V6C26 Part 2

“Lin Xiang! Congratulations, for being the first blood-stained sacrifice since this sword was restored. Don’t worry, after a few years, I will never forget you, since you will be the first person killed by the Water●Green Light Cold Soul Sword.” Terayama Nagahiro flicked his sword, and a faint layer of ice immediately appeared on the land swept by the sword.


“I’m sorry, I will use that sword to pierce your corroded heart. You are no longer a human.” Lin Xiang squeezed the thing around his waist, and at this time, he already had a plan.

“Oh? I’m really looking forward to it.” With an Instant Step, Terayama Nagahiro came to Lin Xiang and flexibly waved the cold sword in his hand, attempting to slash at Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang, who’d entered the wind speed state, naturally reacted fast enough. He did not face Terayama Nagahiro directly, but he took a back jump to avoid the attack of Terayama Nagahiro.


The location where Lin Xiang was initially at was hit by the cold sword, and there were faint ice marks, even the air seemed to be frozen, with dots of ice debris.


The attempt failed. Terayama Nagahiro used the continuity to make another horizontal cut at Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang jumped back, and when he just hit the ground, Terayama Nagahiro’s attack came again. He rolled over and escaped from the foot of Terayama Nagahiro.


When Lin Xiang stood up and confronted Terayama Nagahiro, only two seconds had passed.


How quick. Suehiro Kaoru secretly breathed a sigh of relief as she watched Lin Xiang dodging. Wait, no…he’s injured.


At this time, Suehiro Kaoru noticed that a thin layer of ice appeared on Lin Xiang’s right shoulder. There was a solidified red liquid in the blue transparent ice.


“Is that all you have?” Lin Xiang satirically said to Terayama Nagahiro without looking at the wound.


Terayama Nagahiro smiled at Lin Xiang and he didn’t say anything.

“You have no other solutions, right? Then, it’s my turn.” Lin Xiang disappeared, as if he had never appeared before. Terayama couldn’t believe his eyes at all. Where did that bastard go? Could he be too scared and he chose to escape? When Terayama Manabu just thought of this, he felt that his elbow was pinched and couldn’t move, and a cold tube was attached to his temple.


“You…” Terayama Manabu didn’t expect that Lin Xiang would come behind him at that moment, and he still didn’t feel anything. However, although he was held, he still showed a faint smile.


“Hey, tell me if you could shoot a spiritual ball with your weak spiritual power?”


Lin Xiang grabbed Terayama’s elbow hard, and Terayama’s hand was instantly paralyzed. The knife originally hung around Suehiro Choshi’s neck fell to the ground. After seeing this, Suehiro Kaoru quickly pulled Choshi by her side.


“Hey, your dad is held by me now, hurry up and put down the sword in your hand.” Lin Xiang shouted at Terayama Nagahrio who was standing not far away, “you can choose to shoot.” Terayama Nagahiro shrugged and said that he didn’t care, “moreover, my dad is not that weak.” After he finished talking, Lin Xiang suddenly felt a strong pain in his stomach, as he’d been attacked by Terayama’s electric magic in a short distance.


Terayama Manabu looked at Lin Xiang who fell on the ground, and he said, “I have already told with you. Being distracted in a battle means failure. It’s true that you’re incredibly fast, but did you really think that I hadn’t seen you picking up the gun? What a joke. Oh, let me tell you, sister Suehiro, ambush isn’t a good behavior.” Terayama picked up the revolver next to Lin Xiang and pointed it at Lin Xiang’s head, planning to shoot. Just when he was about to do so, he was almost kicked by Suehiro Kaoru. Although he successfully avoided her kick, she kicked away the gun in his hand.

“I won’t let you touch him!” Suehiro Kaoru stopped in front of Lin Xiang, and Choshi also squatted beside Lin Xiang, pushing his shoulders.


“Ha, is it up to you?” Terayama Manabu smiled. He didn’t take Suehiro Kaoru seriously at all. In his eyes, he only had to mind Lin Xiang who’s fast, as the Suehiro sisters posed no threat to him at all, they could at most become food of the Succubus.


“What if I join?” Suehiro Sunao suddenly appeared in front of Terayama Manabu, forcing him to hide behind his son Nagahiro.


“Father!” Suehiro Kaoru looked at his father’s figure, with hope in her eyes.


“I’m sorry, I’m late, although I don’t know what happened, my current enemy is the sword holder, right?” Suehiro Sunao just returned from the family gathering of the Kamikawa’s, and saw a bodyguard in front of his door. He therefore immediately rushed in.


“Yes.” Kaoru Suehiro nodded, “my father, can you please try the sword skills of Terayama Nagahiro?”


“Yeah.” Suehiro Sunao nodded. Even without Suehiro Kaoru’s reminder, he felt a dangerous hint from the cold sword of Terayama Nagahiro.


“Hey, Suehiro Sunao, you have to see it clearly. I am holding the holy sword. As the guardian, do you want to attack the sword holder?” Terayama Nagahiro was reluctant to fight against Suehiro Sunao, as he’s overall the master of sword and he’s got certain strength.

“For me, no matter who it is, as long as he is my daughter’s enemy, then he is my enemy!” Although Suehiro Sunao was ready to fight, he didn’t dare to act rashly. With his years of combat experience, Terayama Nagahiro gave him an invisible pressure, and there’s a strong evil sense in him as well.


“Enemy, huh? Well, Suehiro Sunao, you’ll certainly regret about what you’ve said. When the Succubus, I’ll…ah!!!” Terayama Manabu screamed, his chest was pierced through, just like Terayama Kikai. He couldn’t believe his eyes – his chest was stabbed through by the cold sword. He turned his head with difficulty, Terayama Nagahiro looked very cold. Manabu seemed to be asking why through his sad eyes.


Terayama Nagahiro didn’t look at his father at all, he just quickly withdrew the cold sword.


Terayama Manabu, whose wound was frozen by the ice, did not die immediately. He fell to the ground, he’s panting and asking Terayama Nagahiro, “why…I am your father.”


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