V6C25 Part 2


“Yes, that’s right, kiss her, kiss her.” Yalide was having a filthy smile.


“Shut up.” Lin Xiang instantly felt confused after Yalide yelled. When he saw Ikeuchi walking out from the wooden door, he knew that there would be a bigger trouble if he couldn’t turn sister Kaoru to her original state. “Forgive me, sister Kaoru.” Lin Xiang yelled and instantly let go of his hand. He grabbed her cheek and kissed her mouth. Suehiro Kaoru immediately stopped struggling and moving.


Suehiro Choshi, who stayed behind Lin Xiang, was shocked. She didn’t understand what had happened to Lin Xiang.


A few seconds later, Suehiro Kaoru’s stiff fingers flicked a few times, and she pushed Lin Xiang away, blushing and shouting to Lin Xiang, “what are you doing! Believe it or not, I will kill you!”

Lin Xiang stepped back, scratching his head. He looked a little embarrassed, “sorry, sister Suehiro, if I didn’t do so, then I wouldn’t be able to make you recover.”


“Eh? My body? I can feel it, I can feel the existence of my body now.”


At the moment when Lin Xiang let go, Suehiro Kaoru thought that Lin Xiang was going to give up on herself, and she felt completely desperate. Suddenly, Lin Xiang held her cheek and kissed her mouth. For a moment, Suehiro Kaoru felt like she couldn’t think at all. She just subconsciously kept asking herself what had happened.


A few seconds later, Suehiro Kaoru reacted, and immediately thought that Lin Xiang was taking advantage of the situation and she pushed Lin Xiang away in shame. She only realized that she could move with her will now.


“Hey, what are you doing? Lin Xiang, what are you doing here? Where’s the bodyguard? Where did the bodyguards go?” Ikeuchi was very disgusted with Lin Xiang’s presence and immediately shouted at the door.


The bodyguards outside the door heard Ikeuchi. They didn’t rush in. Instead, they were just picking up the falling rocks nearby and placed them onto their stomach. They threw the sunglasses far away, closed their eyes, and made it look like they’d just been attacked.

“Bodyguard?” Seeing that no one responded, Ikeuchi said angrily to Lin Xiang: “You, what did you do? Did you break into the house?”


“Heh~it seems like it.”


“In this case, I hope you go to hell!” Ikeuchi just came out of the toilet and was suddenly beaten by Kaoru Suehiro, and he even lost a tooth. While he was feeling upset, he saw that Lin Xiang had kissed the girl that master Terayama liked, he became furious immediately and took his gun out. He was going to kill Lin Xiang.


Ikeuchi didn’t care about Lin Xiang’s death at all. If someone investigated, he’d just say that Lin Xiang had trespassed into the house with the intention of committing a crime.


“Kaoru sister, I will explain about this later. Now, let me solve this problem first.” Lin Xiang pulled Suehiro Kaoru behind him. This action shocked Suehiro Kaoru for a few seconds, as she never knew the feeling of being protected before. This kind of feeling was indescribable for her – it’s a bit sweet and a bit uncomfortable, as if she couldn’t breathe, just like the kiss that’d just happened.


“Oh, good, I thought you would use her as a shield. I didn’t expect you to be a real man, huh? What are you doing with your eyes closed? Have you accepted your fate already? Really, really…Ah!” With a sound of “bang!” Ikeuchi’s head hit the wall heavily. Although his defense power as a combat technician had improved, his head was still injured and there were drops of blood flowing from his head. At this time, he looked at the guy who disappeared all of a sudden and who gave him a kick, and his eyes were full of fear.

“You…you know how to use the Instant Step…”


“I don’t. I just want to…” Lin Xiang kicked the pistol that had just fallen on the ground, and the pistol slid on the ground with quacking sounds. “You’re still so young and you already put people to death. Don’t you think that your heart is so dirty? People like you will definitely become demons after death!” Lin Xiang stretched out his hand and grabbed Ikeuchi, lifting him high.


“So what, you are a rubbish and I can rely on the Terayama family. My family is very famous, I’d suggest that you’d better let go of me.”


“Oh? I’m so scared. Okay, I’ll let go.” When Lin Xiang let go of his hand, Ikeuchi flew out tens of meters like garbage, smashing the wall with a loud noise.


After dealing with the garbage Ikeuchi, Lin Xiang shouted at the grass more than ten meters away, “come out, don’t get sneaky anymore. Do you really think that your magic can hit me?”


“Heh~you’re really not simple.” Something in the grass moved, and Terayama stood up.


As early as when Lin Xiang kissed Suehiro Kaoru, Terayama Manabu wanted to use a lightning ball to attack Lin Xiang, but after he saw Ikeuchi drawing his gun, he temporarily stopped the attack. He wanted to see what abilities this boy really had, since he was not injured at all after being attacked by the succubus.

“What happened?” Terayama Kikai came out from his room after hearing the noise. When he saw Ikeuchi collapsed on the gravels, and Lin Xiang and his son were confronting each other, he felt furious, “you bastard, how dare you still come here? You’ve returned the sword to us, now what do you want? Do you want it take it back?”


Terayama Kikai thought that Lin Xiang was here to take the sword back.


“Take it back?” Lin Xiang glanced at Terayama Kikai suspiciously. At this moment, Terayama Manabu grabbed the right moment, and threw a lightning ball towards Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang saw the light ball and wanted to dodge, but he was standing in front of the house, a certain distance from Terayama Kikai, forming a straight line. If he dodged at this moment, Terayama Kikai, who had lost his magic power and had already turned into an ordinary old man, would surely be hit by the lightning ball. It’s not difficult to know what the consequence would be…

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