V6C24 Part 3



After Lin Xiang walked out of the construction site, although the rain stopped, there was a lot of water on the ground. Lin Xiang ignored his wet clothes and ran to Suehiro Kaoru’s house.

“Son, you need to hurry up, that demon is giving me a feeling that he’s going to reincarnate. His soul was blown away by the Dragon’s Roar. He must need energy to maintain his dissipated magic power. Remember, he has to rely on human beings’ energy to survive, so Suehiro Kaoru might be in danger.” Yalide started to analyze.


‘I know, I know.” Lin Xiang felt so confused, he had a really bad feeling.


Damn it, that demon should be the Succubus inside Terayama Nagahiro. Now that it had disappeared, it should have returned to Terayama’s body. I must hurry to Suehiro sister’s house. Lin Xiang ran all the way, s long as he could find the fastest route to sister Suehiro’s house, he would opt for that route.




“Silent Water, do you feel it? Our human seems to be a bit emotional at this moment.” Reidy walked to the hallway and looked at Lin Xiang running towards the house.


“Yes, I can feel it. Master seems to be very anxious. Not sure if it’s because of the people I’ve just seen.”


“Do you want to check it out?”


“No, I think the master should be able to deal with it. After all, our master is very powerful, isn’t he?” Silent Water turned around and smiled sweetly at Reidy. This smile made Reidy less nervous.

Yes, all we have to do is trust him.




“Sister, what are you doing? No, don’t do this.” In the kitchen, Suehiro Choshi took a few steps back, looking at Kaoru Suehiro with a blank expression and a dull look in her eyes.


“Follow me, it’s okay, let’s go and serve master Terayama.” Suehiro Kaoru approached his sister step by step.


That’s not the case, Choshi, hurry up! Hurry up! Damn it! My body is out of control, and I’m evening talking nonsense. What’s this all about?


Suehiro Kaoru’s spirit was struggling desperately in her head, which was not what she wanted. Just now after Terayama Nagahiro looked at Suehiro Kaoru with a strange look, she felt as if something had entered her heart, and she started losing control of her body.


“Go and bring your sister to my room, I will do some nice stuff for you.” After Terayama Nagahiro finished talking, he returned to his room. Suehiro Kaoru came to the kitchen like a walking corpse and wanted to take her sister to Terayama’s room.


“Sister, you have become so weird, this is not the real you.” Suehiro Choshi kept backing, knowing that she had hit the stove and couldn’t return anymore. “I am not strange at all, this is the real me.” Suehiro Kaoru slowly stretched her hand.


NO WAY, Choshi, it’s what Terayama Nagahiro had done to me. Escape now and don’t stay here!

“Oh? Such a strange human girl, how could you still have your consciousness now?” A low and hoarse voice said so in Suehiro Kaoru’s head.


“Is that what you’ve done to me? Terayama! Hurry up and remove this magic in my head now.”


‘Teayama? No, I am not Terayama, I am a great succubus. Human girl, you’re so strange. Obviously, your heart has been completely imprisoned by me. And you are still fighting with your will power. I used to invade different girls, and although they looked strong on the surface, their mind will be imprisoned once my magic captured them. It’s very rare for me to see human beings like you. I’m assuming that you have a lot of energy inside.”


“Succubus? So, you’re a demon after all, bastard?” After Suehiro Kaoru listened to what the succubus said, her mental activity became more intense. She had to resist the strange pressure and drive it out of her brain. Even if she couldn’t get it out, she had to help Choshi flee and get to somewhere safe…


“Oh, your resistance power is really incredible, but there’s still no way to defend against me.” The disgusting laughter of the Succubus kept sounding in Kaoru’s head.


“Sister, don’t do this, don’t do this, okay? I’m scared, it’s not fun at all.” Suehiro Choshi was scared to tears by Suehiro Kaoru’s abnormal behavior.


“Believe in me, Choshi, it will be fun to go to Terayama’s room.” Suehiro Kaoru smiled strangely, yet subconsciously, she was struggling to resist.


Choshi, don’t cry, don’t cry, I will soon break free of this strange magic. At that time, I will surely kill Terayama Nagahiro and I won’t care if he’s the sword holder or not.

Although Suehiro Kaoru’s consciousness continued to resist, she couldn’t stop her body. She was still approaching Choshi. She pressed her hand on her sister’s arms, “come on, follow your sister.”


“Wu…wu…, I’m not going, sister, stop playing, I’m not going…”


“If you are so disobedient, your sister will be rough then.”


“No, sister, uh~ uh~” Suehiro Choshi’s tears dripped on Suehiro Kaoru’s hand.


Damn it! Move your body, Kaoru, you should be the one in charge of your body! Suehiro Kaoru roared.


In an instant, Suehiro Kaoru’s dull eyes suddenly regained their light, and she felt the existence of her body again, but soon, the feeling that hindered her from controlling her body came again, and her eyes that had just regained their light gradually became dull again.


“Choshi, just run! Run quickly! Your father should be back soon. Get out quickly. If you see father, just run, don’t return…Ah!!! Run quickly!” Suehiro Kaoru’s hands were trembling, and the external consciousness was fighting with her inner consciousness. It was obvious that the external consciousness was stronger.


“Run.” Suehiro Kaoru grabbed Suehiro Choshi by the shoulder and pushed her toward the exit. Soon, her inner consciousness was replaced by the other powerful consciousness.

“Choshi, don’t go, hurry up, come to your sister.” Suehiro Kaoru, who was replaced by the external consciousness, walked step by step towards the trembling Choshi.


“No, you are not my sister…you are not my sister…” Suehiro Choshi stepped back and ran out of the kitchen.


Ikeuchi, who had just finished using the toilet, didn’t know what’s going on. He saw the shy girl running towards him and the cool, calm girl chasing behind.


What’d happened? Ikeuchi wanted to ask, but Choshi quickly avoided him and ran toward the door.


“What a shy girl.” Ikeuchi murmured as he looked at the figure of Suehiro Choshi. He turned and asked Kaoru who’s chasing behind, “what are you…” Before he said the word “doing”, Suehiro Kaohu hit his cheek with a sweeping punch and he hit the wall.


“Hey, don’t play games like that.” Ikeuchi quickly got up and touched his cheek. A tooth fell out. He yelled at Suehiro Kaoru’s back.


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