapsed on the ground, Lin Xiang wanted to step forward to subdue him, but when he saw that the man in black was standing on the ground like he just floated, he gave up that thought.

“Hey, your power is quite extraordinary.” A low voice sounded from the man in black. It “sounded” because he didn’t speak at all.


“Hey, what the hell are you?” Lin Xiang took a step back. He didn’t know whether the enemy he was facing was a demon, as he hadn’t sensed any demonic energy.


“Hey, do you think I will tell you? For me, you’re just someone with a trashy soul and weak aura.


“Are you a demon or a succubus?” Lin Xiang guessed that the man in black was an assassin sent by Terayama.

“Eh? You know that I am a succubus, not bad. But, so what? Although I can only use 10% of the magic power on this human body, it is enough to destroy you.” Afterwards, the man in black exuded a black aura, it’s a kind of devilish aura, giving people an uncomfortable feeling.


“This is really…Excuse me, is this uncle dead?”


“What’s the difference anyway? What you should worry about now is your own life.” Afterwards, the man moved, and with a swish, he came to Lin Xiang at a very fast speed


Lin Xiang avoided the man in black, and a topspin kick hit him in the head. Lin Xiang originally thought that he would fly out, but he was as difficult to shake as a stone statue. After being kicked by Lin Xiang, a back sweep came and hit Lin Xiang in the arm.


Lin Xiang, who had received a powerful blow, flew out like a broken kite, and suddenly there was dust everywhere. Lin Xiang flew more than ten meters away and quickly got up. The man in black, who was more than ten meters away from him, suddenly got in front of him. The black smoke on his body formed a creature like a death god, and it rushed towards Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang punched the face of the death god, but he just hit in the air. The creature stretched its hand and grabbed Lin Xiang’s neck, then lifted him up.


Lin Xiang desperately tried to break the death god’s hand, but it didn’t work. It had obviously grabbed his neck, but he couldn’t touch it and he could just see the object in front of him laughing.


Bastard, this succubus was just too powerful.


“Die, die in despair. After you die, although you have only a bit of spiritual power, as long as I absorb it all, then I’ll able to do the same on all the human beings and become a king-level demon.”


“Well…you can think as much as you want…” Lin Xiang’s face was all red and he smiled fearlessly.

“Your death is coming. Aren’t you scared?”

“Oh, why would you be scared? In any case, you can’t get me killed. On the contrary, I will destroy you! Haha!” Lin Xiang used all his strength, and with a roar, a form of gigantic energy hit the image of the demon, which dispersed instantly.


“Ha~hu~ha~hu” Lin Xiang landed on the ground, panting and looking at the man in black. At this time, the black breath on the man had already disappeared, and he was motionless like a wooden man.

Lin Xiang didn’t have time to take care of the man in black anymore, he started running towards Suehiro’s house frantically.


————When time turned back, in Lin Xiang’s family.


“Ding Dong.”


“We’re coming, who is it?” Silent Water heard someone ring the doorbell. She took off her apron and walked to the hallway.


“We are members of the Chester family, we are here to reclaim things belonging to our family.” There’s an old man’s voice outside the door.


“Chester? I don’t know you. We have nothing here that belongs to your family.”


“Girl, please open the door, we are not bad guys, we just want to get back what belongs to our family.”


“My master is not here, can you wait for him to return first?” For the first time, Silent Water didn’t feel nervous when someone came to the house. She didn’t open the door as instructed by Lin Xiang.


“Your master is Lin Xiang, right? Don’t worry, I know him.” The old man’s voice was so kind, Silent Water didn’t spot any bad intentions with it.

Silent Water stood by the door and through the spy-hole, she saw four people standing outside the door, one was an old man, and the other three were middle-aged people. Two of them were wearing black suits and black sunglasses. Silent Water thought that they looked like bodyguards on TV.


Should I open the door? Silent Water hesitated. She looked at them again and finally opened the door.


“Excuse me, what’s the matter?” Silent Water smiled at the old man.


“We…huh? I mean…euh…hey, go get it for me.” The old man was looking at the cold sword at the hallway.


“Yes.” The middle-aged man without a suit stood in front of Silent Water. His brown eyes suddenly turned light blue, just when he thought that everything was under control and he was about to walk into Lin Xiang’s house, Silent Water opened her hands and stopped the middle-aged man, “excuse me, what are you doing here?”


The middle-aged man was a little surprised at the reaction of Silent Water, and he was surprised that his ability had failed.



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