V6C24 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C24_Getting the power of the Succubus, play a game


“Dad, did you get the sword back?” After Terayama Nagahiro returned to Suehiro’s house, he saw Terayama Manabu and Terayama Kikai sitting in the living room. Their clothes were torn apart and they all had a pretty serious look, it was obvious that they just had a fight.


“I’m back, but the two men that were with us died.” Terayama Manabu picked a silver sword on the floor and placed it on the table.


The silver sword was about one meter long, and the handle looked a bit old, but the blade still looked extremely smooth. It emitted a faint chill under the refraction of the light, releasing an invisible sense of murder. It seemed that this sword was used countless times for killing.


“As long as you take it back, it doesn’t matter if our subordinates die.” Terayama Nagahiro couldn’t care less. He walked to the table and watched the silver sword carefully.


“Nagahiro, how can you be so cold-blooded? They are our bodyguards. Even though they are bodyguards, they are also humans, right? You don’t know what happened and let me tell you. We almost couldn’t escape. Lin Xiang is not a simple human being at all, aside from the three spirits at his house, there’s also a dragon inside.” Terayama Kikai recalled the attack of the fire dragon. His subordinates were even willing to defend him by using their bodies, he was trembling even when thinking about it.


At that time, the two bodyguards and Terayama Manabu fought against the three powerful girls. Terayama Kikai walked into the room to retrieve the holy sword. At this time, a girl in short hair, black clothes and red wristband appeared. He hadn’t noticed any danger and he was just smiling at her. When he was about to walk out and retreat, the girl came out with him and the dragon’s breath shocked everyone of them. The girl waved her hand and flames of ultra-high temperature appeared. Terayama Kikai was busy avoiding it. The place where he was standing suddenly became a hole. He finally understood that girl was a dragon!

“Fire dragon?” After hearing the term “fire dragon”, there’s some strange light in Terayama Nagahiro’s eyes. Then, he laughed, “haha, grandpa, are you kidding me? Do you think the fire dragon would appear in places like this? I know that they’re highly destructive.”


“I’m not kidding, it was really dangerous at the time, and I couldn’t be wrong, that was the dragon. By the way, Nagahiro, haven’t you already reconciled with Lin Xiang? Why were you attacked when all you did was to get the sword?”


“I don’t know about this. I have already told you, that maybe the fake sword holder wants to own the holy sword all by himself.” Terayama Nagahiro grasped the hilt of the silver sword and raised it high, seeming to admire this holy sword forged by a famous furnace.


“I didn’t expect that the boy who looked so mature would have such thoughts, he’s even the son of Lin Fan.” Terayama Kikai murmured to himself.


When he was chatting with Lin Xiang, he thought that he’s an easy-going guy, but after what his grandson told him, he began to think that Lin Xiang was actually a bastard.


“Grandpa, let me ask you, this isn’t the true form of the sword, is it?” Nagahiro turned the sword around and asked.

“You’re right, the true form of the sword is ice, and Lin Xiang can turn that into the form of ice”.


“Why? We are obviously the descendants, why can we only turn it to the second form?” Terayama Nagahiro put the sword on the table and looked at Terayama Kikai straightly.


“It’s because at the time of genetic inheritance, most of the energy of the original demon-killing heroes has been dissipated. It is already great that we can change it into the second form. After a few more generations, they may not be able to change the sword back to the original form.” Terayama Kikai also couldn’t understand why Lin Xiang could turn it to its original form. It should be them who’s the descendant of demon-killing heroes…


“Is that so?” Terayama Nagahiro smiled, as if he didn’t care at all.


“Obviously, Lin Xiang didn’t keep his promise. Nagahiro, I’ll go to school with you tomorrow and let’s teach him a lesson. We’ll let him know what he’s supposed to do as a person. And he can’t bully the Chester family anymore.” Terayama Kikai sounded quite angry. Then, he looked at his grandson, Terayama Nagahiro lovingly.


Fortunately, the assassination wasn’t done by Nagahiro, but by the demons.

Terayama Kikai tried to comfort himself.


At the beginning, when Terayama Manabu and Terayama Nagahiro targeted at him, Terayama Kikai felt that he’d gotten old for so many years. He had never expected that his son and grandson would kill him. But he had seen the fact, and they really wanted Terayama Kikai to die. Fortunately, with the golden cicada escaping technique, he’d successfully escaped, but that also means that his magic power was almost totally consumed.


Human beings are easy to be deceived, especially people that they trust and rely on.


On the afternoon after meeting Lin Xiang, his son, Terayama Manabu came to pick him up. At that time, Terayama Kikai still thought that his son was a demon, and after a series of explanation of his son, Terayama Kikai finally realized that Terayama Manabu and Terayama Nagahiro deliberately pretended to be his family members to kill him, so that he couldn’t fight back. After knowing this all, although Terayama Kikai had become uncapable to use his magic, at least the misunderstandings between him, his son and grandson were resolved.


“Oh, I will.” Terayama Nagahiro smiled.



There was no chance for anyone to teach Lin Xiang a lesson. The Succubus had already been cloned into a subordinate’s body. However, there was even a fire dragon in his house, then the situation had become much more complicated. How could Lin Xiang have three spirits and a dragon at the same time?

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