V6C24 Part 2


Forget it, this is not important anymore. After inhaling so much spiritual energy from the girls, the energy of Succubus was almost all resumed. Then, he should be able to resurrect recently. Terayama Nagahiro would be able to get the power that he was promised with. After that, he would contract the three humanoid spirits and become the most powerful and the youngest demon-killing hero.

It’s already past five o’clock, he should be closer to the target by now. The next day, he’d kill Lin Xiang and become famous in the world.


Terayama Nagahiro looked at the old big clock on the wall, and the arc of his mouth became wider.


“Nagahiro, come, let me tell you a few things.” Terayama Manabu stood up, he patted Terayama Nagahiro on the shoulder and walked out.


“What’s the matter?” Terayama Nagahiro followed his father to the yard.


“That Lin Xiang is not a simple guy. If he really has three humanoid spirits, it proves that he has a certain kind of strength.”


“No, about that piece of sh*t, aside from that fact that he’s fast, he’s got no other skills. It’ll be easy for me to kill him. According to the time, he should be killed by now.” Nagahiro looked at the clouds and the sun from afar, as if he could see Lin Xiang lying in his blood and eyes full of confusion. It must have been frustrating not knowing the reasons of your death.


“I have confidence in him killing Lin Xiang, it’s just that after I kill him, the dragon in his house will…” Since Valarie managed to kill two of his battle king-level subordinates with Dragon’s Breath, Terayama Nagahiro still found her a difficult obstacle.

“Dad, what are you worried about? After one or two days, when I use my own power to conquer the Suehiro sisters and absorb all their energy, then the Succubus will be able to resurrect. Then, we’ll have the most supreme power, what’s there to be afraid of? I might as well conquer them by using the magic of the Succubus.”  When the succubus was living in the body of Terayama Nagahiro, he gave him the ability to capture people’s hearts. With this ability, Terayama Nagahiro felt himself as the king, especially when he saw girls who thought themselves to be beautiful and pure. Terayama Nagahiro would always just abuse them, and those girls would always beg Terayama Nagahiro to love them again. He would be thrilled to see the girls begging. The Succubus once promised Terayama, that once he could be resurrected, he’d give the greatest Succubus power to Terayama, making him attract angels anytime he wanted.


“Actually, my son, the power of the dragon is much greater than that of demons. Moreover, we should not believe in everything the demons said. Although it gave us the ability to capture people’s hearts, he’s still a demon after all.” Needless to say, Terayama Nagahiro also loved this ability. With this fascinating ability, he used this power to get to know many celebrities, and his social reputation increased rapidly. But experiences in life have taught him that demons are never kind-hearted, they’re the most cunning creatures.


“While the spirit of Succubus is still attached to that human, let me tell you, father, when we get his power, then we’ll kill him. Then, we’ll obtain the power to capture people’s heart and people will also admire us for we’ll have killed a superior-level demon. Wouldn’t that be awesome?”


“That’s the case, but you still have to be more careful. After all, its host is you.”

“It’s okay. Dad, I know what to do.” Terayama Nagahiro thought that everything was under control, and he smiled brightly. Suddenly, his smile froze, and his facial expression changed to a painful one, the blue veins near his temples were protruding, and his eyes were turning blue. There’s a faint devilish air emitting from his body. Terayama Nagahiro held his head up to the sky and shouted, “ah!!! That damn human!!! He knows the Dragon’s Roar!!! Bastard! The magic power I just recovered has now been consumed again!!! Terayama Manabu, I need girls now! I need to resurrect tonight! I can’t wait anymore and I must kill that guy!”


Regarding the abnormal change of his son, Terayama Manabu realized that the Succubus hadn’t killed Lin Xiang. Instead, he was injured and now he’s back to his son’s body. He’s now into deep thoughts. Since Lin Xiang knew how to use Dragon’s Roar, that means he’s a descendant of the dragons?


“Damn it! Terayama Manabu, I told you to hurry up and get me some women. Didn’t you hear me?” Terayama Nagahiro’s expression was as fierce as a jackal. The blue pupils and the ferocious expression made Terayama Manabu feel chills down his spine.


“But, there is no pure girl here, I really can’t do anything.”


“Succubus-sama, don’t be angry. I will give you a girl now if you need one. But, can you please not reveal your identity? It will only do us harm if the others find out.” Terayama Nagahiro’s voice was a little hoarse and his expression was very painful. Whenever the succubus took over his body, he felt a sense of oppression, as if two people were wearing the same pair of pants.

“Huh, hurry up, I need energy. I’m going to be resurrected tonight.” After the succubus finished this sentence, Terayama Nagahiro’s eyes gradually returned to their original colors, and his breathing became more even. He laughed somewhat self-deprecatingly, “I thought that I could conquer that Suehiro Kaoru with my own charm, but still, I need the power of the Succubus.”


“Nagahiro, wouldn’t you be…”


“Yes, Dad, I’m going to dedicate the Suehiro sisters to the Succubus now, so that their energy will become the energy for the Succubus.” Terayama Nagahiro walked into the house.


“But…Nagahiro, that Suehiro Sunao is a master of swordsman, it’s not for nothing.”


“It doesn’t matter, that man is an old-fashioned person, as long as it is the order of the sword holder, he will listen. Moreover, he is now with the Kamikawa family, I don’t think he’ll return that soon. It’s the best chance now.” Nagahiro pushed open the wooden door and walked into the house. Terayama Manabu stood there blankly, looking at the figure of his son going away, and sighed secretly, “is this demon’s power good or bad? Well…forget it, for his reputation, he could even kill his own father, then why should I care about stuff like that? As long as we can make the Chester family more famous again, then the Succubus will act as our stepping stone.” Terayama Manabu tightened his fist and made a decision to kill the Succubus once his power is used.


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