V6C26 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C26_The resurrection of the Succubus


Actually, Lin Xiang didn’t care about Terayama Kikai’s cold attitude. Freed once told him that Terayama Kikai had lost all his abilities after the attempt to kill him of his family, and he wandered disheartenedly outside for a long time, having an incredibly harsh life. After meeting Lin Xiang, he found the ancestral holy sword, and he felt enthusiastic again. However, when he thought of the betrayal of his family, this enthusiasm quickly disappeared, so he introduced the origin of the Cold Sword to Lin Xiang. After Lin Xiang left, the family member that he once both hated and loved reappeared in front of him.


The words of his family were like fresh water in the desert, it could moisturize his dry heart again. He believed in his son and grandson, thinking that it was the devil who wanted to kill him, not his family. That day, however, he once again experienced the feeling of heartbreak and being killed by his own family.


“Terayama Nagahiro!” Lin Xiang looked at Terayama Nagahiro with red eyes. He did not expect that the feelings among family members could be so weak. That’s his grandfather, how could he kill his grandfather?


“What’s wrong? You’re just too sentimental.” Terayama Nagahiro raised the silver sword and looked at the blood on the sword greedily.


“I’m going to kill you!” Lin Xiang roared.


“Heh~” Terayama Nagahiro glanced at Lin Xiang and smiled, “come on, kill me, and I’ll wait here…Oh, you’re quite dangerous, as your speed can be quite surprising.” While Terayama Nagahiro was speaking, Lin Xiang, who had entered the wind speed state, appeared in front of Terayama Nagahiro as if he’d used Instant Step. He slammed his elbow against his head. It is a pity that Terayama Nagahiro was a guy with rich combat experience. From Lin Xiang’s eyes, Nagahiro knew that he’s gonna attack, and he successfully dodged when Lin Xiang was going to attack him.

Lin Xiang didn’t say anything. He put one hand behind his back and it seemed that he was doing something.


“Hey, Lin Xiang, don’t forget that you have a lovely hostage here.” Terayama Manabu saw that Lin Xiang was going to attack his son and shouted. He wanted to remind Lin Xiang that he’s keeping the hostage and he’d better not mess around.


“Woo~” Choshi realized that she was a burden to Lin Xiang and her sister and she’s crying like rain. Apart from crying, she didn’t know what to do now.


“Huh!” Lin Xiang slowly lowered his hand behind his back, and said to Manabu in a discussing tone, “can you let her go? She’s innocent.”


“No, no way. Without the hostage, how would I know if you wouldn’t attack me?”


“If you want a hostage, then you can take me. Please let Choshi leave.” Suehiro Kaoru was willing to be the hostage to save her sister.


“I need a cute hostage who does not resist. Obviously, your sister fits this criteria. Sorry, I can’t let her leave.” Terayama Manabu showed an evil smile.


“I…” Suehiro Kaoru was thinking about something, but she was interrupted by Terayama Nagahiro, “Kaoru, I think that you’d better kill Lin Xiang.”


Suehiro Kaoru turned and glanced at Terayama Nagahiro with disgust. She saw that Terayama Nagahiro shook the blood on the silver sword, facing Suehiro Kaoru’s eyes. His eyes gradually turned blue, “hurry up, go kill Lin Xiang.”

“Just dream on!” Suehiro Kaoru clenched her fists. If Suehiro Choshi hadn’t been kept by Manabu, she would have rushed forward and beat Terayama Nagahiro severely.


“Oh? So the magic is now useless? What’s the matter? It was still effective just now.” Terayama Nagahiro was a little surprised at Suehiro Kaoru’s reaction. He glanced at Lin Xiang and showed a handsome smile, “Lin Xiang, it looks like you have hidden some secrets.”


“Sorry, I don’t have the secret you want to know.” Lin Xiang put his hand behind him again, and grasped a curved, wooden object that he had secretly hidden behind his waist just now.


“Of course, before I kill you, I want to ask, how did you make my capturing magic useless? Every time, as long as you are in front of me, my magic will become useless.”


“I don’t know.” Lin Xiang calmly looked at Terayama Naghiro, he was waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity to turn the situation around.


“Is that so? Forget it, anyway, after you die, I can use my magic again. Moreover, I will be able to own the three humanoid spirits as well.” Terayama Nagahiro stroked the silver sword and started to read a spell. Soon, some strange words appeared on the surface of the silver sword, emitting a faint light and twinkling. Terayama Nagahiro was chanting a spell and cut his palm with the sword. Those strange words flashed a dazzling blue light after the sword was stained with his blood. A white mist rose vaguely. The silver sword that was originally like a samurai sword became a pale blue cold sword that’d shrunk slightly.

“What’s the matter? It turned into the second form?” Suehiro Kaoru didn’t understand why Terayama Nagahiro changed the sword into the second form. Wasn’t it the basic form that had the strongest attack power?


“Hahahaha, Kaoru, you are just so foolish, right? The one just now is the second form, and what you’re seeing now is the original form of this sword, which is the basic form of the Water ●Green Light Cold Soul Sword.” Terayama Nagahiro raised the sword high, and a faint chill kept flowing into his body.


“Son, it’s not looking good. I’ve already seen that the succubus is of ice attribute, but now this sword also happens to be of the same type. As long as the sword is in the hands of the succubus, then he can absorb the energy of the sword, thus he’ll resurrect even faster.”  Freed in Lin Xiang’s body could see what Lin Xiang couldn’t.


“Is that so?” Lin Xiang looked at Terayama Nagahiro who was enjoying the energy pouring into his body. At this moment, he wanted to kill Terayama Nagahiro in seconds. However, he wasn’t sure whether he had the ability to do so, and Choshi was in his hands so there was no way for him to do that. He had to first set Choshi free and help the Suehiro sisters to leave.


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