V6C25 Part 3

“Ah───” Lin Xiang screamed painfully, and the remaining electricity of the lightning ball quickly spread, wandering around his body, creaking, emitting a blue light. Although this blow was from an ordinary magic, Terayama Manabu used the strength of his whole body. A grand mage’s full blow was no less than lightning. This kind of high-voltage current can be used to electrocute an elephant in less than a second.


“Lin Xiang!” At the moment when the lightning ball flew out, Suehiro Kaoru yelled. She wanted to block the blow for Lin Xiang, but she wasn’t fast enough. When she took a step forward, the lightning ball had already hit Lin Xiang. She didn’t know that Lin Xiang could actually avoid the blow, but he stayed as he was afraid of Terayama Kikai getting hurt. That’s why he made her think that there’s no way to escape.


“Ohhhh!!!” When Choshi saw the lightning on Lin Xiang disappeared and that he’s fallen to the ground with smoke all over his body, she cried loudly.


“Heh~ Although I want to know how much power you’ve got, since you were distracted, your failure was already determined.” Terayama Manabu shook his head with disdain when he looked at Lin Xiang with black smoke all over his body.


“Manabu, what’s going on?” Terayama Kikai was taken aback. He never expected that his son would use this kind of killer trick. If he missed the shot and got hit by the lightning ball, there would be serious consequences.


“Old man, thank you for your cooperation. Now, the person who had hindered us is dead, and the succubus will be able to resurrect…” Lin Xiang, who’s completely dark at this moment, appeared in front of him. He grabbed Lin Xiang with one hand like an iron, while the muscles of his other arm protruded. He tightened his fist and hit his stomach at high speed.


Wasn’t he dead already?


Before Lin Xiang hit him, Terayama Manabu used the Instant Step technique and came to Choshi’s back. Choshi felt cold in her neck, there was a silver knife pressed against her neck and her tears dropped on the knife.


Terayama Kikai was a little confused, and Suehiro Kaoru reacted when Terayama Manabu held Suehiro Choshi with a knife. She turned around and shouted at Terayama Manabu, “don’t you touch my sister!”


“Hey, don’t come here, sister of the hostage.” Terayama Manabu shook the knife slightly, as if he was saying, “hey, your sister in my hands, you’d better not mess with me now.”


Suehiro Kaoru suppressed her urge to rush out. She could just look at her sister crying and she was extremely frustrated, thinking why it wasn’t her that’s being held.

“Asshole!” Lin Xiang panted heavily and he’s looking at Terayama Manabu angrily. He did not expect that Terayama would be able to evade his ambush.


Similarly, Terayama Manabu also did not expect that Lin Xiang wasn’t killed. Just now, after Lin Xiang fell to the ground, if Terayama Manabu hadn’t felt Lin Xiang’s weak breath and became cautious, he might have been knocked down by now.


“Manabu, what the hell is going on!?” Terayama Kikai has not yet understood why his son hijacked the Guardians’ family.


“Old man, you better shut up. You have no value anymore. I have kept you until now, but that’s only my kindness that lasted for a while. You really think that without the ability, you could still serve as the patriarch of the Chester family?” Since the succubus could be resurrected that day, Terayama Manabu would no longer pretend to be a filial son. In his eyes, Terayama Kikai had just become an old man with no value.


“You…what are you talking about?” Terayama Kikai didn’t believe his ears. What had his son and grandson become all of a sudden?


“I am saying that, old man, you can die now.” After Terayama Manabu looked at the back of Terayama Kikai, he smiled.

Before Terayama Kikai had recovered from the blow of his son, a dark figure walked out of the house and stood behind him. With a flash of cold light, he felt pain in his chest as if it was pierced by something, and blood spurted out of nowhere, splashing on his feet. He looked down at his chest, it was a silver samurai sword having pierced through his chest. The blood flowed slowly down the body of the samurai sword, and finally dripped to the ground.


“Why…why…” Terayama Kikai looked at the samurai sword with some confusion.


“The weak people should die, right? You should have already died since the day we started killing you.” There was a freezingly cold voice behind Terayama Kikai.


“Really…” Some recent pictures flashed through Terayama Kikai’s mind.


–“Dad, it was the demon who was going to kill you at the time. They deliberately changed their appearances into me and Nagahiro to confuse you and prevent you from fighting with all your strength.”


–“Dad, believe in us, you will definitely get better. Although your ability has disappeared, isn’t it already a delightful thing for us to be together?”


–“Dad, did you find the sword? Where is it? This is a great opportunity for our family to develop.”

–“Grandpa, tomorrow I will go to Pillar Nofu Academy to attend classes. Don’t worry, I won’t cause any troubles.”


–“Grandpa, when I get the sword back, let’s go to Okinawa.”


What Terayama Manabu and Nagahiro had said all flashed back in Terayama Kikai’s head. His dry eyes suddenly became wet.


These poisonous sweet lies.


“It’s…my fault…I was too…busy…I didn’t even see my…the changes in my loved ones… Cough!” Terayama Kikai coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his mind was almost blurred. He faced Lin Xiang who was in shock, and put on an apologetic smile with much difficulty. There’s a drop of tear on his face and it’s full of sadness and despair. It fell to the mouth, merged with the blood, and dripped on the ground. Terayama Kikai slowly closed his eyes.


“Grandpa Terayama!” Lin Xiang shouted, he clenched his fist even more tightly.


“Oh~~You are really kind.” The black shadow behind Terayama Kikai stretched out his hand, grabbed the grey hair of Terayama Kikai, and drew his sword. The bright red blood came out from Terayama Kikai like flooding. The black figure threw Terayama Kikai side and showed a handsome smile, “he obviously isn’t your family, yet you still feel sad for him, this is really…”


“Terayama Nagahiro!” Lin Xiang found it hard to breathe, and there’s only the demonic smile of Terayama Nagahiro in his eyes now.


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